30+ DIY Bunny Craft Ideas & Video Tutorials

A bunny is a really sweet creature. As our houses keep on shrinking, we cannot actually keep bunnies at our homes. We can make these fun and crafty DIY Bunny Craft ideas on Easter and other such days. You can make these cute and easy to create bunnies with your kids in the free time. This will give them a new vision and a creative flair. You can try all these craft ideas or add your personal element to these craft items.

DIY Bunny Craft Ideas

Easter pot DIY Bunny ears craft ideas

via: Joann

Take a small sized, white pot. Make a sweet bunny on the pot. You make the long bunny ears using felt paper. Add an inside pink region lined with glitter for the ears for the best effect. Make the pink blush cheeks using pink paper. Draw the whiskers and mouth of the bunny using a sharpie pen. Add big googly eyes to the face of the bunny for dramatic effect. Add purple quilling strips in the pot as a filler material.

Easter Eggs craft ideas

via: Five Little Chefs

You can create these small sized easter bunnies using old lip balm boxes start by cleaning these lip balm boxes, inside out. Add white broad flappy feet for the bunny. Stick two small sized google eyes to the bunny. Make a pink nose and teo long ears for the bunny.

bunny craft ideas

via: Happiness is Homemade

You can make these two interactive easter bunny candy jars. Take some mason jars. Paint these jars from the inside. Make sure you leave out a portion of bunnies, carrots, etc. now add some ribbon, net and other decoration or trimming at the neck of the jar. Fill teh jar with candy and close the lid.

DIY craft ideas

via: Go Make Me

You can cut out some great bunny pictures from magazines, newspapers, etc for story telling, role play and other such activities this Easter. You may even take colored print outs for the bunnies.

DIY craft ideas

via: Life Ann Style

These bunny ears scrunchies look really sweet. You can make these bunny scrunchies by starting with a base rubber band. Now choose a cloth color and pattern with which you wish to cover the rubber band. Make bunny ears out of the same cloth and attach it to the outer covering cut for the rubber band covering. You can cover the rubber band with a circular hoop of the cloth. This gives you a rubber band made in the cloth chosen. You can add bookram in the ears to keep them sturdy.

Craft ideas for you

via:  It’s Always Autumn

You can create bunny food too. Take some dough and add some food coloring to it. This way you can make some different colored doughs which will help you to create different bunny doughnouts or other designer food items. You may even bake bunny cakes or cupcakes using this technique.

DIY bunny hair clips

via: Lia Griffith

Make you hair clips a lot more fab by adding these bunny heads. You can make these teeny-tiny bunny heads by using felt cloth. Start by forming a base of the bunny face. Add the details in other colored felt pieces. Sew all the pieces together to get a beautiful bunny face. Add this to the top of the hair clip. This will give a you a beautiful bunny head hair clip.

Felt soft toy bunny craft ideas

via:  Lia Griffith

You can make this sweet soft teddy from felt cloth. You need to start by drafting a rough sketch for the bunny. Cut out different parts of the body of the bunny from the felt cloth. Stitch the pieces together and fill in poly-fill. Stitch different body-parts of the bunny together. Finish the bunny with a carrot and two sequined eyes. Also make a mouth for the bunny using black thread.

Pine cone DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Fireflies and Mud Pies

Pine cones can be used to make this beautiful bunny DIY. You can make this bunny by making two large ears out of felt cloth. Also add two large googly eyes to the bunny. Add a big brown nose for the bunny and faux hair for whiskers. You may add pink felt detailing to the ears of the bunny. This pine cone bunny can be easily made and looks awesome.

Foam bunny craft ideas

via: Hobby Craft

This is a really sweet bunny craft made on soft foam. Take oblong pieces of foam in grey, white, pink colors. Even out the edges of the foam piece. Now add long ears for the bunny on top of the oblong face of the bunny. You may also add pink details on the ears. Use a sharpie pen to make the mouth, whiskers and eye lashes of the bunny. Stick on large googly eyes to the face of the bunny. Also add a pink nose to the bunny tk complete the DIY bunny craft.

