Nature Inspired Cool DIY Craft Projects For Kids


Holidays are the time to bond and have fun with your kids. So here are a few easy crafts made with things available easily in nature such as stones, leaves, twigs, shells etc that will help your kids learn and enjoy at the same time.  A video as well as a detailed description for the crafts are provided below.

1) DIY Strawberry Stone Ring


  1. Oval shaped tiny stones
  2. Posca paint pens / acrylic colours( red, green,black, pink, yellow, white)
  3. Felt paper
  4. Adjustable ring wid a flat top / a golden wire.
  5. Fevicol / hot glue gun.
  6. Varnish


  1. Take an oval shaped stone and start drawing the leaves with green marker as shown in the video above . Use a pencil to draw if you are not sure about your drawing
  2. Now carefully paint the lower part with red marker, keeping in mind the green colors does not smudge.
  3. Once the strawberry is ready, outline the leaves with black thin marker , and mark some dots on the red paint with yellow marker. Now take a black thin paint marker and draw a face as shown in the video.
  4. Once the painting is done, add  a layer of varnish for smooth texture and shine.
  5. Now cut the felt  paper in the shape of the stone and insert it in the adjustable ring in a way that the flat top of the ring can be glued to the stone.( refer video). Now glue the felt and the ring to the stone with hot glue gun or fevicol.

Yuppie the strawberry  ring is now ready.

2) Easy Rock Pets


  1. Stones of different shapes and sizes
  2. Enamel paints /acrylic paints of your choice
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Hot glue gun / Fevicol
  5. Felt paper and varnish


  1. Take a stone and paint it with color of your choice amd allow it to dry completely.Repeate the process with more stones.
  2. Now take a pair of googly eyes and place them on the stone keeping in mind the shape pf the stone, and stick them with fevicol.
  3. Cut a piece if heart or any another shape from the felt to decorate the pet.(eg- a small heart, a bow etc)

P.S – You can also create cartoons like minions using the same technique.

3) Drift wooden rattles


  1. Y- shaped wooden twig
  2. Sea shells with holes
  3. Colorful yarn
  4. Elastic / rubber band


  1. Take a Y- shaped twig and a blue color yarn and tie a knot at the bottom of the twig and roll the yarn around the twig in circular way such that it covers the lower part of the twig.
  2. Now connect another color of the yarn by tying a knot with the previous color as shown in the video and continue the process. You can use 2-4 colorful yarns for covering the twig
  3. Take a rubber band and attach it on the upper end of the twig( the y portion).Now pass the rubber band from the shells and attach it to the other end of the twig. You can add any number of shells according to the size of the twig. The wooden rattle is ready!

4) Harry Potter DIY Feather Quills


  1. Feathers
  2. Paints of your choice ( white, silver, golden with reference to video)
  3. Paint brush (round in shape, number 0/1 for smaller designs)
  4. Scissor


  1. Take a simple feather and smoothen its surface.Now take some white paint and start drawing small dots in the direction as shown in video.You can use multiple colors for the dots or can use a single color.
  2. Now draw lines  (a tick mark shape )with silver color and golden color at intervals with the dots.
  3. Take a scissor and carefully cut an angular tip at the end in a way that it is pointed and can be used as a pen
  4. Now dip the feather in the ink pot and start writing.

5) Conker Owl Pencil Toppers

Conkers are also know as chestnuts or buckeyes.


  1. Conkers or chestnuts
  2. Pencils
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Felt paper
  5. Big scissor and small scissor.


  1. Ask an adult for help to create a hole in the chestnut with sharp scissor  such that the pencil can be inserted in it.
  2. Now carefully analyse the chestnut and think about the size of the nose and wings of the owl.
  3. Take a yellow color felt and cut a small triangle in the shape of the nose of the owl, now take a purple color felt and cut two leaf shapes from it and give a side cut to it such that it looks like the wings of the owl, now take an orange felt and cut two smaller shapes for legs as shown in the video.
  4. Scratch the sides of the conker and apply glue to it n stick the wings and later on the nose and the legs along with the googly eyes as shown in the video.
  5. Allow the entire thing to dry and then your owl pencil topper is ready.

P.S – You can also create a penguin topper.

6) Painted Lady bird stones


  1. Stones of different shapes mostly oval
  2. Glossy enamel paints (red, black)
  3. Marker pens , sharpie
  4. Green paper


  1. Take an oval shaped stone and paint it with red glossy paint.
  2. Once the red paint is dried, take a black sharpie and draw a line in the center of the stone dividing into equal halves.
  3. Color the upper part of the stone with black paint and draw small dots around the lines as shown in video.
  4. Now the ladybird is ready. You can also make honey bees and ants and other insects by using various colors.

P.S – Place them on the green paper for a better getup.

7) Pine Cone Snowy Owl


  1. Pine cone
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Cotton
  4. Felt paper( orange, pink , blue etc)
  5. Glue


  1. Take a pine cone  of any size acoording to your requirement, we prefer a medium sized
  2. Take some cotton and start stuffing it in between the pine cone and cover the pine cone entirely.
  3. Now cut a small triangle shape from orange felt for the nose of the snow owl and stick it with glue
  4. Similarly, cut two small circles from blue felt for eyes and stick it.Now stick the googly eyes on the top of the blue felt, ensure that the size of the blue felt is bigger than that of the googly eyes.

Yuppie, the snow man is ready. You can make plenty of it with your kids.

8) Sea Shell Mobile


  1. Sea shells of different sizes with holes ( small and big)
  2. Wooden Twig ( approx 30 cm in length or more)
  3. Colorful Beads
  4. White string


  1. Take the twig and arrange shells of different sizes 4 in a row and similarly 4/5 in columns and arrange their positions.
  2. After properly arranging them, place colorfull beads in between the columns in the desired way.
  3. Once you are happy with the placements of the shells and beads now pick up the string and tie it to the twig.
  4. After tying the string on the twig, now pass it through the shells and beads and tie knots after each bead till it reaches the end.
  5. Now cut a small string and tie it at the top of the twig to make a loop for the hanging and put a shell in between and tie a knot to hold the shell in place.

And your shell hanging.Decorate your wall with this beautiful sea shell hanging.

P.S- Clean the sea shells before using them as they might be smelly or filled with sand.

So, enjoy your holidays with these easy nature inspired craft ideas with your kids. I hope you like them. Happy holidays 🙂

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