25+ Latest Ganesh Chaturthi Rangoli designs for 2024

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated throughout India with a great devotion. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Ganesh is the symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. This festival is celebrated by Hindus with a great enthusiasm. This festival varies from 1 day to 11 days, depending on the place and tradition. At the start of the festival, idols of Ganesha are placed on raised platforms in homes or in elaborately decorated outdoor tents. Ganesh upanishad, the idols are embrocate with red sandalwood paste and yellow and red flowers. Ganesha is also offered coconut, jaggery, and 21 modaks (sweet dumplings), considered to be Ganesha’s favourite food. On the last day of the festival the idols are taken out in a colorful and musical procession and immersed traditionally in water.

25 Latest Ganesh Chaturthi Rangoli designs 2024

The festival is celebrated in Hindu communities worldwide and is particularly popular in Maharastra and parts of western India.

Courtesy: Amutha Prakash‎

This is a very beautiful rangoli design which has been created on a rectangular base. As we can see here, it is a very laborious rangoli design, the artist have portrait lord ganesh and his vehicle mouse in the middle sitting on a lotus  with lord shiva and parvati emerging from left and right following with different pictorial elements like shiva lingam in the back along with the great himalayas and the snake on the side of lord shiva which represents shiva’s power of destruction and recreation. Afterwards a pinch of green and different colours are been added to complete the design. Overall it’s a perfect design for any occasion, though it  requires heavy expertise and can be incorporated if you have skilled the art. This will surely turn out to be a treat to the eyes if properly done.

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Courtesy: Anandhi Swaminathan and Shilpa Tanksale

This is an easy rangoli design which covers the face of lord ganesha, followed by pair of swans either side, according to hindu mythology swan or hansa is used in Indian culture as spiritual symbol. Outline the features of Lord Ganesha with black colour, the dark blue colour is require for the entire stuffing along with purple colour on the contour. The swan  and lotus stand in need for only two colour white and pink. Finish the rangoli with green and blue colour.

Courtesy: Ila Mehta

Another rangoli design which is made on rectangular black canvas. Lord ganesha is being portrait. Outline the shape in a curve manner with white colour. It has been further added with orange flowers and accessories.

Courtesy: Sushmitha Arcot

This is an easy rangoli design made up of three main colours. Outline the picture of Lord ganesha with white colour in the form of leaves. Furthermore fill with blue and cyan colour inside. This rangoli design become little more interesting due to the glitter powder design.

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Courtesy: ‎Vishwakarma Prâdéèp‎

This is an easy rangoli idea which you can use if you don’t want to go into much intricacy.

Courtesy: ‎Vaishalee Nidhan

This is another rangoli design. Outline Lord ganesha along with its crown with dark blue colour rest is filled with light blue colour. A semi circle is to be made from the front portion of ganesh. This design has been minutely colored and needs a lot of skills to be done. The size of the rangoli is big too, and the bigger you outline it, the neater the colors fit in.

Courtesy: ‎Kavitha Lakshmi

This is a very easy rangoli design. Draw the shape of Lord ganesh in the form of leaves, Border it with white colour to highlight it and fill in with green and yellow colour. Make the eyes big enough to gain the attention of the viewers.

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Courtesy: ‎Monika Jatti‎

This is a beautiful rangoli design, which focus on the face of lord ganesha, the eye is limelight here, it immediately steals the attention. This rangoli design requires two three curves and the work is done, rest you have to do is stuffing. The black colour in the corner enhance the rangoli, it focus the face of Lord ganesha.

Courtesy: ‎Arti Kale

This is a very peaceful rangoli design, one can easily make it if you don’t want to go into much, just need to focus on different level of colours. Frame Lord Ganesha with pink colour. The hanging diyas are really good option to cover the vacuous space.

Courtesy: ‎Asawari Lohakare

This is an easy yet stylish rangoli design, if you don’t want to go on too much detailing. You just require three four elements to complete the design. Make Lord ganesha in the middle followed up by flowers and mango leaf in the outermost. Mango leaves considered auspicious in hinduism.