Mug DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Jewelry and Stuff

This mug bunny craft is very easy to make. Take a stay bake pen. Now make the long and large ears of the bunny on the surface of the cup. Draw the eyes, and mouth of the bunny at the bas eof the mug. This makes for a great DIY and looks great.

DIY bunny craft ideas

via: IKat Bag

These sweet little soft toys looks great. You can make many such bunnies and align them in your drawing room. These bunnies will surely add a cute touch to your living area.

Sugar confectionery DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Growing Up Gabel

Easter is all about bunnies and candies. So, let us make some flavourful bunny candies. These will surely add a lot of flavour to the festivities. Make some sugar boiled confectionery. Roll out the confectionery. Now cut out the confectionery with the help of bunny cookie cutters.

Old socks DIY bunny craft ideas

via: A Pumpkin and a Princess

These old socks bunny crafts are really fun to make. Take some polyfill and start filling som old socks of yours. Fill the polyfill at the bottom. Tie a ribbon at the neck of the rabbit. Fill the face of the bunny with polyfill too. Tie the head of the bunny with a no-see yarn. Make two ears of the bunny with the help of scissors. Add googly eyes to the bunny. Also add a nose, teeth and whiskers to the face of the bunny to make it complete.

Soft toy craft ideas

via: Alice and Lois

You can create this beautiful cloth bunny using simple sewing techniques. Start by making a simple draft of the bunny. Fill in polyfill inside the bunny. This will give the body of the bunny a definite structure. Create the ears of the bunny with the help of cloth folding and sewing technique. Make the eyes and nose of the bunny with the help of black thread.

Hand print craft ideas

via: Crafty Morning

You can take a day for the bunny craft activities. This hand printing activity will surely make it a fun day for your kids. Dip the hands into the white paint. Add pink details in between the index finger and the middle finger and in between the little finger and the ring finger. Now use some blavk paint to make the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers of the bunny.

DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Crafty Morning

This is a beautiful bunny garden. Start off by making different colored bunnies for the garden. Make the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and whiskers of the bunnies using a black sharpie pen. Take a green patterned paper and make grass out of it. Keep it like a pocket on the front of the craft. Add the bunnies to this pocket. Make a sun out of a yellow colored sheet. Compmete the craft by gluing all the elements in place.

DIY purse bunny craft ideas

via:  Alice and Lois

This is a beautiful bunny purse. You can make such a purse easily using some cloth and sewing techniques. Start with a bunny shape. Fill in the foam in the purse sides. Design the bunny by using the thread work on the bunny face. Attach straps to the bunny purse to complete it.

Easter goodies DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Craft with Mum

These brown paper bunnies are great. Cut two similar bunnies from the brown paper. Now keep some candies kn top of one bunny, keep the other bunny on top of it. Sew the edges of the bunny. This way you get a sealed bunny candy storage. You can use it as a Easter giveaway candy present.

Bunny pockets DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Craving Some Creativity

These cabdy bags are really easy to make. Start with a square piece of cloth. Now keep some canidies inside it and tie it at the top with the help of a ribbon. Use a thread to make the mouth and nose of the bunny. Add googly eyes to the face of the bunny to complete it.

Porcelain DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Alice and Lois

This is a cool porcelain bowl made in a shape of a bunny. First of all make some wet porcelain. Now roll it. Cut the porcelain in the shape of a bunny. Curve the cut out bunny inwards. Now make the mouth, nose and whiskers for the bunny. Bake the porcelain in the oven.

Jute cloth painted DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Crafts Unleashed

You can use this idea to create different panels of bunny crafts. Take some jute cloth. Draw a draft of the bunny. Paint in the draft. This will create a beautiful motif in the middle of the jute cloth.

