Beautiful Flower Making Tutorials

Flowers is a beautiful creature by god. Having an attractive look and pretty smell everyone likes the flowers. There are varieties of flowers like roses, lily, marigold, dahilla, lotus etc. All the flowers are holding some uniqueness. Flower can be used for decoration, bouquets, worship and to express our feelings. Sometimes its difficult to get flowers as per our choice. So today here we are going to show you some beautiful flower making .

How To Make Flowers From Drinking Straw

Hey ! What you do with drinking straws after finish your drink. I know many people throw the straws in dustbin. But you know what if I said that you can make some flowers with straws so can you believe it ?’ No’. Comeon today I will show you how can we make beautiful flowers with straws.

Material Required

  • Drinking straws.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Double sided tape.


  1. Take a straw and measure 3 CM and cut it. Take this piece of straw, fltten with the help of scissor and cut it from both the sides to make it into 2 pieces.
  2. From the top of the straw cut it into semicircle shape so it look like a petal.
  3. You have to make 70 similar pieces of straw for making flower.
  4. Take a needle and thread, start putting this straw pieces into it. Make sure the semicircle shape comes up you need to pass the needle from the centre of the downside of straw.
  5. After putting all the pieces of straw arrange it properly there should be no gap between the pieces.
  6. Now bring the both sides of thread together and tie a knot . You will get a ring shape of straws.
  7. Take another straw and bend it from the neck and flatten it and cut it from the one side to make it open.
  8. From the open side of straw make fringe. cut this fringe straw into 3 or 4 parts and apply double sided tape on the opposite side of fringe.
  9. Now its time to make stem take straw and stick this fringe on it. Stick all the fringe part around the stem straw one by one.
  10. Take 2 small pieces of straw cut from one side and apply double sided tape and stick around the down part of fringe.
  11. Now put the stem straw in the ring shape pieces of straw and arrange it.
  12. Take another straw for making leaves cut it into small pieces and cut both the sides in petal shape.
  13. Arrange this petals on double sided tape and stick it downside of the flower.
  14. Now we are going to make leaves for stem. Take large piece of straw and cut the pieces from both the sides and give the shape of petals.
  15. Now make a half cut on stem straw and fix this leave shape straw into it. put 2 or 3 leaves on stem.

Now you straw flowers are ready you can put on your desk or any where you want.

How To Make Billy Buttons Paper Flower From Crepe Paper

Flower is a beautiful thing which we can use in decoration for any occasion. By seeing flowers we feel happy and relax. Here is also one simple tutorial to make flower at home.
Let’s started.

Material Required

  • Crepe Paper.
  • Light green floral tape.
  • Scissors & Glue.
  • Floral wire.
  • Foam balls craft.


  1. Take a large size of crepe paper apply some glue and stick it at the one end of the floral wire or stick. Roll the crepe paper on the wire and give a shape of ball.
  2. Take another coloured crepe paper and cover this ball properly.
  3. Apply floral tape to the downside of the ball so that we can covered the partof the ball and the wire.
  4. Now make a small square pieces of crepe paper, size of 1 CM ×1 CM. Make a so many square pieces this is used to make a flower.
  5. Take some glue in a plate and with the help of small rounded object/thing. Take one square piece and smash around the rounded object put some glue on the covered/bottom surface of the square smashed piece and stick it on the ball.
  6. Stick all the small square pieces on the ball and covered it properly.
  7. Trim the excess or large part of the square pieces.
  8. Now for making leaves take green coloured crepe paper measuring 1.5×10 CM. Cut it into petal shape.
  9. Take green floral tape covered the floral wire with it and arrange this petals between it.
  10. Start floral tape from the middle of the wire and arrange the leaves and take the tape towards the downside of the wire.

Here your “Billy buttons paper flower ” is ready.

How To Make Rose Paper Flower From Crepe Paper

We have varieties of flowers and among them Rose is the oneof the most beautiful flower. Rose can be used as express our feelings to your family and friends. So here is the tutorial of making roses at home. Rose can make your home beautifully.

Material Required

  • Crepe Paper.
  • Floral Tape.
  • Floral wire.


  1. Take a piece of crepe paper, measuring 10×70 CM. Fold the corner down towards the centre of the strip and it forms triangle. The base of the triangle is 5 CM.
  2. Now this triangle fold towards the downside at a 45 degree slant. Now measuring the triangle on the folded slant till the centre of the strip.
  3. Take the 1st triangle back from the centre of the strip and cease it well. You can see two triangles.
  4. Do the same procedure until the end of the strip reached. At the end fold the triangle into roll and arrange all the triangle according.
  5. Cease all the triangles properly. You can see a circle will be formed automatically.
  6. At the centre of the bottom of flower put one floral wire and arrange the base of fllower and tie it with the thread.
  7. Take floral tape and cover the bottom of the rose. Cease all the layer’s once again for getting 3D look of the rose.
  8. Attach leaves to the floral wire.

There is another way to make rose –

  1. Take a strip of crepe paper measuring 10×60 CM and make a triangle with the base of 5 CM.
  2. Measure the triangle at the corner of the strip and crease it well and fold it 45 degree downside.
  3. Again measure the triangle and cease it well and fold it downward.
  4. Do the same procedure till the end of the strip.
  5. Now from the starting of the strip make 2 or 3 fold vertically and fold the area inside between the triangles.
  6. Do this procedure continously till the end of the triangle made strip.
  7. Arrange the bottom part of the flower and put floral wire in the centre of the rose. And tie it with the thread. Crease the petals properly.