Courtesy: Chaitanya Sakhalkar

This is another stunning piece of art, the whole rangoli is done in six to seven colours but the way to use it is fascinating. First make round circle then dash off the design on the top of it. You can make circles as much as you feel splendid. Or it depends upon your space.

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Courtesy: ‎Chaithra Bhat‎

This is a very cute looking rangoli design. The most fascinating thing about this design is that only three colours are used here. It is a form of line art which require appropriate spacing.

Courtesy: ‎Kavitha Gayathiri

This is another way of having your rangolis made. These look slightly more artistic and interesting to look at. The outline is done in a beautiful manner, drop the purple colour one by one and shape the image of Lord ganesha. Different flowers are made around to enhance the rangoli. This too will need heavy expertise and styling variations. It will look marvelous if done neatly.

Courtesy: ‎Manogari Baskar

The rangoli design you see below need high expertise to be done and can be incorporated if you have skilled the art. You can try to make it in the smaller size and scale, but make sure that their faces and postures are creative enough to be understandable.

Courtesy: ‎Neha Nihu Borasi

Another beautiful piece of rangoli, with the treasure of different colours. The whole rangoli is done in the peacock feather with Lord Ganesha in the center. Here, one can become as much artistic to fill the different circle of colours with different designs like in the rangoli below.

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Courtesy: ‎Nimesh Panchal‎

This rangoli could be another choice for ganesh chaturthi since this design portrays Lord Ganesha along with green coloured shiva lingam backside. The entire look is completed with red and orange circle which enhance the look of the design a little more.

Courtesy: ‎Nikita Virdikar

This is a very beautiful design,with the maximum use of white colour. Different shades of colour are used here in each stripts with red and orange in the middle. Afterwards different patterns of art is done upon it with white colour.

Courtesy: ‎Pallavi Keshari

This is very beautiful canvas rangoli which can be recreated with rangoli powder. Here dark colours is been used which make the design prominent. Green colour is used to make the face and orange colour is used to finish the bottom look, along with a pinch of yellow colour. This will look marvelous is done neatly.

Courtesy: ‎Priti Virdi‎

This is another piece of rangoli design, created on a rectangular canvas. Fill the entire canvas with yellow colour, then make a heavy border of orange colour followed by red colour. The design doesn’t have the facial features, but it is perfect enough to make it understandable.

Courtesy: ‎Priya Anup Yelamali Khot‎

This is another way of having your rangolis made.The fact is that this rangoli looks workfull but actually it can be easily done. Lord Ganesha is made in the center over  red colour followed with white and green coloured rings . The eye catching part is the outermost region which is done very smartly and creatively,different patches of colours are made upon yellow colour.This rangoli has been created on a rectangular base and reflects the duo perfectly.

Courtesy: ‎Shweta Umesh Gala

This is an easy rangoli design which covers the face of Lord Ganesha. Outline the facial feature of Lord ganesha with white colour, later on stuffing is to be done by orange and yellow colour with lining of red colour. The rangoli is completed with floral design either side of Lord ganesha.

Courtesy: ‎Sonali Patil‎

This is a beautiful easy and colourful design. If you are in  rush you can go for it. Different colours are spread over one after one. Highlight the border with broad stript of colours and use comb or a round stick to  make design around. Pour white colour over the colour stript inside to make Lord ganesha.

Courtesy: Seema Kanitkar‎

This is another Ganesh rangoli which you can try to incorporate for the occasion. This has been created on a dark brown base and reflects a lighter shade of pink for the body in the middle followed by different shapes along rectangular board.

Courtesy: Supriya Tarwatkar Wandhare

This is a beautiful rangoli design which is done with the use of dark brown colour on one side and dark red colour on another side. Green colour is poured over the duo to form Lord Ganesha.

Courtesy: Tatyasaheb Gavhane

This is an easy design created on a rectangular pink base. Chalk out the body with a proper outline and then fill in shades of yellow and orange accordingly.  Make sure that their faces and postures are creative enough to be understandable.

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