Krishna Janmashtami Rangoli designs with colours and dots 2023

India is known as a hometown for festivals and Janmashtami is one of them, it is the day when Lord Krishna was born. It is celebrated with  lot of bliss and spirituality all over India. According to Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu was reincarnated as Lord Krishna and that day is counted according to the Hindu lunar month. He was born on the 8th day and every year we celebrate it keeping the same count. Apart from being a hometown for festivals India is also known for making rangoli during festivals which is  an auspicious part of the most Indian celebrations.

From Holi to Diwali, there are n number of festivals and pujas when we include rangolis. They are not just colorful patterns created on the floor, but they scattered the rich Indian customs and culture of India. So let’s look forward some of the best rangoli designs for Krishna Janmashtami.

1. Lord Krishna Rangoli Design

Courtesy: Sheetal Choube Joshi

This  rangoli design which  includes the Lord himself is very enchanting. A big rangoli board has been used for this. The background color is sea-green and is light enough for a perfect base. Krishna’s inner body is filled with lighter shade of blue whereas outlined with a much darker shade. Here krishan is holding his flue his flue and has been decorated with bangles and neck-jewellery . He also has his peacock feather in his head and there is a sun-like pattern behind his head which depict holiness.

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2. Simple Krishna’s Flute Rangoli Design

Courtesy: Neelam Bharti

The first thing for choosing a rangoli design for an occasion is that we have to think of the elements which relate to the event. In the picture below, we see Lord Krishna’s flute, which is an easy and nice idea for this festival. It is team up with two peacock feather designs which accessorize the design here and is also related to the element. First make a outline of the flute and the design. The feathers have different shades with multiple layer, one after the other. Many might have a problem to fill sleeker layers of colors, so make the design a little big.

3. Little Krishna with Dahi Handi Rangoli Design

Courtesy: Soumya Swarup Kharage

Beautiful rangoli design which has an little Lord Krishna alongside the hanging vessel. The hanging vessel portrays the celebration of Dahi Handi which is celebrated in many regions at the time of Janmashtami. A vessel filled with curd in hung, a people make human stairs to get it and break it. This is different type to add the component in a rangoli design and decorate your homes.

4. Flower, Feet, Flute and a vessel


Many more elements are there related to Lord Krishna which can also be unified for Rangoli designs. As in the design below, we see floral patterns around such elements. There is a flute in the middle, feet depicting Lord’s Krishna feet and also there are many stories of Lord krishna ,who used to steal makhan during his childhood is also known as Makhan chor. So the rangoli in which a vessel has fallen and is dripping with some liquid also depicts lord krishna. The spilling of liquid butter, along with his flute and feet makes a amazing rangoli design.

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5. Floral patterns with Krishna Rangoli Design


This is another Krishna rangoli which can be drawn easily. Outline the body and then fill the shades of blue accordingly. It ends with a floral pattern which beautify the design a little more.. The flowers are colored in vermilion and the tips look pretty with other shapes. The flute looks like a stem of a flower and they are accompanied with musical notes to state that it is being played.

6. Amazing canvas idea for rangoli design


This is very beautiful canvas rangoli which can also be made with rangoli powder. There are two shades of blue which make the design beautiful. The background is highlighted by darker shades, while the lighter one depicts the face. A cloth is tied on his head along with the peacock feather. The flute which he plays enhances the beauty of his face. The design doesn’t have the facial features, but it is perfect enough to make it understandable.

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7. Peacock feather and flute rangoli design

Courtesy: Neelam Bharti

This is a very easy rangoli idea if you are not good at making rangoli or you are in a rush, one can easily make it if you don’t want to go into much complicacy. Peacock feathers are nice options because they can be colored in many ways to look really pretty. Lord Krishna always have a peacock feather stuck to his hair. One can also pair it with a flute to give it a nice touch of spirituality.

8. Little Krishna with glittered rangoli design

Courtesy: Sai Tupe Aphale

This is a very cute looking rangoli design, it looks somewhat different due to the glitter effect, the glitter powder enhance and makes the rangoli design interesting and different. Outline the body of the vessels and Krishnaji. Eyes always steal the attention of viewers , so make sure that the eyes are big enough. It is very simple to fill the colours, and the delineation of curd is likewise adept in here. This is most likely a best Janmashtami rangoli designs, and will look flawless if reproduced perfectly.

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9. Rangoli Design of Lord Krishna

Courtesy: Sunita Panchbhayye

This rangoli design could be other option for Janmasthami since this pattern portrays little Lord Krishna. In the rangoli below the face and hands are all black while the body is yellow to create the attire. his facial features and accessories are made with a complicacy to catch the attention of spectators. The attire has been added with coins to make it look much more interesting.

10. Radha Krishna amazing rangoli design


Radha Krishna rangolis are very common as both of them are always mentioned together. The rangoli design you see below need high mastery to be done and can only be made if you have skilled the art.

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11. Intricately colored Kirshna rangoli design


This rangoli design of Krishnaji shows a young boy. This design has been minutely coloured ,it requires a lot of finishing. The size of the rangoli is too big, so we have to deal with it in a neat manner, the bigger you outline it ,the neater the colours fit in.. His entire attire has been added with shades of different colors which attract the eyes of viewer. The crown, the accessories and the flute enhances the singular colored body.

12. Little Krishna Kanhaiya Rangoli Design

Courtesy: Manisha Demgunde Hakke

This is another Krishna rangoli which you can try to assimilate for the occasion. This has been created on a dark blue base and reflects a lighter shade of blue for the body.

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