Gifting Your Brother Some Creativity This Brother’s Day

Gifting your brother some creativity this Brother’s Day!

Siblings are an integral part of our life. Although brothers can be annoying, irritating and disgusting but we still love them with all our hearts. So this segment is for your loving brothers out there who help you through thick and thin of life. Let us celebrate Brother’s Day on this 23rd May with fun, frolic and fervour.

Top Gift Ideas For Brothers

If your brother is an avid car lover and is just in love with his car. Then you may consider gifting him a car care subscription or anything else related to cars. Here is this video you can look up for some car related ideas.

DIY Gift Ideas for Him | Dad, Brother or Boyfriend

You can gift your brother a zip pouch to keep his necessary things inside it. This will ensure he becomes more organised and does not leave his things around. He will be able to manage his stuff in a better way. He will surely thank you for making his life a lot more easy. It requires some old ties, felt cloth, a zipper, fabric glue and scissors. It is easy to make. You may even use a sewing machine to make it more secure and better. You may even make a leather luggage tag for him. All you need is some craft leather, a stencil of the tag, vellum cloth, and an exacter knife. You may even team your tag with a duffel bag or a luggage bag. Make a customised bookmark for your brother. You may use your photograph to make it better. You may even give your brother a customised mug. If he is an avid lover of moustaches or anything else you can draw up. Use a sharpie pen to draw the object of interest and then put it inside the oven at 300 degrees and there you go. You may look up the procedure in this video.

DIY Gifts For Guys

Make a photo wallet card if you wish to. It is super easy and adorable at the same time. It will capture your wonderful moments and the he will always have you so close to himself. If your brother loves to wear bracelets then you can make him a bracelet on your own. All you need is some string and you need to know how to make square knots. There is also an idea to gift to a brother who loves video games in this video.

Easy Gift Card | Dumble Card

If you have a brother who is a gym addict then you may go on to make a dumbell card for him. All you require is a cardboard roll, black spray paint, two balls, glue gun, scissors, pen and pencil. Make the outline of the sides of the cardboard roll on the balls and make out a cavity out of it. Join the balls on the two sides of the cardboard roll. Then just spray paint the whole set up black. Then attatch a black paper to the cardboard roll. Use glue gun to secure the sheet on which you will be later writing your messages for your sweet brother. Use a black ribbon to secure the sheet rolled around the shaft of the dumbbell. For the procedure look up this video.

Reason I Love My Brother – Gift Ideas for Brother

Make a key chain “Reasons I love my brother card” to amaze your brother. He will be amazed to know all the reasons you love him for. You can even use some brother love quotes or make some of them on your own. Write them or get them printed, it is your choice. You can beautify the placards in whichever way you wish to. Then paste al the placards on a harder square sheet so as to gain some sturdiness. You can even add hearts or some movie character stickers, or something you both like. Then pull through a ribbon or a key chain or a hoop to secure all the placards. You can further add some colourful ribbons. You can even make a collage out of the placards you have made. For the complete procedure refer to this video.

DIY Gifts For Guys!

You can give your brother some DIY coasters on this Brother’s Day. He will surely be happy with respect to any drink he likes be it milk, coffee, tea or even his beer. He would be happy to receive such a useful gift from his sweet sibling. Cut some cardboard in the circular shape and then add his favourite element on top of it. You can add cartoons or memes or avengers or his favourite superstars. You can use the paper with the heat paint system to make him some customised shirts. You may even gift your brother a DIY phone case. Get some transparent phone cases and use some craft paper to design your phone case for him. If he happens to be an avid movie lover then go o gift him a movie box: filled with his favourite movie CDs and all the snacks he would require while watching them. You may look up this video for all the procedures.

Have a happy Brother’s Day with your sweet and loving brothers. Hope you enjoy making these gifts, presenting them and as well receiving back their love!

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