Diwali Rangoli Ideas for Your Home 2023

Rangoli making is a traditional Indian sand-painted design often seen during Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. Rangoli are often made during big variety of styles, sizes, and materials. Not only Diwali, Dussehra, Kolam is also made on Pongal. You can consider this simple rangoli making for beginners for every occasion.

Rangoli is a very unique form of art showcase. We use beautiful powders and coloured sawdust to beautify our homes. Rangoli has a very strong cultural and religious hold in our society. Many religions believe in the beautification of the homes in the festival season. It shows colour and beauty in a very unique way. We all know some people are very good at making rangolis. It will be very nice if we are able to make sure that we can also make good rangolis as festival season can be too competitive sometime.

5 Best Rangoli Tricks for Diwali 2023

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Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali from Chalani 2023

Now let us commence with Rangoli making lessons. Make a circular shape on the floor using a plate, now fill this with colour using the strainer. After you get a uniform layer, ensure that the colour remains in side the circle drawn on the floor. Now take a colander and pass a contrasting colour through it. This will give a beautiful effect of dots on the base. Now make four crescent moons on the four sides of the circle. Now make small dots in these crescent shapes. Make hoops out of it by using your finger, using a toothpick or any other sharp object to make petals of this hoop. Fill this hoop with another colour, make a ring of it and then fill with another colour. Now make big circles on the outside, make hoops and then fill with the same colour. Above video beautifully explains the procedure.

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Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali using comb – Rangoli Ideas

First of all we make four circles in each of the four directions, using a food bowl. Now take small amounts of Rangoli colours and place them in circular fashion inside the circles. Now take a cardboard piece and flatten this circle. Now use a comb to spread this design inwards. Now make a circular hoop in the middle circle, move the edges outwards with the help of a bottle cap. Now fill the edges with a different coloured circles. Now fill the insides. Make small white dots all around in the empty space and behind the comb patterns.

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Easy & Simple Rangoli design – Rangoli Ideas

First of all mark a circle and make small colourful dots all around it. Try to have differently coloured adjacent dots. Now take a plastic fork and spread this colour inwards. This make a beautiful pattern and then make a coloured dot inside, now use a toothpick to make the pattern as described in the video. Now make white circle in a bigger circle and then on the insides in between two circles. Now join the adjacent circles using a fork. Now place bright dots at the ups and downs of the zig zag pattern in white colour. Now fill in the empty spaces. This video provides you with a very easy tutorial.

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Super Easy Flower Design Rangoli using Spoon – Rangoli Ideas

First of all make a big circle keeping a plate and make circular mounds of the Rangoli colour. Now take the plate away and spread this in a flattening way with a flat spoon. Now make an inner layer in contrasting colour, preferably white colour. Now flatten this layer outwards. Gel the two layers together. Now take some white colour and make a hoop inside and clear the inside of the hoop. Now make a smaller red hoop. Now spread the red hoop’s edges outwards to make a flower. This will enhance the beauty of this Rangoli. Fill the inside alternatively with white and then red colour. Going to the outer boundary, make big white circular mounds and then branch them, add red circular mounds with a dot in between. This is a very easy Rangoli to make and the video tutorial is easy to realise.

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Easy Quick &Beautiful Rangoli design – Rangoli Ideas

Now take a circular stencil and a food bowl, keep the bowl inside the stencil. Spread the glitter inside the pattern made. Once done remove the pattern. Now take white colour and place it in a pouring bottle, this makes the work easier. Take a bangle and place it in the circular spot left empty. Now make circular mounds inside this bangle. Spread them with a toothpick to make a flower. Now move outside and make the circular mounds in length with the help of the bottle. Now use toothpick here as well. Go as per the video for better understanding. Now take blue glitter and place inside the hoop made in the flowers. The hoop is to be mad in the inner flower and outer leaves meeting point with white colour. Now place blue circular mounds at the base, smear them upwards. Now place a white mound in this triangle and press it with your finger.

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I hope you enjoyed these beautiful Rangoli Ideas. Look forward to more ideas like this at K4 Craft. Do share photographs of your DIYs. We will be happy to know your art and will come up with better and crafty ideas. Be happy!

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