International Tiger Day Special Crafts For Kids

Tiger is the National Animal of India. Tigers are great animals. We have many sanctuaries for tigers in India. Tigers belong to the cat family. International Tiger’s Day is celebrated every year on July 29. India has more than 80 National Parks and 441 Sanctuaries. India is the best place to watch the tigers in their natural habitat. Their safety is the foremost priority. 70% of tiger population resides in India.

DIY Mask : How To Make Tiger Mask For Kids

First of all we are going to make a tiger mask. So, if we wish we can throw a tiger themed party. All we need is: foam sheet, elastic, marker pen, scissors and cutter, glue and a hole punch tool. First of all halve the orange drawing sheet and draw half the face of the tiger. Now cut this out. Draw the eyes and make a cavity out of it. Now use white and yellow foam sheets to cut the details for nose and ears of the tiger. Stick them on the orange sheet tiger face cut-out. Make the other details with the help of a black pen. Now fill all the stripes and eyebrows with a black marker. Pull a string through the holes on the sides. Your mask is ready for the bash. For better understanding lookup:

For Beginners : How To Draw A Tiger

Let us now gain an insight on the making of a realistic tiger face. We need a pencil, black pen, an eraser, a sharpener and a drawing sheet. First of all draw a big circle. It need not be perfect a it will be erased once we are done with drawing the whole picture. Cut the circle in half from the middle horizontally. This is where we will place the eyes. Then we shall cut the circle vertically in half. Now make two eyes and the ears and the nose for the tiger. Draw the mouth of the tiger and the chin for the tiger. It is just a curve but important. Now dip the upper curve a bit downwards and darken the edges of the eyes. Use the black marker to mark the dark edges. Now draw a pupil for the tiger. Now make the nostrils for the tiger on both sides of the triangular shape. Now make the curvy and big nose for the tiger. Now make the furry lines on the chin of the tiger. Draw the big whiskers of our feline creature. Make some fur around the ears and about the whole face. Grow the face a bit outwards on the down side using the fur. Erase the inner pencil markings. Start with the middle portion of the face at the top and use a black marker to start with the stripes. The big old stripes is what our dear tiger is well known for. Keep watchful of the details near the start of the whiskers and near the chin. For better understanding of the Tiger face making procedure look up:

How To Draw A Tiger in Easy Steps

Let us draw a tiger prowling in the jungle in the watch of its prey. We are using a drawing tool in the soft copy. Start with the chin curves. First draw the nose and then the side of the mouth. Make the eyes. Make the eyes deep and dark. Keep watchful that the eyes are identical on both sides. Both of the eyes must be at the same distance from the nose. Draw the outer fur. Do not start with stripes yet. We shall move to the rest of the body now. Make light stripes. Make the ears, give them a three dimensional effect. Darken the pupils. Make the whiskers. Moving on to the back of the tiger. Draw a curve ending at the tail of the majestic tiger. Now draw the legs of the tiger and end them all in the great thumping paws. Join the fore two legs and then draw the two legs at the back. Be careful with the paws. Now draw the stripes. Keep a little gap between the two lines. Make the stripes a bit curvy and shape them according to the shape of the body. Ending the stripes at the tail we finish with drawing the stripes. Fill in the stripes with black colour. Erase the ends out of the main boundary using a fine size of the eraser. Now you may paint the tiger in the appropriate colours. For visual representation and better understanding look up:

Tigers are a vital part of the ecosystem and need to be conserved for prosperity of the animal kingdom. We all know that the natural world works in a certain way and we should not try to disturb the system of the nature. If we try to disturb the natural systems we will only end up serving the wrath of the nature and becoming a victim to the dire consequences. Keep your best foot forward to save every animal. Every little help counts.

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