DIY: Learn to Make Non-Sew Zipper Bottle Case

Non-Sew Zipper Bottle Case

October is likely to be the best month for children as they are getting a bunch of colorful holidays. Simultaneously, this is going to be a troublesome month for mothers too. Kids are going to blast their house with their toys, colors, kid-weapons and what all.

It’s very difficult for mothers to put everything back in place. But why do they worry if they can ask their children to do this job. But only by adding little fun and creativity into it, you can make them sit and order them to fix this hectic task.

Tell them to make space for each little clutter find inside the house without spending much time and money for it. Just ask them to make this easy non-sew zipper bottle case. And you see how things are going to get easier for you.

This is a very simple craft. Even your kids can make their own case very easily. Make sure you have two bottles of same size, a zipper, hot glue and a pair of scissors. Now start making your own bottle case.

Supplies you need

  • 2 soda bottles
  • A peppy colored zipper. Take bright colors like pink, yellow, orange or green
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


  • We don’t need two full bottles for this amazing craft instead we just need their bottom parts. Therefore cut the bottom of two bottles at a desired height. The length of the case depends upon the objects you want to fill in the case with. Say, if you want to fill them with sketch pens or pencils, you need a case with one longer part and the other shorter; so that your objects can mostly fit into the longer side and rest of the portion inside the shorter part.

  • Now, take the zipper and check whether it fits around bottle. You need to consider an inch extra for overlapping. Cut out the remaining portion. You can trim by cutting off the end where zipper stops.

  • Start applying glue on one side of the zipper down into the longest bottle piece of the case as shown in the picture. Repeat the same for gluing the other edge of the zipper with the shorter one.

  • Now apply extra glue at the ends of the zipper for over lapping. You can also cut out the extra portion if you feel like major part of the zipper has gone in with overlapping.

Be careful while doing the above two steps because always make sure zipper should be facing outwards and the edges of the zipper are glued perfectly inside the bottles. That way there is enough for the zipper head to move across. There should be 0.5 cm distance between the bottle and zipper track.

  • Glue the ends properly to make the zipper stay in place. Now try moving the zipper head to check if the zipper is glued perfectly. Keep them aside till the glue dries. You can check again whether the zipper head is moving freely and if it does, start picking up all the clutters inside your house and put them inside your new bottle case made by you and your kids.

Let the kids have fun during their holidays.

Tip 1: Use hard plastic. That’s why in the required materials it is mentioned to use soda bottles. Otherwise the bottles cannot withhold the weight of the object you have put inside them.

Tip 2: To make it colorful you can stick small stickers on it.


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