Egg crates DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Crafty Morning

You can make these beautiful bunnies using old egg crates. Start off by cutting the single egg basket cleanly out of the crate. Cut out two ears for the bunny of the same material of the crate. Now attach the ears at the back of the bunny. Use a black sharpie pen to make the eyes, nose and mouth of the bunny. Make the whiskers using a white pen. Fill in the nose of the bunny using a hot pink pen.

Bath bomb DIY bunny craft ideas

via:  A Pumpkin and a Princess

These bath bombs are a great craft item. You can shape your normal bath bombs into bunny bath bombs. Start by scaling the edges of the bath bomb along the draft of a bunny made on a bath bomb. Keep on scaling the edges until the desired shape is reached.

POpsicles DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Crafty Morning

This is a very sweet bunny crafy which can be easily made with the help of popsicles. Use two popsicles by joining them together sideways. Cut out two feet, ears and mputh for the bunny from.a white sheet of paper. Also cut out white details for the bunny. This way you get a complete set of bunny body parts. Glue them together and add a pair of googly eyes to the bunny face to complete the bunny craft.

Paper plate DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Coffee Cups and Crayons

You can create this beautiful bunny mask using a paper plate. Cut out two large bunny ears from a sheet of paper. Add pink paper to detail the ears. Add two large googly eyes to the bunny. Make the nose, whiskers and the mouth of the bunny on the paper plate. Attach a popsicle at the back of the paper plate to complete the bunny craft.

Toilet Paper DIY bunny craft ideas

via: Crafty Morning

This toilet paper roll buny craft is really easy to make. Cut out two bunny ears from the toilet paper roll. Paint the bunny in pink color. Use a black sketch pen to make the mouth, nose and whiskers of the bunny. Stick on two googly eyes on the face of the bunny. Add a neon pink nose and a green bow tie to the bunny.

DIY Bunny Craft Video Tutorials

Since the love for cute bunnies is unending and instead of a real bunny, we like to keep something in the shape of the cute creature around us, in one way or another calls out for another DIY project as there is not enough bunny stuff to go around as much as we want !
In admiration to this cute creature are some admirable easy craft projects for you to try out. Do tell me in the comments which one is your favourite bunny DIY or anything else you would like me to give you DIY ideas on.

1. Bunny Cotton Doll

Things you need

  • Cotton
  • Glue
  • Coloured paper
  • Small bow


  • Take cotton and shape it into a ball like shape, dip it in water to wind it together properly. Make two cotton balls like that. Take another cotton piece and form a shape of the ears after dipping it in water. Leave them to dry
  • Join the two cotton balls using glue. Take pink paper and cut it to paste in the ears. Then paste the ears on the head.
  • Take a piece of paper and paste it at the back of the body.
  • Cut out eyes and a red nose from paper and paste it on the face. Take the small bow and paste it on the neck. The doll is now ready.

2. Bunny LED Lights

Things You Need

  • Bunny template
  • Cardboard
  • Foamy paper
  • Glue
  • Craft Knife
  • Pencil
  • LED string lights


  • Take a piece of cardboard and trace the template on it to cut out the bunny head shape using a crat knife. Cut out 4 such cardboard pieces.
  • Take 3 pieces and paste them together, cut out a rectangle to fit the battery holder to place batteries into it.
  • Take the fourth piece, as it is to cover the hole from the front. Take a piece of white foam paper to cover the sides and cut it into strips for the same.
  • Take more foam paper and cut to from the bunny outline to cover the front and back. The sheet at front will be bigger to cover the lights, paste them into place .For the back cut the paper into shape and cut a closing paper door to put the batteries.
  • Move towards the front side from black foam paper to cut out closed eyes, bunny nose and you are done.

3. Bunny Pencil Holder

Things you need

  • Glue gun
  • Pencil , marker
  • Ruler
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cardboard sheet


  • Take a toilet roll, mark a line at half and cut out half the roll using scissors. Take another and cut less than half of the roll, and leave the third one as is.
  • Using a cardboard sheet and glue gun paste and cut out a base for the bottom of the rolls.
  • Taking a white sheet cut out bunny ears for placing and pasting on the rolls on the top but from the inside.
  • Using acrylic paint colour the bunny rolls. Allow the paint to dry.
  • Using a marker draw a bunny face on each roll. Paste the rolls together, keeping the small one at the front and the other two side by side.
  • Use tissue balls to make a tail for the two rolls at the back and you are finished.

