Amazing Edible Crafts For Kids

Kids are full of enthusiasm and spirit. They always thrive for something more new and entertaining. So these tiny tots do need some energy to do amazing things right. It is most difficult task for moms to make their children eat fruits and healthy foods. Today we are going to see some fun activities that kids can do and fill there tiny stomachs. Holidays are best time where children can learn new things. Teaching them new things inspire them to do more. Learning with fun is the best way kids can learn as it completely involves them in the work.


The first item we are going to see is a fruit snake. We are going to make it using fresh strawberries and bananas. Take a strawberry and remove the stem on top. Cut a slit on the bottom using knife. Make a v shape slit. Make small circles on the strawberry to keep the eyes. For creating the effect of eyes use black eye beans. Now for making the body of snake , cut strawberry and banana into thin slices. Using the slices of banana and strawberry that are of equal circumference arrange them alternately. For making the tail part use the peak part of the strawberry. To make the tongue of the snake use the tip of the banana. Cut the bottom part of the banana in the form of triangle and place in the v slit made on snake face. Check the video below for more details:


Fruit car is a cute car that we are going to make using apples and grapes. We additionally need toothpicks for support. First cut the apple vertically along the axis and again into half. Then  we will get two wedges. Curve the seed part using knife. Use grapes as car wheels. Cut the grapes into half. Pierce a tooth pick on one end of the apple wedge and pierce the grape halves on either side of the toothpick. Repeat process on the other side . Trim the excess part of toothpick using scissors. Please take precautions while using sharp equipment like knives .


For making the boat we need tomato , cucumber or squash. Initially cut the tomato into two sections. Trim the bottom part so that it can be used as support. Now cut the cucumber into thin slices. Using a toothpick pierce the thin slice of cucumber onto toothpick such it passes through two ends of the slice. Next poke one end of toothpick onto the tomato. That is it we are done with our veggie boat. Check out the video below for more details:


Using orange we can make different types of decorations. Every part of the orange can be made use of. First let us make flowers, cut zig-zag pattern along the middle section and separate both the halves. Separate the pulpy part and the peel part such that they remain attached at the bottom. Take black grapes and place them in between the peel and the pulp. Cut thin slices of black grapes and place them between the sections on the pulpy part. Our flower is ready!!
Now we are going to make a skeleton  fish that appears as if it is served for a dish. Take an apple and cut the side part of it which is a circular slice. Cut 2 of these , one large and one small. Using the bigger piece we are going to make the face of fish. To make the mouth cut a triangle out of the apple. Now skew a wooden stick on the other side and pierce the orange pieces one by one. Pierce about 5 of the pieces and arrange them at regular distance. For making the tail, cut a trapezoid out of smaller circle and cut a triangle along the curvy edge. Pierce the tail part onto other end of the wooden stick. There we go with our fish.
Check out the video for more details:


Earlier we have seen how to make a skeleton fish right. Now we are going to make a totally alive fish just by arranging the orange pieces. First peel the orange and separate it into 2 sections. Completely separate one section into single pieces. One half section of orange make up the body. Arrange three separated orange pieces for tail part. Now place two orange pieces on either side of the body such that curvy part is outwards. To make mouth cut the orange peel into small square and place it in front of the body. For eye cut the peel into circle and place a black pepper on it. Our pulpy fish is ready.

Crab can be made easily only by rearranging the pieces. Place one orange piece below the half section. Now place four orange pieces on four sides that would give effect of legs or hands of crabs. For use the same technique we uses for fish but two this time. Check out the video for more details:


Hedgehog has a poky structure that we are going to create using toothpicks which give the prickly effect. We are going to make it using an elongated pear and grapes. An elongated pear have triangular part as well as circular part. Cut on bottom  side of curvy area to make the base. Peel the pear along the triangular part. Using a knife sharp the stem part for nose area. Cut an olive on one side and place on the shaped edge. Now let us make thorns on the circular area. Pierce seedless green grape on a toothpick and prick on the pear. Completely prick on the curvy surface using the toothpicks.  Penetrate the clove kennels as eyes on the face. Our  pricky hedgehog is ready. Check out the video below:


As strawberries have the most vibrant colour, they are best suitable for making butterflies. These are very easy to do. Make slits in a cyclic manner on the strawberry using knife. Cut the strawberry into 4 sections such that the stem is not cut. Separate the wedges slowly . for making antenna of butterfly use the stem of the chilly. Split the stem of the chilly using the knife without cutting the broad part. Place the stem in front of the junction where strawberry splits. Check out the video for more details:


Cucumber roses can be made in no time. Slice the cucumber with peel using slicer or knife. Arrange the slices in a row such that one slice lay over the other. Now slowly roll the cucumber row and place it on the plate. Isn’t it easy? Do try this out and do not forget to check out the video:


Green owl is made using green apple and raisins. For support use toothpicks. Take a green apple and cut a slice on one side. Cut a slice adjacent to previous slice,  such that crescent  part is cut. Make holes in the white part of apple and place raisins that act as eyes. Cut two triangles out of thin wedge of apple. Make v shaped slits on top part using knife. Insert the triangular pieces in the slits. For making nose, cut a triangle out of thin slice of carrot . Again cut it into half and cut a small trapezoid on the curvy part. Prick the carrot piece into the triangular slit made at centre of the face of owl. For the body part, take another apple and cut a slice on one slide. Take another apple and cut two slices on both sides of the apple. Using toothpicks prick the slices on both sides of the body apple. Prick another toothpick exactly on the stem of the body apple and then into the face part.
Check out the video below:

Aren’t these simple and easy?! Try these at your home and become creative . Enjoy the fun foods and become healthy this summer. Teach this astonishing art to kids. These will inculcate innovative thoughts in minds of children. Take a break from the digital world and bring the natural essence with activities like these. Hope you try this art of carving and enjoy.

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