Ever dreamed of writing notes using feather quill like in Harry Potter? Years and years ago our ancestors used this feather quills to write the epic documents, poems, histories and secrets. During those times they used feathers which were created with special spells and charms. They are then dipped into ink made from herbs. It’s been told that witches used dragon blood as ink while writing powerful spells and rituals. Just imagine how it will be, if we are still using those quills just like it in your favorite Harry Potter instead of pens. But what it looks like if we add some modifications using present technology and create a modern quill. Here, let’s make a ‘pen quill’ by using a feather and ink cartridge of modern pen. We can make them in two different ways. Let’s check out them both.

Things You Required

  • Feather/ Feathers
  • 1 ball point or gel pen
  • Dish soap
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or lace


  • Try to find a real big feather like those of turkey, goose or cuckoo. If you couldn’t find one, then you can purchase synthetic colorful feathers from any craft shops nearby. If it is a real feather your first step is to wash them gently in dish soap and water.

  • Let them dry by its own.

  • Cut the tip of the feather stem in an inclined manner so that its end looks like one that of an ink pen. This is to insert your ink cartridge of the ball pen inside the feather stem.

  • Separate the ink cartridge from your ball pen.

  • Insert the cartridge inside the stem slowly till it enters. Glue it if needed. You should be very careful while inserting them. Otherwise there is a chance to break the stem if you push them in very hard.

Method 2

If your feather is a synthetic one or if you could only find a small feather where you cannot insert your ink cartridge into, then there is another method to make this modern quill.

  • This time take the cartridge of gel pen (gel pens have cartridges bigger in shape and have a huge opening at the end compared to that of ball pens). Therefore in this method we are inserting feather inside the cartridge.
  • If it is a small or synthetic feathers you are using, then try to collect 2 or 3 extra feathers to make it look good.
  • As of now, it is definite that feathers won’t stand on its own inside that huge opening. So take yarn or lace and wrap around them or you can even use masking tape to tape them together. This will help in fitting them properly inside the cartridge.
  • Now we are going to use our creativity to make them attractive. Start wrapping the lace or thread around your ‘pen quill’ by giving them a knot at the beginning. When you have reached the other end of the cartridge where the feathers are, cut it off and apply some glue to stick the end.

That’s it!! So start writing your poems or novels using this modern ‘pen quill’ and let it create some sparks and charms in your life too.

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Ranjana Rajan: Hailing from Kerala, a hardcore craft lover, day dreamer and peace lover. Love reading and travelling a lot.