DIY Friendship Day Craft Ideas

Friendship is a very sacred bond between two individuals. We have our friends closest to us. We share every little joy and sorrow with our friends. When we come off age we stop telling everything to our parents or even siblings we prefer sharing bits with our friends. We share fond memories with our beloved friends and we are holding on to sacred threads of trust and companionship which we believe will take this union on a long journey. So let us celebrate the sacredness the love and the joy of this beautiful relation called friendship this friendship day with great fervor and pomp. Friendship day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of august.

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Let us make a beautiful card for the precious friend we have, who has held through thick and thin of our life. First of all take an A4 sized pink sheet and then fold it in half, cut off 2 inches from the top of the card. Now paste a white square sheet on the front of the card. Get some flower cut outs, the small ones. You can even cut small flowers using a flower cutter. Now paste them on the white sheet as a trail off of flowers. Now take a white sheet and cut it to measurement. We are making pop-up pillars from the white sheet, then paste it inside the pink sheet. Now take a colourful thread and paste on it ‘F’, ‘R’, ‘I’, ‘E’, ‘N’, ‘D’, ‘S’ on different square pieces of coloured paper. Now paste this thread on the pillars. Write customized messages for your friend. For better understanding of the friendship day card making procedure look up:

Let us draw some cartoon figures to amuse our friend. First of all make two big round heads and then make their body and hands interlocked. Draw the features and some grass around them. Make their faces to be smiling and draw  a heart in between the two friends. Now colour the picture. Your friends cartoon caricature is done. For better understanding look up:

Now we are going to discuss some gift options for our best friend. You can surely give your best friend a bracelet. For boys choose neutral colours and for girls you can easily go with bright colours, or if you happen to know your best friend’s favourite colour then that is the best. Now take a chain and measure it to the half of your wrist. Now take the colourful thread and start knotting it. When you reach ¾ of the length turn the other side and start looping on the double thread. This is ready. Now you can make a two piece heart necklace one part for you and the other for your BFF. Take a sheet and make a heart on it. Now roll some clay. Then cut the shape out of the rolled clay. Cut the heart in a zig-zag manner from the middle. Now make proper holes to pull through the chain. Paint the heart pieces and let it dry. Pull the chain through and your necklaces are ready to rock your necklines. You can even gift your best friend a mason jar full of his/her favourite candy and finish it off with a ribbon and a cute message. You can enjoy the candies together. For better understanding of the gift options look up:

Now we are going to make a beautiful bracelet for our dear friends. Take a coloured ribbon and some white pearls. To help you with the DIY you need a needle and thread matching to the ribbon. Now thread the needle and then knot it at the end. Pull the thread through the ribbon at some distance from the end. Now pull through the pearl and then pull the thread through some more ribbon, place some more pearls. Do not gather the ribbon at first. When you are satisfied with the number of pearls, gather the ribbon around the pearls and knot the ribbon at both ends. This knotting will secure the pearls in their place. Your bracelet is ready. For better understanding look up:

Let us make a loom band bracelet for this friendship day. You will require small rubber bands in different colours, a small plastic hook or you can make one using wire. Now take three rubber bands at a time stretched across your two fingers. Start braiding them the way illustrated in the video:

This way you get a beautiful bracelet to gift to your friends.

I hope you all enjoy your time with your friends. And always remember trying living up to your friends’ expectations. Friends are for a lifetime never lose them. I hope this friendship day turns out to be the best so far.

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