Photo Frames Ideas To Place Your Happy Moments!

We love to scroll through our memory lane. We can do it by going through the galleries and looking at all of those photographs when we were with our friends, our family, our pets, our college days or other happy moments. If the moments are really special, we get them printed and love to hang them in our rooms, or the meeting rooms, because they are close to our heart. Why don’t we try making our own photo frames to hang or place our important moments. So that we can cherish the moments in the photograph as well as enjoy the thoughts during and the time taken to make the frame.

How To Make Photo Frame

First of all cut two rectangular pieces of equal dimensions, keeping in mind the size of your photograph. Cut the stand of the frame. Mark the borders on one piece and cut the insides of the marking. Now cut a white drawing sheet a bit wider than the cardboard frame. Mark the inside marking on the sheet and cut it out. Now paste it on that part. Mark the sheet for the other carboard piece and paste it on it. Cover the stand in white sheet as well. Paste the back part to the front piece on three sides. Leaving the fourth ide open for placing the photograph. Now start quilling with thin strips of coloured paper. Stick the internal end to the subsequent ring. Now glue these rings to the fore of the frame. It will colour your memories beyond thought. For better understanding look up:

DIY CD Photo Frame

Let us make photo frames using old unused CDs. First of all make a frame using the cardboard and black sheet as in the previous video. Cover the cardboard in black paper. Cut small pieces of CDs and then paste it on the borders of the frame. You can even use glue gun to secure the CD pieces. For better understanding look up:

Cardboard Photo Frames

Take a cardboard piece and place the photo on top of it. Now mark 2cm wider than the photograph on the cardboard piece. Now cut a similar piece from cardboard. Now cut a photograph sized cavity out of one cardboard piece. Now cut three border pieces from cardboard. Now cover the front and back piece in white sheet. Secure it with the help of glue gun to the cardboard. Paste a plastic sheet at the back so that the photograph gets a nice finish. You can even use a coloured sheet to cover the cardboard pieces. Cut a U-shaped cavity from the back piece to place and take out the photograph. Cover the back piece with the same sheet. Once done cover the remaining part with plain white sheet. Make three frames of the like. Now cut leaves from green sheet and colourful flowers from coloured paper. Paste the flowers and leaves as well the heart shaped stickers to the frame. Now take two broad red ribbons and stick the frames on to the ribbons. We can easily hang the frames to a hook. For better understanding of making beautiful photo frames look up:

Best Out of Waste Nail Polish

Let us make a photo frame using nail polish. Take a rectangular thermocol piece. Take a thin jute rope and wind it on the thermocol piece. Draw a pattern on the cardboard piece and cut it out. Now cut the photograph in the same shape as the cardboard pattern. Now paste the pattern cut photograph on the cardboard piece. Use a rubber band to cover the edges of the photograph. Now take two waste nail polish bottles and colour them with the help of water colours. You may colour them in the same colour or in different colours. Now take toothpicks and place artificial flowers in it. Cower the rings of the nail polish bottle with the help of lace and place a bright coloured thread at the bottom. Now place the flower set toothpicks in the nail polish bottles. Take the photograph and paste a toothpick to the back of it. Now pierce this toothpick in the jute wound thermocol base. Secure the nail polish bottles to the two corners of the jute wound thermacol piece. For better understanding look up:

Handmade Photo Frame With Paper Quilling Work

Let us now decorate our photo frame with the help of quilling art. We are here making the photoframe using chip boards. Cut them according to dimensions of the photo and then cover it in some bright coloured paper. Fix the back end keeping one side open for the photo to be inserted. Cover the back in black paper. Start with thin strips of paper and start rolling it with the help of a pin shaped tool. For petals you can make the quilling in an egg- shaped manner. Make flowers by folding the paper in linear direction. Secure them on the frame with the help of glue. For better understanding look up:

Cardboard Photo Frame

Frames for pictures, you can make your own cardboard photo frame. And its very easy to make. Below is the simplest version of such frames. You can further decorate it to your taste, add to it the flowers of paper, fabric flowers, fragments of sculpture, beads with rhinestones.

Image Source/ Tutorial: K4 Craft

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