Food Decoration Ideas For Birthday Parties of Your Kids

The one day for which kids wait the whole year  is for their birthday. Birthday is the time where children make best memories with their friends. Entertainment accompanied by good food is a great combination. Kids do not eat food until that seems attractive. Today let us see  few birthday snack ideas that are not only tasty but also amaze children to have more.


Cake pops are most happening party foods. Kids love these as they are easy to handle like lollipops and tasty too. Cake pops of many flavours can be made with dip of our choice.

Let us some types of cake pops today. The first one is galaxy cake pops. It is a basic vanilla cake pop. Take a vanilla cake and crumble well into small pieces. Add 1/3rd cup of frosting cream to the cake and mix properly. Take the mixture and make into small smalls of appropriate size.

Take the lollipop stick and dip one end in molten white chocolate and then pierce into the cake pop and freeze for 30 minutes  so that it stays firm. Now, it is time for the galaxy paint on top. Add water to the gelatine and rest for five minutes. Heat some water in a saucepan and add sugar and condensed milk. After the mixture is done add the gelatine to it and stir well. Infuse this overall mixture into white chocolate and blend well till it melts. Add food colours like navy, purple and light blue colours. Dip the cake pop into the chocolate and twirl. Dry the cake pop and enjoy.

Our next cake pop is cheese cake pop using  graham crackers. Take some graham crackers in a cover and mash them and turn into powder. Add melted butter and mix well. Transfer the mixture to a baking tray and form a layer and freeze for an hour. Take of cream cheese and add powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Mix well and apply this on the frozen cracker powder and freeze for an hour. After an hour, cut the cake into square and pierce the sticks and dip in molten milk chocolate. Drizzle white on top and decorate. Check out the video below:

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DIY Unicorn Cakepops

Unicorn cake pops are very colourful and vibrant. For making these crumble well red velvet cake ,then add a small scoop of frosting and mix well. Make rolls and refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes. Insert the sticks using white chocolate and let it dry. Later, dip the pop in white chocolate and let them dry. For making unicorns, we need chocolate fondant of different colours and moulds of unicorn. Make a white unicorn horn using the fondant and attach it on the top of cake pop. Attach the ears on either side of the horn and the fondant flowers infront of horn using forceps. Mix edible gold and vanilla extract to paint. Paint the horn and ears using the paint.  Using edible poppy paint and brush draw the eyes and lashes. For the blush use luster dust. Our beautiful unicorn cake pops are ready to be served at party. Do not forget to check out the video below:

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We have seen cake pops right . Now we have marshmallow pops for kids who are marshmallow lovers. We need straws, wooden sticks, chocolate, crushed dry fruits and sprinkles. First melt the chocolate by using double boil method. Make a slit on one side of marshmallow by using a scissors or pierce a wooden stick to hold the marshmallow. Now dip the marshmallow on one side in the liquid chocolate and then in sprinkles or crushed nuts. Make some of these place them in a glass or pin them on a sponge. Check out the video below:

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Kids love jellies. Here is a simple way of making jelly and making it more exciting too. Boil water and add the readymade jelly powder and stir thoroughly. Switch off the fire and let it cool down a bit. Then take baby jars and pour the jelly liquid into the jars halfway and refrigerate. Stick a disposable spoon to the side using a tape. Fill the another half of the jar by using whipping cream. Our jelly jars are ready!


These kebabs are easy to make and easy to serve too. All we need is Swiss cake roll, strawberries and a skewer to hold the kebab. First, cut the Swiss rolls into half. Take the strawberries and remove the leafy part. Now skew the strawberries and Swiss rolls alternately along the skewer and we are done. Isn’t this easy?!!Give it a try at your next party.


This is another basic snack to serve at parties. Take waffles of your choice and dip the waffles into molten chocolate up to half and decorate it with sprinkles to make it colourful.

Check out the video below:

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What if you have a costume birthday party like Halloween!! I am going to tell you how to make party snacks that are scary but YUMMY!!Halloween means bats, zombies, one eyed monsters and spiders. Using oreo cookies today we are going to make these. For making bats we need oreo cookies, peanut butter cups and candy eyes. Separate the creamy and cookie part of the oreo biscuit. Break the cookie into half and apply the cream at one end of the piece. Stick the pieces as ears on the peanut butter cup. Next for making one eyed monster , take oreo biscuit and pierce a lollipop stick in the cream and dip in the molten purple chocolate. Dust the top of the cookie with purple coloured sprinkles and place the candy eye in the middle. Freeze the pops and serve

Lets us move on to the most creepy one ‘SPIDER’. For making spider we need licorice, red hots, chocolate cupcakes and brown sprinkles. Initially, uncoil the licorice and split into two parts. Cut the licorice into equal pieces. Place these pieces on either sides of cupcake as spider legs and use redhots as eyes. Spiders are ready to takeover. Check out the video below:

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To make the drink glass party special it has to be decorated. Take pink coloured sprinkles and honey for decoration. Apply honey on the rim of the glass and dip it in the sprinkles.

Pour the drink and serve it with a straw and place a umbrella too. Our drink is ready to be served in the party.


Oreos can be decorated in many ways. First melt white chocolate either by using a microwave or double boil method. Dip the oreo on one side and dust it with colourful sprinkles or crystals. Arrange the oreos in a plate in a row or in a circular pattern.

Next one is using mini oreos. Dip the mini oreos completely in white chocolate using a fork. Place gems or m&ms on the oreos and freeze them till they stay. Mini oreos dips are ready.

Checkout the video below:

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This is the most popular recipe at parties. Place the pretzels on baking tray and top them with your favourite chocolates (e.g. Hersey hugs) .Now transfer the baking tray into a preheated oven and pop for 1 to 2 minutes till the chocolate become soft. Then decorate them with m&ms on top. These are very delicious and easy to make .

Our next pretzel snack is candy melts. Dip the pretzel on one corner in molten chocolate and then decorate it with sprinkles. These are pretty and mouth watering.

Check out the video below too:

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The food decorations we are going to see are amazingly attractive and healthy. These are the best fun foods. Let us see how to make boring fruits creative enough so that children cannot resist these. The first one we are going to make is a cup cake. Take a cup cake cover and cut the top part. Now place the bottom part inside another cup cake cover. This would act as base. Next peel the orange and separate the fruit. Arrange the oranges in the circular pattern so that they overlap each other. Decorate it with a cherry on top. Our orange cup cake is ready.

Ladybirds are the cutest bugs I have ever known with vibrant red colour and black spots. Now we are going to replicate the ladybird bugs using apples. Take a red colour apple and cut it into half vertically. Make a slit at the centre on the curvy part and small circles on either side of the slit. Place chocolate chips in the tiny circles. For making head, use black grapes. Pierce a black grape on the top of apple using tooth pick. For making the antenna break the tooth pick into small pieces and pierce on the head.

Check out the video below for more details:

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Make your next birthday party a memorable one with these ideas. The food decoration ideas are not only creative but are cheap too .We can make these by using basic materials alone. Enjoy the delicious recipes at your party by making them with minimum effort.

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