Creative & Easy Paper Crafts To Make Your Day Beautiful

Paper is a material which is available so easily and comes in various colours. It is easier to shape mould and work with. The ease in the usage provides this material an upper hand in designs and craft ideas. It is actually a base for most of the art works. It is inexpensive and is an error free medium to work with. So here I have taken up some types of paper art forms to explore in these summer holidays. Hope you enjoy making them all.

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How To Make Simple Paper Star | DIY Paper Craft Ideas

Let us get started with some easy folding techniques. We all love stars and they are actually something really sweet to be made out of paper. If you just don’t believe me that a star can be realized out of a sheet of paper then just watch this video tutorial and follow the folds to realise a beautiful star in front of your eyes in so less time and just out of a sheet of paper.

Pop Up Card: Heart ❤ Easy Pop Up Card Tutorial

Now let us move a step ahead and try out some popping cards using paper. We are now going to consider an easy to make heart popping card. We will require red coloured sheets and a white sheet. Cut out three heart shapes out of the red sheets. Make the required cuts in them and then join them together. Now carefully cut a big heart out of the white sheet. Align the red hearts with the white one and paste them on the white heart shape. Secure them nicely in place using the glue. So your heart popping card is ready. You may look up the link provided to get acquainted with the size, cuts and fold specifications.

More on heart popping ideas. You can go for easily understandable options like these. Take a big white sheet. Fold it accordingly and then make the required cuts and folds. This one is a lot more easier as you only have to manage a single heart shape. It pops on a card backbone piece so you do not need to make folds in the heart shape. Watch this video tutorial for the exact procedure.

Easy Paper Crafts : Wall Decor Ideas With Paper

Now let us try to beautify our room with paper art. First of all start rolling some rectangular sheets of paper. And put them into one another to increase the length. Now make a rectangle on a sheet and frame it with the rolled length. Now cut off the extra length and secure the rectangular frame in place. Now cut out some flowers from a coloured sheet. Use flowers made from different coloured sheets and use double tape to tape it on the walls of your room. Thus, you get a beautiful paper art form on the walls of your room. You can modify it as many times you wish to and you may even change it altogether with a new one as often you like.

Now make a flower and cut it out. Use this one as a template to make more of the same shape. Now take a thread and glue these flowers to that thread. This makes a beautiful bunting. You can decorate your room with it easily putting it up on your door or around your art pieces. You can even blend it with the festivities. For the procedure watch this video tutorial.

DIY Easy Rolled Paper Roses To Gift Someone

Now let us make some roses to compliment our gifts. Roses are the flowers which are loved by everyone. So let us try making them easy and fast. First of all make a big circle, about the size of a full plate. Now just make a spiral inside it. Cut along the lines of the spiral after you cut out the circle. Now holding it from the inner edge start rolling. Use a soft hand while rolling to maintain the roundness of the flower. After the rolling is complete glue the end of the flower. When the glue dries use a bamboo stick to push through the flower. Secure the bamboo stick with the tape. Watch these cute kids giving you the tutorial in this video tutorial.

Easy Paper Crafts : Paper Flower Stick

We can even make other kinds of flower sticks. First of all make a hexagonal and cut fringes on it then spread it out in a circle and put in a different coloured small circle. Then take a bamboo stick and wrap it in green paper. Now make multiple flowers of this kind. Glue these flowers to the green bamboo stick. This results in a beautiful flower stick to gift to your near and dear ones. Watch this video for full tutorial.

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Hope you enjoyed these arts. But we must be vary of the fact that we must not waste paper. Paper is made from the pulp of the trees and wastage of paper results in cutting down of more trees. So we must use paper as and when we require. It is there for our use but it should not be wasted.

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