Homemade Slime in Easy Steps

Slime was invented to provide relief from the stressful lives we lead today. We and our children love slime alike. Slime has got many benefits. It can save us from anxiety, panic attacks, low phase and even helps in warding off depression. But we know slimes are usually made using chemicals which might not be harmless for us. Even if slime provides us with many mental benefits, it might somewhere be causing a harm to other aspects of health. So it will be better if we use home-made slime. That will be safer and better to use. So, lets get home-made slime on board.

5 Easy Homemade Slime Recipes

How To Make Slime Without Glue

Let us get started with soap slime making technique. First of all pour liquid soap into a bowl. Pour enough quantity as much you require. Mix it using a plastic spoon. Then keep the soap solution in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. When you take the soap solution out, mix it again using the spoon. Then use your hands to mix the solution, your slime is ready. We are going to use face pack for the next slime recipe. Make sure that the face pack does not contain alcohol. Pour as much face pack as you require then add angilin detergent to it and then mix using a plastic spoon. Mix vigorously. Mix with your hands after some time. When it seems to look glossy, store it in a container and leave for rest of two days. After two days take the slime out, it would have become transparent. Enjoy your home made slime. For better understanding of the slime making process look up:

DIY Toothpaste Fluffy Slime

Take out your toothpaste to make this next slime. We have used colgate max fresh here, you can use any other gel based toothpaste variant. Pour some toothpaste in a container. Noe pour some water, you must not add a large quantity of water to the container. Now start mixing the contents vigorously with the help of a plastic spoon. If you feel that the mixture is not consistent enough, add some more toothpaste to it. Now stir the mixture. Once you are satisfied with the stirring, place the lid on the container and store it for 2 days in a refrigerator. After two days when you take out the mixture, you get a toothpaste based slime. For better understanding of this slime DIY look up:

How To Make Clear Slime Without Glue

Let us make glittery slime without using borax or glue. First of all take a scoop of lip balm. Now let the balm melt a bit. Use a mixing tool, a small plastic spoon to mix the balm vigorously. Add some room freshener to the balm while mixing. Now it feels a bit ready, leave it to rest for some period of time. Now add some dye to the slime, we have dyed it purple. Once you are happy with the shade of the colour, we can go ahead with adding glitter to the slime. Pour generous amount of glitter in the container and knead the slime in this glitter. You will get a glittered slime in the end. For better understanding look up:

Make Glitter Slime at Home

First of all mix two slimes together in a big container. Now take liquid handwash in a big container and some face wash. Now pour some water in it. Now mix the solution vigorously. Soapy bubbles will form but that is ok. Sprinkle generous amount of colouring dye in the mixture. When all the dye gets absorbed, pour this liquid in the slime mixture. Knead the whole mixture to reach the dye coloured slime giant mass. Let it rest for some time. Now shift the slime to a smaller container. You can see when you push it in, you get fluffy results. Now form a layer of glitter on the top surface of the slime, mix it well. You can make it a game to spread a layer of glitter and then punch it in or pull the slime out. In the end you get glittery dyed slime. For better understanding look up:

Learn To Make Slime With Salt

We have tested different salt slime recipes and found out the best for you. Take 45ml of Morton salt in a container, add dye of your choice to the salt, now add 100 ml of hot water to it. Now add 100ml of glue to the solution and mix it lightly. Once you are done with this leave it for 15 minutes. Keep on stroking the mixture lightly while it settles down. Now strain the water and take out the slime mass. It would have acquired the colour of the dye added. Press the slime to get rid of any water content in it. For better understanding of this salt slime look up:

I hope you enjoy making and playing with all the home-made slimes.

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