4. Bunny Bookmark

Things you need

  • Template
  • Felt Fabric
  • Glue
  • Metal Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Tweezers
  • Coloured Pencil, Pen
  • Card Stock


  • Cut out base from the template, and trace the cut the head and design on the cardstock.
  • Apply glue on the headpiece. Take white felt piece and paste it on the card shaped like the head, let it dry but place it under a heavy book to apply pressure.
  • Using the template as reference, draw out the ears and cheek details on the pink felt. Fold the fabric in half and cut them to get two mirrored pieces.
  • Repeat the same process for eyes but using black felt.
  • Colour the backside of the mouth on the template with brown colour pencil and cut it out carefully.
  • Take the headpiece and trim off the excess felt when it dries.
  • Use glue and tweezers to paste the facial features into place. To attach the head to the base spread a thin layer of glue on the head face portion only and not on the ears or paws.
  • Once it is dry, you can opt to write an inspiring message on the base to personalise the bookmark.

5. Bunny Phone Holder

Thing you need

  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Chart paper


  • Cut out a design on a piece of paper. Place it on a piece of cardboard, trace and cut out the shape. Trace seven shapes and cut them out using a craft knife.
  • Paste them together using a glue gun. Take white chart paper, measure the design and cut out a strip for covering the sides accordingly.
  • Glue the paper on the design.
  • Paste the design from before, cut on paper, on both the sides. This will cover our base completely. Let it dry and you can use it to hold your phone in both orientations.

6. DIY Bunny Bag

Things you need

  • Fabric
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Two black beads
  • Pink Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Thread


  • Take the fabric, which you will use for your bag. Fold and paste the bottom edge inwards using glue.
  • Fold the fabric in half from the top; paste the sides together, rotate it to get the smaller sides at the top, cut out bunny ears at the top by tracing them and cutting into shape.
  • Take pink fabric and cut out a triangular nose, take the black beads and paste these objects on to make a face of the rabbit.
  • Take thread and cut out a few pieces, make knots at one end. Take the bag and flip it inside out.
  • Now make small holes on both sides of the nose to pass the thread through. After placing about five or six threads, flip it normal and then tie knots from the other side to fix them in place. This will from the whiskers of the bunny.
  • Tie your bunny around the ears with the pink ribbon after filling it with stuff as you wish and cut off excess ribbon if need be to complete your bunny bag.

7. Bunny Headband

Things you need

  • Template
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Paper , white and pink
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Eyes, button, cotton


  • Cut out template after printing it out using scissors this will form the base of the headband. Cut out the pink region of ears using pink paper.
  • Cut out ears and paste the pink paper on them. Then after they dry paste the ears on the base of the headband.
  • Glue on eyes and use a pink button for nose. Draw its mouth using a marker, make whiskers out of strings and paste them in place.
  • Staple the back of the headband to the front. Paste the cotton at the back of the band and colour it pink if you wish for added effect.

8. No Sew Sock Bunny

Things you need

  • Marker
  • Sock
  • Rice or grit
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Tape (optional)


  • Fill the sock with rice to give volume to the bunny body leaving the top to make ears. Tie thread to from the head, ears and body of the rabbit. Tie a small knot at the back to form a tail.
  • Cut the top end of the sock to cut out ears. Cut those more to make them more realistic.
  • Take the ribbon and tie it around the neck and from a bow.
  • Use a marker to draw eyes and nose. Your no sew rabbit is ready to bounce.

We hope you loved all these pretty bunny crafts. We wish that these crafts will be able to bring smiles to the faces of your children. Do share your feedback in the comments section below. Do check out related articles at K4 Craft. We will soon come up with more such articles soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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