How to Draw a Llama for Kids – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

Now, one of the best ways to keep your child engaged during their free time, especially in quarantine, is through creative activities and projects. A great example of a creative activity that you and your child can readily participate in, by simply using things lying around at home is drawing. The benefits of creative activities in young and developing children are endless. Creative visualization allows children to hone their problem-solving skills – when faced with a problem while drawing, children must visualize the way in which they can improve their drawing. This practice applies to all fields and obstacles in life. Drawing also boosts a child’s self-confidence and sense of motivation,  shaping their early developmental years greatly.

Today we’re gonna learn how to draw the adorable llama!

Llamas are domesticated livestock animals and are actually the South American members of the camel family. They are very social animals and are a great source of wool, food, hides, tallow for candles and dung for fuel. Unlike camels, Llamas lack the characteristic thump. They have long legs, a long neck along with a short tail and a small head making them one of the cutest of the camelids.

How to Draw a Llama

Things You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colour pencils/crayons

Step by Step Instructions

  1. We’re gonna start our drawing with the head of the llama. Follow the shape as shown; remember that since llamas are completely covered with wool, we’re gonna draw the entire body in squiggly lines to show just that.

2. Once you’re done with the head, extend the shape to draw the neck and then draw the body of the llama. The body shape will be a large oval.

3. Now, for the legs, we’re gonna draw two oblong shapes. Make sure they’re symmetrical!

4. Since the other two legs can only be seen partially, we do not have to draw them in their entirety. Draw the back legs neatly.

5. For the ears, draw two small triangular shapes at the top of the head. For the short and fluffy tail, simply draw a small fluff on the backside of the llama.

6. Now, let’s focus on the face. Draw two circles for the big innocent eyes and colour them in. Add the eyebrows and a curved line across the face for its smiling mouth.

And, there you go! Your llama drawing is complete. Wasn’t that fun?

Did you know that llamas can grow to be as tall as 6 feet? Llamas are highly social animals and they actually communicate with each other through humming. Learn and have fun at the same time with K4 Craft’s fun step-by-step drawing tutorials!

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