Decorate Home with Christmas Lighting

As we know there are few days left for Christmas, we all are excited for the Christmas Eve for the party, decoration and fun.  So, for the decoration here I am with an idea to décor your house.

So to proceed with this art here are the required  material list and steps provided which will surely help you and hopefully you will like it. J

Materials required:

  1. Craft papers(color of your choice)
  2. Marker
  3. Tape
  4. Simple led lights


Step 1: Take the craft paper and cut the in squares. Then fold it according to the snap provided below. Go step by step.

Step 2: After reaching the 6th part of the 1st step, you will get cute boxes of paper. But before making it into cubes , beautify it with your own designs or u can try something funky as shown here.

Step 3: Now inset the funky boxes on each led’s. As shown in the figure.

Now you are ready with the decorative stuff.
You can decorate it on walls or as shown below

Merry Christmas !!

K4 Craft Staff: Create What Defines You ♥