DIY Fall Snacks for Kids

Food is an all time favourite for kids and adults alike. We all look forward to tasty treats every now and then. Our sweet mothers always need to run errands and come up with food stuff which would appeal our senses not only our stomach or the tongue. We have brought to you some awesome food crafts to try this fall. Let us dive into these tasty food crafts and make our kids pleased with making and eating these foods.

DIY Snacks for Fall

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Making crafty candies

Image/Tutorial:Skinny Taste

This banana food craft is really easy to make. Take a banana and peel it off. Now slit the banana in half from the middle. You gat two pieces. Now halve them lengthwise. Add a popsicle stick the the base of the banana. Dip the banana pieces in molten white chocolate. Once the chocolate dries, add two chocolate chips as eyes to the ghost banana food candy. This is perfect for halloween food.

Owl Chocolate candy

Image/Tutorial:From Brazil To You

These apple chocolate owl candies are really easy to make. They taste even greater. Start with thin sliced apples. App a stick or popsicle to them and dip them in molten chocolate. Let the chocolate harden. Now use oreos to make the eye balls of the owl. You can use halved oreo biscuits to make the crown of the owl. Tie a bright ribbon at the stick. You can also add eye candies to complete the eyes of the owls. All the family members will savour the dish well.

Pretzels crafty dogs

Image/Tutorial:Mess For Less

These fall candies are fun to make. Even your kids can help make these pretzel dogs. Take some orange and white candies. You will also need some sprinkles and wax paper. Now first of all melt the white candy in a cup by keeping it in a microwave oven. Keep on stirring after few minutes inside the oven until the candy melts properly. Now let it dry. Melt the orange candy. Now you or your children can drizzle it on the pretzels covered in white candy. Now let your kids sprinkles the sprinkler as a garnishing touch to the pretzel candies.

Oreo crafty Food

Image/Tutorial:Family Fresh Meals

To make these fun candies, start with some almond bark. Melt the almond bark. You can even use white chocolate. You can even use some help of your kids in making this tasty treat. Ask your kids to break down biscuits, pretzels, soft candies and other things they would like to add in this. Spread it all on a wax paper. Now add some corn candies, sprinkles and eye candies. Now pour the almond bark or the white chocolate over it. Let it freeze in the refrigerator. Once it is frozen, cut it up in pieces and serve.

Making pumpkin shaped Food

Image/Tutorial:Kiddie Foodies

These are some really tasty, fruity candies. Buy some melon and cut out rings from the melon of the width of a cookie. Now you can cut out pumpkin shapes from this melon using a cookie cutter. Involve the slight green at the tip of the pumpkin to give it an added effect. Now you may choose to dip it in caramel or not. Fix two eye candies in the pumpkin. Stick a toothpick at the base of the pumpkin. Now draw a mouth for the pumpkin face using a black colored food coloring.

Designer cupcake fun

Image/Tutorial:Domestically Blissful

These apple cupcakes are really fun to make. First of all get some fresh and juicy apples. Now use a melon baller to scoop out the apples. Make a caramel mixture in the oven. Keep the hot caramel in hit water after taking out from the oven to avoid hardening of the caramel. Dip the scooped apples in the caramel mixture. Use a toothpick to turn the apple pieces over. Use a toothpick to pick it up. Let it drain a bit. Dip it in cut nuts. Add a twig at the top in place of the toothpick for the added effect.

Hungry toast crafts

Image/Tutorial:I Am Baker

To make these monster cookies you can start by baking different flavours of cookies. Now take a cookie for the base. Add some icing in the middle. The icing chosen should go well with the flavour of the cookies. Now press the top cookie from the centre a bit. Make sure the top cookie lies at an angle to ensure an open mouth of the monster. Add vampire teeth to the monster on the open side of the mouth. Use white and green frosting to make the eyes of the monster. You can also add some large ears or nose on the top cookie to garnish it further. Use m&ms for the nostrils.

Icing and cakes crafty food

Image/Tutorial:Simplistically Living

These cupcake pops are simply awesome. Start with small cupcakes. Mix the barter and bake the cupcakes in the oven. Remove the cupcake liners and start fitting the cupcakes in the party pops. After each layer of the cupcake add a layer of frosting. You can use crazy colors for the cupcakes and the frosting alike. When you are about to reach the top, draw grass like hair for the monster pops. You can add 1-3 googly eyes outside the party pops to add a realistic touch to these monster pops. Add a lid to the top if the pops require storing in the fridge for some time.

Designer doughnuts

Image/Tutorial:Thrifty Fun

These are really easy to make Halloween scare doughnuts. Start with some glazed doughnuts. You can make them at home or buy some. Now get some plastic vampire teeth and chocolate chips. Shut the plastic vampire teeth and fit them inside the doughnut cavity. Add two chocolate chips on the top for the eyes of the monster.

Crafty chocolate food

Image/Tutorial:Parenting Chaos

These mummy-fried bananas are really fun to make and eat. Start with white almond bark. Take a bowl full of hot water. It must not be harmful to you. Now put the white almond bark in a transparent zip-lock bag. Keep the zip-lock in the hot water until the almond bark melts. Once the almond bark has melted, make a slit at one corner of the zip-lock. Keep the half slit bananas in a plate and pour the molten almond bark over them. Fix the eye candies while the bark is still wet. These banana candies are really tasty.

