15+ Best Wooden Ideas for Halloween Yard Decorations

We all fear the unseen and unknown. This fear grips us in the situations when we are least knowing or alert. We all love to experience adventure and fear to some extent. Some people even become horror lovers. That is why people visit the ghost houses and watch horror films. Halloween is a complete festival which is celebrated in the name of fear. We all try to experience and imagine the spooky and fearful.

The end of October is celebrated as Halloween every year. Everyone dresses up as ghosts or alien creatures and visit each other. People look for thrill from this festival. All the residents of the neighborhood try to decorate and beautify their homes in the spookiest way. They try to create a spooky street and home entrances.

15+ Outdoor Halloween Decorations for Your Yard

Most of us plenty of waste wood with no use other than burning. With increasing proportion of green house gases in environment, we can think of other ideas to use waste wood. Our festival are one of the most resource consuming events. If we can use these waste wood logs for  decoration, it would not only save our environment but also save some dollars! We have come up with some really interesting Halloween Yard decorations for this year’s Halloween celebrations. Hope you enjoy them.

DIY Cute Ghost Yard Stake

Image source/Tutorial: meganplusfive

Halloween Decor using Board and Paint

Image source/Tutorial: lafamillenoire

Mummy Halloween Yard Decoration

You can make these easy Mummy yard yard decorations for Halloween. You can use some wood bars to make these crafts. Collect some wooden bars, smoothen the surfaces to avoid splinters. Now cover the wooden bars with white colored cloth. This will mummify the wooden bars. Add two large googly eyes to the cloth covered wooden bars. To make it more spooky you can add necklaces, flowers, other decorations to these mummified wooden bars. Keep some orange pumpkins besides these mummies. They look great for a Halloween Decor.

Coffin Mummy Yard Decoration

Image Source: davelowe.blogspot.fr

Coffins are related to death. You can set up a broken coffin in your backyard to give a feel that dead has got out of their graves. These gives an eerie feeling. You can use an old wooden box with long dimensions. You can also add a spookily thin bright colored arm protruding out of the wooden portion of the coffin. This looks prefect for a Halloween Yard Decoration.

Wooden stumps Halloween Yard Decoration

Image Source: craftsbyfriends.com

Wooden stumps are great to work with. You can find some wooden stumps easily in your neighborhood. Wood absorbs acrylic paint readily. You can draw and paint some really spooky figures on these wooden stumps. They will look great. You can add hair, old clothes or even bright caps to make them look eerie. Set these up on a staircase for a great effect. These will surely give people a run for their wits.

Halloween Garage Door Silhouette

Image source/Tutorial: instructables

Beautiful Wooden pumpkin Craft Ideas

Image Source: hazelandruby.com

We have always set up the pumpkins as part of the Halloween decoration. Let us experiment with the general Pumpkin crafts we put up. Here we have looked into the possibility of painting the wooden bars in orange paint and passing them as pumpkins. These long drawn pumpkins look great. You can even paint patterns on these wooden pumpkins. Add some green leaves at the top for a reality check. You can also tie colorful ribbons, trinkets and other things.

Spooky Halloween Yard Decoration

You can make some Halloween crafts with wooden boards or planks. Collect some wooden boards. You can make some ghosts or pumpkins with these wooden boards. For the pumpkin, paint the wooden board in orange color. Add a brown stalk at the top. Make the triangular eyes with the help of black paint. Make a ghostly grin with the help of black paint for the pumpkin. To make the ghosts using wooden boards, paint the wooden board in white color. Now make the eyes and mouth of the ghost with the help of black paint. These all will look great when put together.

Happy Sad ghost Halloween Yard Decoration

Let us make some cute ghosts for this Halloween. These are some really easy to make Halloween Yard decorations. Start by collecting some wooden pieces. First of all cut the wooden pieces to size and then sand the edges of wood. Paint the wooden pieces in grey color. This gives a ghostly effect. You can use sponging effect with white paint to give a nice effect to it. Now make the eyes and mouth of the ghost with the help of black paint and a paint brush. You can make a ghost family by making different sized ghost planks.

The light Beneath Halloween Yard Craft

Image Source: attagirlsays.com

Let us make some caged crafts for this Halloween. You will need and old fence, some spooky lights and acrylic paint. Set up an old creeky fence in your yard. Throw some red paint on the fence haphazardly. This makes it look as if blood has been spattered on the fence. Tie some thick metal chains to the front of the fence. Mark it with cruel words. Now make someone stand at the back of it wearing a spooky mask. Now add the person standing behind the fence to bring forward his hand to make the scene more fearful.

Black Cats Halloween Yard Decoration

Image Source: diyswank.com

Black cats are linked with bad omen. We can make these pretty little wooden bar cats for Halloween Yard Decorations. First of all decide the height of the cats you wish to make. Now give a cut for the ears of the cats at the top edge. You need to make a triangular cut inwards at the top edge. Now paint the whole front surface in black paint. Add two googly eyes to the top side of the cats. Place the cat in a cosy corner filled with dry hay and straw. You can tie some dry straw around the cats’ neck to compliment the Halloween vibe.

Ghost crafts for Christmas

You can make some Halloween crafts using mason jars or glass jars. You will need matte finish paint or spray paint to paint the glass jars. You can decorate the neck of the dark matte painted jars with beaded lace. Paint some wooden spoons in bright colors. Let them dry. Draw some spooky figures on the bright painted spoons. You can make different emojis, ghosts, etc. Fill in the jars with dry straw and set the creatures painted spoons inside the husk and straw. Your  Halloween table will look perfect with these jars.

Halloween Yard Decoration Ideas

Image Source: keepcalmandstayspooky.tumblr.com

This is a perfect coffin craft for Halloween. Get an old creaky coffin. Paint it all black. Shade it in rustic shades on the edges. Now place it outside your home. Make a thin spooky arm coming out of the cavity of the coffin. Add thick metal chains to the doors of the coffin. Now add some large sized hollowed pumpkins besides the rustic coffin. This falls in line with the Halloween decorations. It will make your yard look perfect for the Halloween decorations.

Spooky Decoration Crafts

Image Source: boardandbrush.com

This is a very sophisticated Halloween Yard Decoration idea. You will need a wooden plank for this craft. Paint it all black. Now use a stencil to write a fearful quote or a scary note. You can add some spiders, pumpkins, witches or other things related to Halloween on the board to make it look perfect.

Goblin Halloween Yard Crafts

We were introduced to goblins when we were kids through Noddy. We know the two great goblins of that time. With the passage of time we forgot their presence. Let us relive the goblins this Halloween with this goblin decorations. You can use some old wooden pieces to make the faces of the goblins. Make long pointed hate for the goblins and paint them black. The long narrow noses are a characteristic of the goblins. Make unruly hair for the goblins using dry hemp and grass. This looks perfect. You can add wooden crates or pumpkins besides these goblins.

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We hope you liked all these spooky Halloween Yard Decorations. We wish all our readers a very Happy Halloween. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will love to hear from you. We will come up with more such useful articles for you.

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