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Wall Painting Ideas!

None of us likes our walls to be blank and bland. So, let us paint everything around us. Let us transform our rooms, bring them to life….with the colours of imagination. Let your imagination flow on the canvass of life. Live with the creativity of yours by painting the walls of your room. Get ready for the fun to begin.

Wall Painting & Interior Design-Wall Painting Ideas

What is better than learning from the best. Let us jump into the Asian paints tutorials for sweet and easy tutorial on wall painting and designing. First of all get yourself the metallica royale play Asian paints. Now mix the red and blue strains in the base. Mix it well, then dip your painting roller in the colour. You can choose other colours, the ones which you might like more. Paint the outlines with the painting brush and then start rolling the colour on the wall. Once you are done with the base, take the raking roller and start sweeping out circles in accession to the previous one. Just try that you leave no gaps. Once you done with a single line of it come down and don’t leave any gaps when you start the other line of circles. Do this till the end of the wall area. I hope you enjoyed realising this wall design. For better understanding look up:

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Wall Painting Ideas-How to Paint “Almost perfect”

So let us try a brand new design. We are going to try out the lines design on the wall. We need some masking tape, maybe a whole roll. Now we are going to stick the masking tape on the wall. Do this in angles, not gong straight everywhere. Make sure you cover the edges of the wall. Be careful with left off ends of the tape, shear the ends well. Now use a hair dryer on the taped area so as to maintain its stickiness. Now apply a layer of base coat or putty over the wall. now you can spray paint the wall or use a roller brush to paint the wall. in the end when the paint dries off, remove the tape and you will find a beautiful design on your wall. for better understanding look up:

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DIY-Cool & Easy Wall Decor -Wall Painting Ideas

Prime the wall to a base coat of the paint you wish to get your wall be done in. then take a wedgy plate and then swirl it across the wall. make alternating pattern for each layer. Let it dry once you are happy with your design. Now let the design dry and relish your effort. Take a cylindrical roll and mark concentric circular design on it. Now paint your wall in brown paint and roll this cylinder. You will get a beautiful woody design.  Take a rolling pin and cover it with different rubber bands. Now dip the rolling pin in paint. Now roll it on the wall of your choice. You will get a beautiful design on the wall. now take an old sock and dip it in paint, now roll the twisted sock on the wall to get a breath-taking design on the wall. this beautiful wall can be the one in your bedroom dining hall or any other wall you are  biased towards. Use a stencil to cut out a design of your choice. Now use this stencil to paint the designs on the wall. you can look up more ideas by looking up:

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Brick Wall Painting techniques colour combination-Wall Painting Ideas

Let us make a brick design for our favourite wall. first of all decide the dimensions for your brick design and bricks. Use a carpenter scale to measure and mark the brick design. Now use masking tape to finalise this design. Take a sharp edged tool to cut alternate length wise tape. Because bricks are alternately aligned. Now apply putty over the tape design. The application of putty must be uniform and non-flaky. Remove the tape while the putty is still wet. Be careful enough not to pull the putty off. Paint the base white after the putty has dried. Use nutty brown shade of wall paint to give the bricks design a wall touch. Let it dry, use a shade of orange. Apply the orange paint at some spots of the bricks and then spread the orange shade to the whole brick. Use a sponge to give the appropriate highlights to the brick design. You are ready to go with your fire selfies with this brick wall in the background. For better understanding look up:

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I hope you enjoyed these beautiful DIY wall ideas. Look forward to more ideas like this at www.k4craft.com I hope you will put these DIYs to use. Do share photographs of your DIYs. We will be happy to know your art and will come up with better and crafty ideas. Be happy!

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