Making crafty cheese Toasts

Image/Tutorial:Kids Activities Blog

These bread toasties are really tasty and easy to make. The kids can easily make these mummy-fried bread toasties. Start with bread slices. Apply some tomato paste on each of the bread slices. Now cut some regular cheese slices. Kids can easily arrange these cheese slices on the bread slices. Now let them add two black olives for the eyes of the mummy. You can even let the kids add some sprinkles for taste. Now put these toasts in the oven for about 2 minutes. Enjoy the tasty toasties.

Designing cupcakes like Owls

Image/Tutorial:Budget Savvy Diva

These are really tasty owl cupcakes for kids. You can make these tasty cupcakes at home for kids for the Halloween. Start by baking some chocolate cupcakes for the kids start by getting some chocolate base cupcake mix. You can even make the cupcake batter at home. Now fill in the cupcake liners with the barter and fill in the liners with the barter. Bake the cupcakes to get some tasty cupcakes. Cover the top of the cupcake with liquid chocolate. Halve two oreo biscuits. Use the halves with the cream as the eyes of the owls. Use m&ms for nose and eyes of the owl.

Halloween Pumpkin craft food

Image/Tutorial:Yummy Healthy Easy

These rice crisps are really easy to make. Rice crisps have always been a favourite among the kids. Start by making the basic rice crisp mixture. Add some honey and orange food coloring to the rice crisps. Now ball the rice crisps together. Add a stalk at the top. The stalk can be made in milk chocolate. You can add candies for the features like eyes and nose. You can get creative by adding glitter sprinklers or other fall sprinklers.

Tortilla Halloween food craft

Image/Tutorial:Crafty Morning

These quesadillas are the perfect snack for Halloween. Start with two plain tortillas. Cut the tortillas in the shape of a pumpkin using a knife. Cut out the mouth and eyes from the top tortilla layer of the pumpkin craft. Keep a slice of orange cheese in between the layers of the tortillas. Now bake the quesadilla. Your quesadillas are ready to be savored.

Tasty toasts with pringles

Image/Tutorial:The Happy Gal

These Pb and Gs are awesome. They bring the zing to the Halloween table. You can also send these spideys in your child’s lunch box. First of all cut the wheat bread in circles for these sandwiches. Now apply peanut butter and jam on the inside of the sandwich. Add four pretzel sticks on each side of the circular bodies of the spiders. Add resins for the eyes of the spiders. You can add small spiders to the lunch box of your kids to add more oomph.

Crafty Candy Food

Image/Tutorial:Totally The Bomb

These bomb food crafts are really awesome. Start by making your own pretzels. Roll the pretzels into a coil. Now use a skewer to fix the pretzels on the skewer. Melt some white hard candy. Dip the pretzels in the white candy. Keep the white candy dipped pretzels on a wax paper and let it harden. Add some red icing and eye candies to complete the the candy craft.

Making crafty toasts this Fall

Image/Tutorial:Frugal Coupon Living

This is a tasty thanksgiving treat. This is a nice rice crisps food craft. Start with a smooth layer of rice crisps. Add butter to the rice crisps and let it set in a refrigerator. Now use a round cookie futter or glass edges to cut out circles from the crisps. Stick on a chocolate candy at the lower bottom for the mouth of the turkey. Melt some candy. Use the molten candy to stick on the eye candies in the chocolate base. Also use the molten candy to stick the m&ms sideways to make the beak of the turkey. Add five corn candies at the top. Stick them using molten candy.

Making turkeys on pringles


This is an awesome and tasty thanksgiving treat for kids. These pretzel candies are really easy to make. They are equally tasty. Take some pretzels. Place a hershey’s kisses chocolate upside down on it. Now bake it for about three minutes. Add eye candies on the top. Fix an m&m sideways for the beak. Add some corn candies to make the feathers of the turkey. These turkeys not only look good but also taste great.

Turkey toasts for fall

Image/Tutorial:Arts and Crackers

These toasts can be made in any flavour. Start by making your toast using bread and the fillings you like. Now use a sharp knife to cut the edges of the turkey. For the body of the turkey cut a bowling shape and cut outwards for the tail and the feathers. Add a white cheese eye balls. Cut a triangle out from yellow cheese to make the nose of the turkey. Add small black olives pieces to make the eyes. Add some red sauce or candy to make the snood of the turkey.

Goblin food crafts for Fall

Image/Tutorial:Parenting Chaos

This is a very sweet and healthy zombie candies which are actually strawberries covered in candy melt. Get soak strawberries, green candies, candy eyes, food grade black paint, paint brush. Melt the green candies in a microwave oven. Fix a strawberry on a fork and dip it in the green candy melt. Let is harden and cool. Now add two candy eyes to it. You can draw a black mis-shaped face for the zombie. This looks and tastes great.

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We hope you loved all these tasty and easy to make candy crafts for the fall. We wish that all the family members savour and relish these food stuffs. You can check out other articles at K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with better and more interesting content soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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