Christmas Ornament : Quilling Flower Earrings

Hello, my friends, do you love paper quilling earrings? They are often unique and delicate, and I have made some for myself for Christmas party.  Today, I will show you a pair of paper quilling flower earrings. This pair of green flower earrings is very easy to make . Hope you love them and make ones for yourself.

Jewelry making supplies you will need

  • White Pearl Beads.
  • Blue Quilling Paper.
  • Silver Jump Rings.
  • Scissors.
  • Roll Pen.
  • Long Nose Plier.(Optional).
  • Glue.


Step 1

Cut a piece of blue quilling paper (with a length about 10cm), and roll it into a circular bead, make a loose circle Stick the end and pinch it into a petal-like shape as pictured.

Step 2

Repeat step 1 to make other 8 petal-like shapes, and stick them together asa flower.

Step 3

Glue 4 white pearl beads on the surface of the blue flower as shown in the picture.

Step 4

Roll another small quilling paper circular bead and stick it with the flower as pictured, then attach the earring making supplies to the flower with a jump ring.

Step 5

Repeat above steps to make another one earring.

Now, I have finished this pair of flower earrings. So beautiful, do you love them? you can also make this pair of handmade paper quilling earrings. I will make more pretty quilling paper ornaments, expected?

~ See you next time~

Richa Raje: