Easy DIY Bracelet : Make your own beautiful bracelet

I always used to wonder if could ever wear a bracelet with my own choice of colours until i learned this technique to make an Easy DIY Bracelet. And you know what? This bracelet just needs a few basic items which i am sure will readily be available at your home or at your local Craft Store. Just learn the trick to make this bracelet and try it with your favourite beads and you are gonna love it.

Supplies Required

  1. Small rubber bands. (Yeah! i used rubber bands to connect the beads together as you will soon see!)
  2. Beads with big holes. (Make sure the beads have got big holes, otherwise you will have a hard time passing the rubber bands through them)
  3. Two pencils.
  4. A hook.

Steps to make this Easy DIY Bracelet

Watch the video below to see the step by step tutorial!

Or follow our instructions.

Step 1

Take one rubber band and one bead. Now, pass the rubber band through the bead’s hole. Do the same thing for all the rubber bands and beads. (If you find this part boring, ask your hubby or someone else to help. My husband found it kind of stress relief for him. lol 🙂

Step 2

Now, take two pencils to start making the chain. You don’t really have to use pencils for this. You can even use your fingers. But i would recommend using pencils as it is easier.

Put a twisted empty rubber band through both the pencils.

Step 3

Next, put a beaded rubber band. You don’t have to twist the rubber bands now onwards. Pull the lower band on both the sides and take it over the pencil to put it on top of the upper band.

Step 4

Repeat the process of putting beaded rubber bands and pulling lower bands to the top of the upper band. You will soon start seeing a nice pattern being made.

Step 5

Stop this process when you reach your desired length of chain. Now, put another empty rubber band through the pencils. Make sure you don’t twist it.

Attach hook between the empty rubber bands at both the ends and remove the pencils. Voila! The Easy DIY Bracelet is ready! Wasn’t it fun?

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