You must have seen these before with people on the subway, on the street, in the office and elsewhere and wondered what is that and where do I get it? Well, it is mostly earphones decorated by people itself using just embroidery threads. Many of us like our earphones to be a particular colour and since we can’t find that colour, this is a tutorial to stylize your earphones in your own vibrant colours. For this you can use either 3 or less different colours to your liking or you could just get those embroidery threads with different shades of the same colour in one thread which I personally find better. Here we go.

Things you’ll need:

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss (any colours)
  • Colourless nail polish (optional)
  • Earphones


  1. First of all, tape the earphone to the table securely.
  2. Tie on all the embroidery floss to the earphone where it is taped. (I am using 1 string but you can use as many strings as you like)
  3. Now you are just going to make a four with the embroidery floss as it is shown in the picture.
  4. Then go underneath it and through it all (or in this case through the earphone wire)
  5. Pull the string up a little tightly. (this is going to look like a knot)
  6. Then repeat steps 3-5 till you reach the end.
  7. The little floss at the end can either be cut off or you can apply some colourless nail polish to it to make it securely wrapped
  8. Now there you have your personalized wrapped earphones.
  9. In case you are using 3 embroidery floss then just repeat steps 3-5 with whatever colour floss that you want to stand out.

You can try wrapping any different wires around the house such as your charger, USB cable or headphones. It is also fun to do these with many different colours and just have fun doing it.


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Leona Nigela D'Costa: 21 year old female graduate student, who enjoys listening to music, watching movie, spending way too much time with pets and also enjoys artwork whether it is a craft or any sort of art, I find it relieving. I also have my own page of selling dream-catcher which are all handmade by me. I do write poetry in my spare time which I would like to share given the opportunity. Besides this all I am a fun, creative person whose eager to work here.