See you rose is ready. You can make roses are per your colour.

How To Make Calla Lily Paper Bouquet Flower From Crepe Paper

Rose is used for bouquet. But there is another flower which is used for beautiful bouquet ” Calla Lily”. Lily is the another beautiful flower which is used for decoration and bouquet. So come we can learn how to make lily at home.

Material Required

  • Crepe paper
  • Floral tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue, oil pastel.
  • Floral tape.


  1. Take a crepe paper size 17×12 CM and fold it into half from the length side.
  2. Make 2 CM at the folded breath side and make 7 CM at the length side and after marking 7 CM then mark 5 CM.
  3. Now in bigger rectangular (7 CM) make one curve line starting from marked point 2 CM to 7 CM marked point.
  4. Draw another line from marked point 7CM to marked point 5 CM diagonally ( Opposite side).
  5. Mark one line from marked point 5 CM to remaining part of the crepe paper. Draw a line in such a way , when you open the fold it has a tall on the top of the petal.
  6. Cut the lines carefully. Do the same procedure to make more petals.
  7. Take a piece of foam, rub caryon on it and rub this foam on the crepe paper petals to give some shades on the petals.
  8. Take another colour on the foam and rub the foam at the centre or bottom of the petals.
  9. Make some curls at the top of the petals. You can use the backside of the brush to crul the petals or you can roll it with the hand.
  10. Now take some crepe paper and stick it around the floral wire. Take a yellow crepe paper and roll it on this floral wire upto 7 CM from the top.
  11. Take one petal and arrange it to the floral wire and stick the petal with floral tape all over the wire.
  12. Take a floral wire and strip of crepe paper . Roll this paper on the wire.
  13. Take a piece of crepe paper measuring 12×30 CM , Fold it into half vertically.
  14. Put floral wire in the middle of the crepe paper and apply some glue on it and make some frills between the paper.
  15. Cut into the lotus petal shape from the opposite side of the floral wire.
  16. Now open both the sides carefully arrange the frills and cut the sides of leaf in zig zag way.
  17. Make some curves in the wire . Now take all the lily and arrange it and tied it with the floral tape.
  18. Cover all the wires together with the help of floral tape. You can decorate it with ribbons and bow.

How To Make Rose Paper Flower

Rose is the attractive beautiful flower in the world. Rose is used for decoration on any occassion. Sometime its difficult to get a rose. So dont worry here we have a tutorial to make a beautiful roses at home. Its look like natural rose.

Material Required

1. Floral wire.
2. Floral tape.
3. White crepe paper – sizes – 5×6.5 CM, 4×6.5 CM, 3×6.5 CM.
4. Green crepe paper – Sizes – 5×6 CM, 3×5 CM.


  1. Take a piece of white crepe paper, size 5×6.5 CM and fold it into half vertically and from the centre of the bottom cut diagonally and move toward the top in curved shape.
  2. From the bottom cut an inch diagonally to the folded side.
  3. Take a piece of white crepe paper, size 4×6.5 CM fold it into half vertically and cut from the centre of the bottom towards theunfolded side. Make a curve shape. It looks like petal.
  4. Do the same procedure with the piece of crepe paper , size 3×6.5 CM.
  5. Take green coloured crepe paper size 5×6 CM. Fold it into valley fold and cut it half from side to the centre and make a shape of the fold and twist or curl the top of the leaf.
  6. Take anothergreen crepe paper size 3×5 CM. Cut it into diagonally from one downside corner to opposite topside corner. You will get 2 right angle triangle.
  7. Put this pieces together and cut in a curve shape and give some shape as similar to the rose petal.
  8. Take one piece of crepepaper and stretch it and put some cotton in the middle and rap it around the crepe paper insect the floral wire between it and arrange the crepe paper and tie it with the thread.
  9. Take the first petal (5×6.5 CM) stretch itfrom thecentre, put some glue and stick the petal at the floral wire cover the cotton ball on the floral wire with this 1st petal. Tie it with the thread. curl the layer of the petal.
  10. Take another petal (4×6.5 CM) with the help of bursh curl the top part of the petal. Much such petals as much as you required.
  11. Now arrange 2 petals around the first petal. Arrange all the petals accordingly. Don’t tie any petals in between first put all the petals and make a full rose.
  12. After putting all the petals take a thread and tie it properly. Make sure no petals come out of the rose.
  13. Take the first leaves (5×6 CM). Add some glue and stick it to the downside of the rose.
  14. Apply floral tape to stick and cover the leaves part properly.
  15. Now take another leaves (3×5 CM). Take another piece of floral wire. Apply glue on the wire and stick 1st part of the leaf on the wire and then put the 2nd part of the leaf on the 1st part, it will make a complete leaves.
  16. Now stick this leaf wire with rose floral wire with the help of the floral tape.

Here rose is ready . You can make as much you want.

Flower are the beautiful thing which can you make at home with the help of this tutorials. So try this tutorials and decorate your home or make bouquets or express your feeling with the roses.

Stay crafting !!!!

Richa Raje: