National Youth Day – Yuva diwas (Swami Vivekananda Birthday)

National Youth Day!

Youth of a nation is an integral and an important part of a nation. It is celebrated every year on 12th January. This day is celebrated to celebrate the power of youthful energy. This day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. This day is celebrated across many countries to mark the prosperity and propensity of the youth. Every nation wishes to give a proper direction to their youth, this is a day to enjoy the freedom as well as identify our duties towards our nation and society.

National Youth Day-How to Draw Swami Vivekananda Drawing for Kids

Swami Vivekananda’s birthday is the inspiration behind the celebration of this day. So, let us begin with making a portrait of Swami Vivekananda. Tart with the headgear of Swami. Draw the right portion of the headgear and then come to the left part. Move on to the face portion and then, draw the outer figure and make the eyes, ears and nose of the Swami. Now go on to draw the clothes of the Swami. Raw Swami’s signature pose: him standing with his folded arms. Shade the sketch wherever you feel necessary or you can colour the white picture and the background. You can write ‘Happy National Youth Day’ in the background. For better understanding of this subtle and easy to draw portrait look up:

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National Youth Day-Youth Day Drawing Tribute

We can also show the youth voicing their concerns on this day. We can make posters or sketch some art related to youth uprisings or any other such movements. You can draw a group of students. You can take ideas from already existing uprisings or imagine some of your own. Like here we have drawn three teenagers with their fists high in solitude. We have not used any colours, just the black and white contrast. This contrast reflects so much towards the observers. You can draw players, or unconventional occupations taken up by the youth to feed their families or to support them financially. Every child grows into his or her youth believing to help his/her parents in running the household. You can take inspiration from this easy time-lapse tutorial video:

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National Youth Day-Mental Health Matters Youth day Art Showcase

‘Mental Health Matters’ this can become one of the best themes for the youth day presentation. We can easily inculcate this topic in our drawings or posters. So many youngsters suffer from mental illness but stigma stops them from owing up. We must make sure every teenager opens up about their issues and problems. we can make this happen through awareness drives and posters. Posters showing their issues as a general widespread issue will make them feel comfortable and homely. Or we can make posters showing the suffering of the youth in dire conditions. Organizing such poster making competitions can also help, along  with informative sessions. For better understanding and more ideas for such posters lookup this very much informative video:

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National Youth Day-Raising your voice -International Youth day

This video is two years old but still relevant. It shows many quirky and relatable posters which can be realized easily by anyone. One just needs to try. First poster which comes up is of a girl sticking out her tongue with ‘Happy Youth Day’ written in the background. The vides shows the fun, frolic and exuberance shown by the youngsters. It also shows the support which each of them is to the other. The fun we all have at college or functions are shown in this vudeo.The video also tells us the vision Swami Vivekananda had for the youth. He wanted the youth to be obedient with good character and selfless. It also shows a poster with so many children standing in a line with a dog and speaking something collectively. It also shows us important quotes by Swami Vivekananda for the new generation. In the end the video gives a message to enjoy the young age and be responsible. For a look up to this video go to:

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How to Draw Swami Vivekananda face pencil Drawing – National Youth Day

Moving on to the next pencil sketching of Swami Vivekananda. In this video, the artist starts with the robe drawing at first. He keeps every detail of the robe in mind while sketching it. Then the artist moves to the face of the Swami. He goes on to the complete face formation and then draws the details of the face later. The artist draws the headgear of the Swami. The details and expression on the face of the Swami. In the end the artist shades the required parts. You can shade the figure or colour it, in whatever way you like it. Look up this easy tutorial at:

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We hope that you understand your duties very well. Duties are an integral part of your life. You must have fun and enjoy your rights but as the responsible youth of your country you must consider your duties seriously. We wish you a very Happy National Youth Day and hope that you will celebrate it wisely.

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