DIY : Diwali Diya Holder From Plastic Spoon

Diwali Diya Holder
How unbelievable is this that the end of the year is just two and a half months away! This is the festive season that everyone of us awaits for, since mid of the year. Also the most awaited festival is here knocking on our doors, DIWALI!! Since few years we have been promoting Eco-Friendly Diwali.
After all Diwali is not just about bursting crackers but a festival of togetherness and a new beginning full of lights.So keeping the Eco-Friendly custom in mind, here we present you a DIY DIYA HOLDER FROM PLASTIC SPOON.
Diwali season brings along the cleanliness agenda and this is when we realize that we have a lot of scrap at our house. So this DIY tutorial in one solutions to the scrap that will add a different spark to your festive motto. The tutorial for the same goes as follows:


  • Thermocol sheet or Cardboard
  • Spoons
  • Fabric Paint
  • Brush
  • Glue Gun
  • Golden foam sheet
  • Decorative items
  • Cutter


  • First choose a measurement for your base circle of your choice.
  • Cut a circular base out of the thermocol (Polystyrene) or card board.
  • For the base you can also use waste CD Disk.

  • Trace the outline on the back side of foam sheet with the help of a pencil.
  • Cut it and stick it on the thermocol sheet.

  • After preparing the base for you diya holder, color the spoons with fabric color as it is best suitable for use with plastics.
  • Color four spoons with green color and the other four with orange (You can choose any color you like).
  • After you paint it, cut the above colored part.
  • Cutting the spoon after coloring allows you to have a perfect grip on the spoon while you paint it.

  • Next, take the thermocol base and stick the orange spoons upside down with the help of glue gun.
  • After sticking all the orange spoons upside down, stick green spoons between the orange ones.
  • When you are finished, you will get a holder like this.

  • To make it more attractive you can use various decorative products like half beads, mirrors, colorful beads or anything of you choice.
  • Here, I have used small white beads for orange spoons.


  • To avoid placing every single bead one by one, what you can do is, take all the required beads and put it through a thread with the help of a needle.
  • Remove the needle leaving long threads on both the sides of the beads.
  • Apply glue gun or fevi kwik on the spoon.

Place the beads along with the thread.

  • Once the beads are nicely settled, pull out the thread and repeat the same for the remaining three spoons.

  • For the green ones you can stick beads and small mirrors.

  • And there you go!
    Your diya holder is set to enlighten your Diwali.

Keep recycling and keep decorating your home with K4craft.

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Neelima Patel: