20 Beautiful and Easy Mehndi Designs

Every girl swears by mehndi, if you have to look ethnic for an important ritual then without mehndi the look will be absolutely incomplete. Mehndi is not simply loved for its beauty; it is an imperative part of the entire custom and is accepted to bring fortune. Check out our latest mehndi designs.

It is no secret that mehndi is considered very important in our culture. It is not considered important and auspicious during wedding ceremonies, but also during many other traditional occasions such as karwa chauth, diwali, bhai dooj, teej and so on. Mehndi was was a significant part of a wedding and was a part of pre wedding functions where the bride adorned her hand with mehndi designs but now women have started applying mehndi designs for many other festivals.

There are so many types of mehndi designs that it becomes very confusing while choosing a pattern.  Each patterns looks better than the other and different. Mehndi designs can be simple or complicated with intricate designs and you need to choose carefully keeping your desired pattern in mind. Some even try to mix up with other designs to get a new and fresh pattern that can leave almost everyone speechless with its bolder and scattered with detailed intricacy that makes it stand apart.

If you want easy mehndi designs for weddings or other occasions we bring you some of the most loved mehndi designs. So scroll down below to find something that might interests you.

1. Henna Mehndi Design For Beginners

This attractive mehndi pattern or design is the most simple and traditional design chosen by women who love traditional designs. The backside of the hand is adorned with mandala design beginning with a small darken circle with several petals around in dark and light strokes. And the edges are covered completed with bell motifs. The finger are filled with identical floral patterns with dark circle surrounded by petals and the dark thick lines make it more eye- catching. The border along the wrist add beauty to the design with intricate flower petals and half floral pattern look like a bracelet. The empty space between each pattern makes it more attractive. This beautiful mehndi design is ideal for engagement party, Mehndi ceremony, karwa chauth, diwali and so on. Pair this design with traditional outfit like intricate bridal lehenga or saree or gown. Decorate you nail with nail paint and add ring and it would rightly complement each other.

2. Easy and Beautiful Henna Mehndi Design

This design is best for beginners. It look a bit complicated but it is simple easy and quick to draw. This mehndi design will surely catch the attention of others for its sheer simplicity. The vine patterns are beautiful and popular among the mehndi lovers. The vine start from dotted swirls design surrounded by bold darkened leaf pattern and flowers leading up to index finger. You can also choose whichever finger you want it to cross to. The fingers are adorned with identical leaf and swirls pattern except the middle and index finger giving it an unique look. If you are look for a quick easy pattern that looks intricate then definitely consider this mehndi design for your next event. This design is suitable for weddings, diwali party, engagement and so on. Opt for charming accessories such as bridal bangles set with a statement bangle in the center and stone studded ring. Make the design mesmerizing with dazzling nail art along with a traditional lehenga or saree.

3. Simple Mehndi Design

A neat and intricate detailed mandala mehndi design with delicate patterns on the fingers. This mehndi design feature two half mandala designs beginning with a circle at the center surrounded by bead design in circle and the edge are adorned with several floral petals and leaf motifs. The wrist is laden with bold lines along with a beautiful leaf trail. The fingers are adorned identical ring style pattern. This design has a lot of empty spaces and repetitive strokes and the bold lines gives the design an attractive look. This design is suitable for family functions, engagement, weddings and festivals and accessorize it with diamond studded ring and bangles and bold colours for nails. This can be teamed up with any kind traditional outfit like salwar suit or lehenga or you can opt for a stunning saree.

4. Beautiful Circle Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design is quite popular these days. The consists of flower trail  leading to two fingers. The flower in the center is surrounded by several other flower pattern with swirls design and leaf motifs. The two fingers are filled with distinctive patterns with dots trail and bold petals trail. This mehndi design drawn thicker than usual strokes will definitely grasp everyone’s attention. The leaf trail on the wrist looks so mesmerizing. Such trail designs are very easy and quick to draw. These type of design can be teamed up with traditional salwar suit or lehenga or saree and suitable for weddings and engagement party. Opt for a stylish heavy ring studded with stones give a fabulous look to this design.

