50+ Creative Ways To Make Crafts by Recycling Plastic Bottles

Recycling is also an art if looked through the eyes of an artist and done through artistic hands and mind. So let us help the environment around us by decreasing the burden of landfills by recycling the old plastic bottles in our homes in new and innovative recycling techniques. Here by recycling we do not mean melting the plastic and recasting it in new shapes rather we mean to use the bottles in a new way so that it no longer seems to be a bottle but can be used in other ways.

10 DIY Creative Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Cut the bottle in two parts leaving 1/4th  portion from the cap side. And from the other bottle cut 1/4th portion from the bottom. Now put up zip at the ends. Now join the parts after applying the zip from one edge, to make a lid. This becomes a pencil stand. Moving on to the next DIY. Cut a bottle in half and then slice the bottom part lengthwise. We get a candy holder jar. Now use a glue gun to secure the flyers, and then tie the jar with a ribbon. Now using the bottom of a big bottle we take an impression on a sponge sheet. Make some extra circles and then cut it. Now paste it and cut it in the middle. Reverting it we get a piggy bank. We may even use a plastic bottle to separate the egg yolk of the egg from the egg white.    Take two bottle bottoms and join them together. Now taking a top part cut a long strip of plastic and make a design like a stem and leaf and join it with the top. For more such beautiful and easy art ideas for transforming your old bottles to new, you may watch this video tutorial.

5 Ideas with Recycled Plastic Bottle

Cut the bottom and top of two bottles. Then using a matchstick and some wire connect the bottles to make a drip system. Using the bottle caps, cut the side of the bottle cap to keep your brush. Now take a big bottle and then use a bottle nose on the sides of the main top of the bottle. It can be used to keep your utilities. Using the plastic from the plastic bottle’s cap we can make up for the loss of the plastic covering of the wire at joints. For further information watch this video tutorial.

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DIY: Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas For Decoration

Take an old bottle (top removed), some ribbon, a pair of scissors, glue and some coloured sheets. Wrap the bottom edge of the bottle with some bright ribbon. Now cut a circular piece of cardboard and cover it with a bright coloured sheet. Stick some ribbon lining all its sides. Use kitchen sponge to cut out designs to decorate the art work. Now paste them on the main body. Now this become the head piece. Stick some flowers to the fore of the bottle and secure the circular piece to the top of the bottle piece. For the pictorial representation of the procedure watch this video tutorial.

DIY: Storage Jars & Lids – Recycling Plastic Bottles

Let us try some storage DIYs . Take a bottle with top removed, adjust the height. We need Styrofoam, pencil, ruler, scissors, glue gun and an iron. Buff the edges of the cut-out part using the hot iron. This prevents any kind of injury. Now use Styrofoam to cut out a circular piece. Mark out and cut a Styrofoam piece equal to the circle’s circumference in length. Now make a round cherry shape using a small length of Styrofoam to make a cherry type form. Stick many of such cherries on the sides to make it look more attractive. Now use the bottles cap to make a holder for the lid of the storage jar. Thus, we have an attractive storage jar. Moving on to the next project. Take the middle part of the bottle. Make a base for the portion using Styrofoam and then secure it with glue gun. Now make a lid and then decorate the lid and put a bottle cap to pull the lid. For better understanding of the procedure watch this video tutorial.

Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas

Now let us make some hangings and then secure them with a thread. Now take the top of a bottle and paint it inside out with a bright colour. Then make some holes in the base of the top part’s base. Now make a hole in the cap as well. Now thread a shiny thread in the cap to hang it. Now thread all the hangings we made beforehand through the holes at the base. Secure each knot. Now place a shiny ribbon or lace to hide the knots. Decorate the painted bottle with the help of mirrors or beads. For pictorial representation of the installation watch this video tutorial.

Hope you have fun recreating and reusing the old plastic bottles, while on the other hand reducing the mother nature’s burden.

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