DIY: Aircraft Ideas for Kids

Aircraft Ideas for Kids!

Since the inception of mankind, we always wanted to fly in the sky. Watching birds fly has always been a ray of hope for these projects. The idea of any object in the air capable of flying by itself sparks an interest in all of us. From tiny drones and aeroplanes to large rockets, the emotion of flying always excites us. But did you know we can craft small-sized flying aircraft in our own home and that too with the waste material and few household items? You can now try out some new DIY crafts to make from old stuff. Now recycle your waste products and help Mother Earth to replenish and rvise by reusing and recycling. The following aircraft making ideas for kids will help you in school projects, recycled crafts and they are also fun to play with.

Aircraft ideas for kids

Old ice cream popsicle aircraft

The easiest source of wood is ice cream popsicles. We can find them anywhere and everywhere. With their availability in abundance, they are cheap too. But crafting a plane with them for toddlers, thats interesting, isn’t it? The main body of the aircraft handles a lot of forces so don’t forget to give a good strength there by mutiple sticks. The wings will help it to fly, thus will require appropriate amount of surface as shown in the image. You can also add wheels at the bottom for more realistic craft. This easy and realistic aeroplane will be a great playmate for your kids.

Cardboard aircrafts

This cardboard aircraft require precision but is easy to make. The body is of cylindrical shape and the fan at the front of the aircraft helps in more stability. Don’t attach the fan with adhesive but pin it so that it can easily rotate. You can color this plane as it is of cardboard material. You can also add brand stickers on the wings or the tail of the plane to make it look more realistic.

Paper planes

We all have used paper planes in our school life for fun. They are easy to make and requires the least material. Just a piece of paper, which is folded accurately can do wonders! You can decorate this craft with the help of colors and messages. You can make these paper planes to study air drift or other physics phenomenon.

Old foil roll aircrafts

In this aircraft, all we require is used foil rolls and some adhesive. The cylindrical shaped rolls can be used as the body and the wings, cut the foil rolls at the required places and just join them as shown in the image. You can add one strong sheet at the end of the body for the aerodynamics. The aesthetics of the plane depends on the different combinations of colors and drawings. The best is to take ideas from any country’s flag.

Making airplane from cardboard

The lighter an aircraft is, the better it is at flying. The wings help in the successful stability in the air and also guides the plane. As we give flight to an aircraft by the body, we should keep it strong. Cardboard is the lightest and cheapest material which has these characteristics for a small crafted plane for your kids. The above airplane from cardboard has the best characteristics required. Don’t forget to keep the aircraft symmetrical about the axis which is passing through the longest side of the body. Make the plane as vibrant and beautiful using paints.

Ice cream sticks airplane crafts

These recycled material aircraft for preschool kids have a clothes clip in between for the strength and stiffness. Also, the flexible ice cream stick wings help it to fly easily. The fan in the front is made of a stick and a pin which allows it to rotate. The wings must be properly attached to the clip to avoid breakage. The contrast of the plane depends on the favorite color of your children.

Old shampoo bottle Aeroplane craft

This is a beautiful shampoo bottle craft idea. You can take some old shampoo bottles. You need to remove their stickers, wash them thoroughly and dry the bottles. Now start adding elements of an aeroplane to these bottles. You can use cardboard to make wings, bottle caps for exhaust pipes. You can also use plastic pieces to maker the wings and the rudder of the plane. Add colourful stripes and you can also add stickers or draw some shapes to make it look more beautiful.

Paper planes using origami

One must know the craft of origami. It is indeed a great craft. You can make multiple designs and forms using origami techniques. These beautiful paper plane hangings are also made using origami techniques. You can learn to make origami planes online and then use you skill to make as many plane hangings as you want. These will surely look great hung at your door step.

DIY airplane craft

This is a great plastic bottle DIY aircraft for kids. You make this aeroplane using a PET plastic bottle. Add paper fins and cover the main bottle with white sheet. Attach blue wings at the fore of the bottle. Add blue circular windows to make it look more life-like. You can also add Blue paper cylinders to give more strength to the wings. This is a great life-like model of an air plane which can be made easily using waste material.

We hope you like this well curated list of aircraft ideas for kids. You can make these air crafts for your kids or with them to give them an insight into the crafty world. You can try to add new elements to to  aircrafts. We hope that your children become excited while making these air crafts and while playing with them as well. Do check out other articles on K4craft. Do give your valuable feedback in the comments section below. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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