5. Best Mehndi Design For Hand

This circular mehndi design is very traditional design and you can mix different patterns with this design. The mandala design on the back of the hand is formed beginning from with a small circle in the center surrounded by several petals in different designs and the edge is adorned with several floral design giving it an elegant and beautiful look. The eye pleasing design is the finger design consist of a floral pattern with a dropping leaf pattern. If you don’t like complexity in your design then this pattern is definitely for you. Pair it with beautiful accessories like bangles ring and embellished nail art make a glamorous appearance along with a royal bridal gown or lehenga. This design is best suited for engagement, wedding or diwali party.

6. Beautiful and Easy Henna Mehndi Design

We can’t take our eyes off from this flawless Arabic mehndi design which is not only mesmerizing to look at but is also very traditional and elegant. This mehndi design is comprised of several distinctive flower patterns divided into sections with bold fine lines and swirls and is filled with paisley pattern covered with spiral flower pattern. Finger tips are laden with different patterns of bold ring design and net pattern and swirls. This design is adorned with complicated patterns and definitely requires a lot of patience and artistic view to complete the design but the end result is worth it. This pattern is suitable for weddings , diwali, and engagement ceremony in amazing outfits like bridal gown, lehenga or saree.

7. Arabic Henna Mehndi Design

Flower pattern are one of the most trending Mehndi design. And this mehndi design with big distinctive flowers imprinted on the palm and further teamed with stylish strokes surely deserves everyone’s attention. The bold lines of flower petals are giving the design a 3D look with beautiful leaf motifs. The flower mostly beginning with circle in the center surrounded by several distinctive petals with many swirls leading to the finger laden with dainty dots and leaf motifs that is connected the whole mehndi design and only the little finger is adorned with identical design. The empty space in between on the back of the hand looks classy. Pair this style with rings and diamond studded bangles and matte nail polish for pretty nails. Social functions can suit best for this beautiful mehndi design along with an gorgeous outfit such as an elegant gown, traditional salwar suit or saree.

8. Lovely & Beautiful Mehndi Design

This mesmerizing full hand mehndi design is created with round flowers which are creatively connected with each other with long stylish vines. The palm is adorned with beautiful distinctive flower pattern surrounded by small flowers with vines in between. The finger tips are laden with identical round flower pattern followed by many swirls. Right from the round flowers to swirls and dots  this mehndi has it all.  This simple mehndi is worth drooling over. This mehndi is best suited for engagement and diwali party or any small occasion. Opt for a modern stylish gown, salwar suit or go for an elegant saree and accessorize it with gold bangles and ring and paint you nails bold red.

9. Simple Arabic Mehndi Design

Another simple, yet beautiful mehndi design. Beautiful mehndi design on the finger is adorned with V shaped bold and fine lines where the bottom part is surrounded by dots and upper part is covered with several spiral floral pattern with bold ring design on the finger tip. And the floral pattern on hand is connected with dot trail like a string. The floral pattern is surrounded by several different flower petals and is connected with paisley pattern which is filled with floral designs. The paisley is surrounded by bold curve lines along with a petal trail and leaf motifs. This elegant simple design is suitable for occasion such as diwali, Eid, engagement or wedding functions paired with a stunning traditional bridal lehenga or saree or anarkali suit. The empty space is adding more charm to the the design. Opt for beautiful nail paint to enhance the design more.

10. Simple Beautiful Mehndi Design

This bold Arabic mehndi design is made with thick fine lines highlighting the chief motifs. This mehndi pattern covers most of the back of the hand with variety of motifs. The design consists of a mandala pattern in the middle beginning with a darkened round circle  surrounded by petals and it is linked with a leaf design filled with flower design and is surrounded by dots and leaf pattern and dropping leaf. The mehndi design looks like a beautiful intricate hand bracelet. The fingers are adorned with distinctive patterns with shapes and elegant patterns. This intricate mehndi design is ideal for engagement party, wedding functions, teej or diwali and paired it with gorgeous outfit like intricate bridal lehenga, anarkali suit or an elegant gown. Opt for bold beautiful colours to paint you nails.

