15 Stunning DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps – Step by step

Make your space shine with these bright paper lanterns and lamps! These fun ideas are perfect for parties or for adding some sparkle to everyday living. Paper lanterns add a festive air to almost any occasion. Here are some lovely DIY ideas for paper craft.

Paper lanterns add a spark to your room and that too at a very low cost. They can add an X-factor to your house which is missing somewhere. Even the hefty and expensive lights does not do the work that these paper lanterns do. But since they are in itself very plane and you want to beautify them more, then you can have a look below. I have narrowed down some of the best DIY paper lanterns here in this article for this purpose.

DIY Paper Lanterns and Lamps


DIY Super Fun Bunting Wrapped Lantern – Step by step

This DIY bunting wrapped lantern is super fun to make. This beautiful bunting wrapped lantern can enlighten your home and can give it a scintillating effect. It can also be used as a decorative item on festivals like Diwali.

Image source: project nursery

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: White Plain Lantern, Blue Lace, Buntings, Glue Gun
  • Description: This white lantern wrapped around with pastel blue color lace and multi -colored buntings can give a scintillating effect to your home. The material required is easily available in our homes. You just need few minutes to make this bunting wrapped lantern and you are ready to rock. The colors used in making this lantern can sooth the eyes of the viewer.

DIY Wax Paper Capiz Shell Chandelier – Step by step

Hearing of wax paper, what is that first thing that comes to your mind? Cooking, right? Can you ever imagine making a  DIY wax paper capiz shell chandelier out of wax paper. Yes, that’s right and that too not an ordinary one but a conspicuous one.

Image source: design sponge

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Material Required:  Hanging planter basket, white spray paint, ribbon, scissors, 1-2 rolls wax paper, 2 big pieces of parchment paper, iron, hot glue gun & glue sticks, circle cutter (i didn’t have any luck with a “punch”), cutting mat.
  • Description: This wax paper chandelier can be hung above the dining table ceiling . Also, it can be used to fill an empty ceiling and its not even expensive like other chandeliers :p. The wax paper is easily available in the market. Go, and start making this fun and attractive wax paper capiz chandelier. If you are a kid then I would suggest you to make it under the guidance of an adult.

DIY Recycled Newspaper Tube Lamp – Step by step

We all find reading newspapers a tedious and monotonous task. What if I tell you we can create something fascinating out of them. Don’t believe me ? Below is the image of a lamp which is made out of newspaper tubes.

Image source: marrietta

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Material Required: Newspapers, lamp stand (having installed the bulb and the wire) & Glue
  • Description: This pentagon shaped recycled newspaper tube lamp may require two people in the making. This lamp might be looking complex because of its structure, but once the base pentagon is ready the lamp can be a cake walk. Remember to put each pentagon in an asymmetrical manner. This lamp can be placed in a room and can be used as a night lamp.

DIY Chinese New Year Paper Lanterns – Step by step

On the occasion of new year we like to decorate our homes with different things. But many a times we either fall short of ideas or of time. These Chinese New Year paper lanterns solve both the purposes.

Image source: craft craft

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: A plastic tube , sheets (pink, green, purple and red), string to hang
  • Description: These DIY Chinese paper lanterns are super fun to make. They can be a perfect craft to showcase your artistic talent this new years . Not even they solve the new year decoration purpose but also can be used to embellish your surroundings in general.

DIY Paper Cup & LED String Lamp – Step by step

If one of the corners of your room is empty and you are not able to get on what to put there. Also, you don’t want to spend enough money on it then this is the right place for you. Below, you can see the image and description of an eccentric LED lamp.

Image source: aditi odyssey

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Paper cups, glue, LED lights, stapler,
  • Description: Are you a tea person or a coffee person? Hahha. Does not matter, you just need the paper cups to make this quirky paper cup & LED string lamp. While stapling up the cups into a bunch be careful that you do not get hurt. Make sure to use the LED lights of good quality otherwise your hard work can go in vain.

DIY Cute Cupcake Liner Lantern – Step by step

Cupcakes are flavoursome, don’t you agree? A juicy, tender and chocolaty cup cake is equivalent to being in heaven. The cupcake liners in which the cupcakes are made can be used to make a cute looking lantern.

Image source: hgtv

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: A big sized paper lantern, cupcake liners (any color you like, here I am using green, pink and yellow ones), hot gun glue and glue sticks
  • Description: You just need 3 types of material for such lantern. These cupcake liners can be pasted in any pattern as you wish to. But here I am giving the description of the flower pattern. You can innovate with the designing. You can use this immense and attractive looking cupcake liner lantern to fill out a huge empty space of your room.

DIY Paper Doily Lantern – Step by step

Paper doilies are ornamental mat used as a table top etc. But there is another and innovative use of paper doilies as well. These paper doilies   can be pasted on a paper lantern and can be used to make them look much more attractive.

Image source: ruffled blog

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Paper lantern, paper doilies, scissors, double-sided tape, string to hang
  • Description: This paper doily is a pleasure to make. This can be used to hang in the rooms and even in the outer areas of your home sweet home.  If you want to throw a party having a white theme and want to have a white decoration , this can be a perfect choice.

DIY Creative Jellyfish Lamp – Step by step

Love the sea-life? Want to imagine yourself having scuba dived into the sea? This creative jelly fish lamp can fulfill your wish. Jelly fishes         are pretty looking and fascinating sea creatures . Imagine them being hanged on one of your ceilings. Even the thought of it is just ecstatic.

