How to Make Original DIY Wood Home Decorations

Everyone needs to give their home an atmosphere that truly makes it feel like a home and not just a house. Arts and crafts can give us the opportunity to use our skills and our creativity to decorate our houses in an original and unique way.

This can truly take out houses and transform them from a mere living space into a home where you feel as though you belong. This is the essential application of arts and crafts in the household, and can be a very exciting world.

Benefits of using wood

For a natural aesthetic and atmosphere, using wood for your home decorations may be beneficial. It will give you a sort of earthy, magical, fantasy, and/or woodsy-esque feel. Wood decorations also make an excellent conversation piece for guests in your home when they first walk in.
Your house can feel a bit like a tree house for adults, which can definitely give it a more intimate feeling that perhaps reminds you of your childhood.

How to choose the right wood

To make original DIY wood home decorations, you’re going to need to find some wood. You’re going to want to find the right wood for the right project. For something like a table or a shelf, you’re going to need stronger wood than for a picture frame or a sign. You’re definitely going to need to have a large work-space to be able to work with and manipulate large logs or trunks of wood.

You need to have quite a bit of creativity. Be willing to make mistakes. Most of the time, when working with wood, a mistake isn’t really a mistake, but rather a happy little accident or a new opportunity to do something creative that you hadn’t thought of before. That means you need to allow yourself a bit of wriggle room to think outside the box or make decisions that you don’t know will end well.

However, depending on the project, you need to remember to build something safe that has structural integrity.
You can find all kinds of quality woods for arts and crafts. Pinewood is my personal favorite. You can go out and find wood logs at most hardware stores, or you can find cheap logs that have been reclaimed from people’s old projects by looking up “reclaimed log cores”.

If you’re particularly lucky, you may live with satisfactory trees on your property that you can cut down for logs. Make sure that if you do try and use firewood bought from a store that it is listed as seasoned hardwood and that you have personally tested it for structural integrity if you’re building something like a chair or shelf.

What tools you should need

You’re going to need some tools to do this stuff.

One of the best things to have is a miter saw to cut up the wood in exactly the way that you want it to be, particularly for the corners of the wood.

You’re going to need to be able to attach the wood together, so you’re going to need a power drill and a lot of screws, and of course a hammer and nails.

An oscillating saw might be useful for making small cuts in very precise areas. For smaller pieces of wood, like sticks, a hacksaw and some powerful adhesives or glues should be satisfactory.

10 Creative Ideas for DIY wood home decorations

Here are some ideas for projects:

1.Small coffee table made of log

Use single log for coffee table. It will look very natural and beautiful.

2.Bookshelf made of segmented logs and wood plates

Have stack of logs as spine in the corner of room and build shelves to attach.

3. Votive holders

Small, hollowed out wood cores to place candles in.

4. Wooden headboard

You’ll need a big log for this one.

5. Hollow “totem style” bookshelf

Very modern looking.

6. Wood picture frame

Use twigs or sticks, mostly using adhesive to attach.

7. Wood vase of hollowed out log

Can place glass inside but make it look like only wood.

8. Wood utensils (cup, bowl, plate)

Difficult but fun.

9. Clock stand

Build around clock.

10. Log chair with wood back

Use log for seat, build planks for back.

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