11. Best Henna Mehndi Design

The unique back hand mehndi is designed in a way that appears  as a net lace giving off an elegant and refreshing vibe. The design feature a floral design beginning with a small darkened spiral surrounded by petals and is linked with paisley pattern filled with several spiral patterns. The paisley pattern edge is adorned with dropping leaf pattern. The mehndi design is divided into two sections one is filled with bold lines and patterns and other side is kept light with net or checked pattern to balance the mehndi design. This mehndi design is suitable for wedding functions, karwa chauth, diwali and for small occasion. Pair it with some traditional outfit like intricate lehenga or saree or anarkali suit with beautiful heavy bangles and ring. Enhance the beauty of the mehndi with bold nail polish.

12. Best Latest Arabic Mehndi Design

The most attracting feature of this henna design is the paisley pattern that look like a peacock that is surrounded by bold fine lines along with petals and petals are surrounded by leaf pattern. The paisley pattern is connected with a arrow head shape design filled with bold lines and petals and a half floral patterns in the middle giving it a sharp design. The design is attached to a dream catcher pattern through a fine line that looks like a string. The dream catcher pattern consists of a small circle in the center surrounded by petals and the edges are adorned with dot pattern and dropping leaves. Finger are laden with identical designs with a floral pattern in bold petals and dropping leaves. Opt for bold and vibrant colour nail paint to vomplemcom the design and pair it with ring and beautiful bangles. This design is suitable for engagement , wedding ceremony , diwali and so on. Pair this adorable design with beautiful intricate bridal lehenga or saree to get a traditional look.

13. Lovely Mehndi Design

This beautiful intricated Mehndi design is taking our breath away. This mehndi pattern is made with several fine and bold lines to give a proper structure to the whole design. This kind of arabic mehndi design mainly consists of repetitive motifs all over the Mehndi design. The designs is combination of flower trail with different petals and empty spaces in between the designs giving it a attractive look. The wrist are adorned with distinctive pattern one wrist is filled with jaali or checked pattern along with leaf trail and spiral flowers. Another wrist is adorned with bold line surrounded by dot and leaf motifs. Each finger is adorned with distinctive patterns and divided into sections. The most repetitive pattern is the jaali or net motifs that is drawn on multiple places on the hands.  Pair this design with precious accessories like ring or diamond studded or gold bangles along with a matching heavy intricated bridal lehenga, anarkali suit or saree. This mehndi design can be used for mehndi ceremony, diwali, Eid or engagement party.

14. Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Design

The arrow head shaped design on the middle of the backside of the hand looks so sharp and simple. The arrow head is filled with bold lines and circular floral pattern. The edges are covered with hanging bells. The empty space in between the arrow head shaped design and floral pattern looks at sun. And the edges are filled with dots. The main design is connected with dots trail and flower design leading to hanging bell pattern on one finger.  This simple and gorgeous design can be worn by women during small elegant events such as diwali, Eid, or karwa chauth. The simplicity of the design makes it more beautiful. Add pair of bangles, diamond studded ring with a traditional intricate bridal lehenga or anarkali suit or saree for parties.

15. Henna Mehndi Design

This mehndi design is a beautiful combination floral, leaves and peacock mehndi pattern.  The fingers are adorned with identical pattern of flower pattern followed by leaf dropping looks absolutely stunning. The middle on the back hand is laden with an intricate and detailed paisley design that gives the design of a peacock surrounded by bold lines and the edge is surrounded with hanging leaf patterns. The wrist design is totally worth swooning over. The bold design is connected with round circle surrounded by petals and hanging leaf pattern that kind of make it look like a dream catcher. The dots and leaf pattern are the highlights of this mehndi design. This mehndi design can be worn on various occasions such as in wedding functions, teej, diwali  or Eid. This can also be worn for parties along with stunning outfits like lehenga or saree paired with finger ring and diamond studded bangles and hanging kaleera. Opt for bold and interesting colours for your nails.

