Recycle Daily Used Items in Amazing Crafts

Best Use of Used Brooms at Home

You shouldn’t throw used brooms as there are so many amazing and unbelievable things can be done and are also useful. We will be discovering an amazing way to make a beautiful flower pot and flowers by using an old used broom, a plastic bottle and also some coloured paper. The first thing that we need to do is cut the broom sticks that will be used later to add up to the beauty of flowers. The flowers can be made by given in nice beautiful shapes of your own choice. After the flower is ready we need to attach it to a stem and the broom sticks also do the work of a stem along with which we can also attach leaves that can be made using a green coloured paper to give the flower a realistic look. The flowers when ready shall be put in a stand which shall be made by cutting a thermocol into a circle shape and then putting the flower sticks inside it. You can keep this bouquet/flower pot in the drawing room as a show piece to enhance the beauty and for sure this will be admired by all the people who visit your place. In order to bring that idea to reality, you can view the video given below.

Making of a Plastic Bottle into a Non-Fragile Flower Pot

Plastic water bottle is something can be found in abundance at home. Today we will be taking a step forward towards an eco-friendly world and we will be reusing the plastic bottles in a very creative, effective and also efficient manner. Recycling the plastic is a way to recover the old plastic scrap and reprocessing it into something useful. In todays world, vast majority of plastic is non-biodegradable and recycling is a part of a global effort to reduce plastic in the waste stream, especially approximately 8 million tons of waste plastic that enters the Earth’s ocean each year. In today’s innovative idea discussion, we will be discussing an amazing way to make a flower pot using the upper as well as the lower parts of the plastic bottles and by given those cut parts a shape of a flower pot. Once we are done making it into the real shape, we can add water colours to it and then after the colour dries, beautiful laces can be put on the flower pot and hence a waste plastic water bottle becomes a light weighted flower pot which is not fragile and is simple to make. For making the flower pot, you can view the video below.

Turn Old Disposable Cups into a Beautiful Holder

Just like we have a spices holder at home, we can make a similar kind of thing using a disposable cup. It cannot be used for keeping edible items but things of non- edible nature or such that of handicrafts or makeup items can be kept inside the same. People these days go and buy holders like these but it is very efficient to make them using disposable glasses at home. They can also be decorated enough to give it a competition to the market materials. All we need to have for making this innovative container is some coloured papers, disposable glasses, glue, a pair of scissors, some beautiful decorative laces and some coloured beats. For making this container, you can view the video given below.

How to bring Plastic Bottle Caps to Use

Plastic bottle caps can be brought to use by make them a flower stand/holder. Children these days usually have a craze of making stuff out of quilling paper that are usually cards. We have a better idea of not using quilling paper but simply cutting stripes of coloured papers and giving them the shape of a beautiful flower. Stems of the flowers can be made the same way by rolling the papers and giving it a hard base. The nest step is to stick the stem with the flowers and then put some glue on the bottom of the stem and stick it to the inner side of the bottle cap. Plastic bottle caps work as beautiful flower holders/pots and add up to their beauty. These are very simple to make and can be tried by children at home. This would surely help in making the child more and more creative and innovative. When we indulge our minds in doing craft work like these, they open up our minds and give us the ability to think freely. Hence, in order to open up yourself and explore the creative part hidden within you, you can view the video given below which explains the best use of old and used plastic bottle caps at home.

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