Image source: i need a craft room

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Paper lantern, sequin laces, ribbons, LED bulb
  • Description: This creative jellyfish lamp can be hung anywhere in the room. If the walls of your room are of sea green or blue color, then it would be an icing on the cake. Those colors can give you a full feel of the marine life when you will switch on the jelly fish lamp in the night. These lamps can also be used in the marine life themed parties. You can use a torn lamp as well as you will only require the half part of it.

Amazing DIY Jazzy Rainbow Lamp – Step by step

A Rainbow gives you joy and happiness. It adds colors to your life. Similarly, this DIY Jazzy rainbow lamp can add colors to your room              and life.

Image source: metunda universe

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Paper lantern, tissue paper (all the 7 colors of a rainbow), glue
  • Description:  If you love the monsoon season then this rainbow DIY paper lantern is the perfect choice . Your fondness of monsoon will be an impetus to make this DIY paper lantern. Now, you can have the feel of the monsoon throughout the year. No need of waiting. This rainbow lantern can be hung anywhere in the room. Remember to start pasting the tissue paper from the bottom to the top.

A Stunning Embellished Paper Lantern – Step by step

Are you a nature lover? What  if I say you can bring nature to your room. All the flowers, butterflies and pearls of the sea that calms you down can be right in front of your eyes. Yes, below is the picture of the paper lantern embellished with all the pretty things of the nature.

Image source: glue arts

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Material Required: Paper lantern, magazine cut outs, pearls, tissue paper, blue crepe paper, scissors, glue, light cord set for hanging,
  • Description:  This white DIY paper lantern can give you all the happiness of the world when it lights up. The combination of blue crepe paper and magazine cut outs make it really noticeable. You can also use a different kind of combination of the paper cutting being used as per your color choices.

DIY Enchanted Coffee Filter Snowball Light – Step by step

Winters is the favorite season of mine. Especially the places where there is a lot of snow. You can always play withe snow and make a                 snow man and have fun with all the snow ball fights. wish that winters season should be there for all the 12 months? This DIY enchanted         coffee filter snowball can fulfill this one wish of yours.

Image source: crafty nest

  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Material Required: Round shaped net sheet, coffee filters, scissors, glue , LED lights
  • Description: Take a round shaped net and tie the LED lights as shown in the picture above . If you are a kid then definitely do this under the supervision of an adult. After this start putting the coffee filters of white color. Hang this DIY coffee filter snowball on any of the walls behind the bed and bring the winter season back to your life.

DIY Easy Glitter Disco Ball Lantern – Step by step

Want to add a little glamour to your party and shine bright? What it takes is making a simple glitter disco ball lantern. These balls gives an oomph factor to your party.

Image source: oh happy d

  • Difficulty Level: Very easy
  • Material Required: Paper Lantern, spray glue, glitter (any color)
  • Description: This glittered disco ball lantern can be used on any kind of occasion, be it a birthday party or a disc party at your home. These balls can give the feel of a discotheque and is quick and simple to make. You can always experiment withe colors of the glitters.

DIY Flower and Pom Pom Lanterns – Step by step

White is the sign of peace. White is the sign of serenity. It does not have any brightness in it still the irony is it looks so elegant. If any room in your house is having a white theme then this DIY paper lantern is an ideal one.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: Paper lanterns, white beads lace, white artificial flowers, glue gun and glue sticks, scissors
  • Description: This DIY paper lantern is a pleasure to make, looks stylish and top of all involves a very low cost. Both the flower lantern & the pom pom lantern just looks as if they have been purchased from a showroom. When you light them , they cheer the room up.

DIY Scrap Paper Lamp – Step by step

As it is said pink color belongs to the girls and they own it. So, to all the girls out there here is the description of a classy looking pink shade DIY paper lantern. This catchy lantern can light up your room like the other sophisticated lamps available in the market.

Image source: painted by prestige

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Material Required: A paper lantern, scrap paper, scissors, glue gun and glue sticks
  • Description: Make your paper lantern look more interesting and eye- catching with this DIY scrap paper lamp. This beautiful looking DIY paper lantern can give your room a serene environment. As you can see the picture itself it is giving the vibe of a crystal lamp. This lamp looks really elegant after its completion and involves a minute cost.

DIY Thumb Tack Pattern Paper Lamps – Step by step

Below is the description of the blazing DIY paper lanterns. You can experiment with any kind of colors. Here, I have used yellow, green, blue and pink as they goes with my room’s wall colors.


Image source: lines across

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Material Required: Card stock sheets, thumb tack, pencil, eraser, scissors, double sided tape
  • Description: These thumb tack pattern lamps might consume a lot of your time but after their completion you will have a feeling they were worth the time invested into them. If kids are making this lantern I would suggest that you do it under the guidance of an adult. When these lanterns are lit up their aura can give you strength and hope.

I hope you loved reading all the ideas and would act upon them as soon as you finish up reading this article. Also, these are really cheap to make and will cost you just some dimes. So, guys what are you waiting for go and grab all the material required for them and start decorating your house with these attractive DIY paper lanterns.

Which one you like? Please tell us in the comments below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas! Thank you for visiting our website. Keep Creating with K4 Craft!

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