16. Simple Mehndi Design

Adding some empty spaces in between designs you can give you intricate mehndi design a very attractive look. The fingers are laden with distinctive patterns on each fingers with identical bold band lines  followed by some leaf and dot motifs. The backside of the hand is adorned with mandala design in middle beginning with a darkened round circle at the center surrounded by petals and dot patterns and the bordering is covered with several floral patterns. The two sides of the mandala design is attached to leaf shape pattern filled with hanging bells design and the edges are surrounded by petals. That is the thing about bold patterns the grasp your full attention. Opt for beautiful ring and intricate bangles, paint your nails with bold and elegant nail colours to add more elegance. This is suitable for engagement Parties, Eid , diwali or wedding ceremonies along with a elegant and stunning bridal lehenga, gown or saree. You can also go for stunning bracelet with small diamonds on it to dazzle all night.

17. Arabic Mehndi Design

This beautiful half circle mehndi design is has several semi circles that feature a number of different intricate mehndi patterns. The thick bold lines are surrounded by several petals and leaf designs and the edges are are adorned with many flower designs and leaf pattern in between each floral patterns. The fingers are laden with bold design around the nails are stunning with hanging  leaf designs. This simple design is ideal for functions like engagement Parties , diwali or wedding parties with beautiful stunning gown, intricate lehenga or a glamorous dazzling saree to become the center of attention. Make you hands more attractive by opting for bold nail polish and hand accessories like diamond studded bangles and rings.

18. Circle Henna Mehndi Design

This intricate mehndi designs is absolutely mesmerizing. Each finger tips are adorned with distinctive patterns and the fingers are laden with different floral and checked design. Both hands are cover in different arabic patterns. On one hand it is laden with a semi floral design with a darkened circle in the center and floral petals. The mehndi design contains charming paisley patterns that are not filled with light stroke but are surrounded with floral and leaf motifs. The arms are also laden with beautiful floral motifs and leaf trail with flower design at the center surrounded by leaf pattern. This design is intricate, detailed and traditional at the same time. This stunning full hand arabic mehndi design is suitable for engagement party, karwa chauth, or wedding functions. You can teamed up with traditional anarkali suit, intricate detailed embellished lehenga or with a stunning saree to look like a diva. Accessorize with stunning rings and bangles and paint you nails in bold colours.

19. Attractive Mehndi Design

No doubt how effortlessly beautiful and stylish this mehndi design looks. This is a traditional round Mehndi design beginning with small circle in the center followed by another circle which is surrounded by several petals and more flower designs bordering the circle. The darkened space around the flower petals makes it attractive to look at. The edges are covered with darkened leaf motifs ending on the wrist with beautiful leaf pattern. The finger are adorned with distinctive patterns on each fingers. On one it is laden with checked design and on another with floral patterns with bold lines to divide the designs in sections. This design is suitable for teej, karwa chauth, diwali, and wedding functions wearing pretty gown , traditional bridal intricate lehenga or anarkali suit. This design on the backside of the hands looks the best. Accessorize you pretty hands with rings to make it glamorous and paint your nails in bold colours.

Hope you enjoyed the above intricate and easy mehndi designs and hope it has inspired you to be creative. Each design is unique and frankly gorgeous. Find mehndi designs that reflects you style and personality and make some heads turn when you walk. Give above designs a closer look and fire up you imagination. Choose full hand, back hand, or simple vine style according to your choice and add accessories for a glamorous touch. Tell us which of these would you want to try out for the next event? Let us know in the comments section.

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