American Independence Day Crafts : Easy Craft Tutorials

India is a diverse country. There is unity in diversity and that’s what we have been told and taught all these years. But what we never realized is that diversity for us, is just limited within the borders of our country. We have people belonging to different states and religions in our country and that’s what is a picture of a diverse country in our minds. But have we ever thought that the foreign nationals residing in our country, they too are a part of India’s incredible diversity. That’s what makes our country special, that we have our arms open for anyone and everyone who wish to stay in our country irrespective of the state, religion or country that an individual belongs to. And just like the thousands of Indians residing in other foreign countries who celebrate each of the Indian festivals with the same zeal and enthusiasm, the foreign nationals residing or just visiting here have all the rights to celebrate their festivals as well. And being responsible and welcoming citizens, we must be a part of their celebrations.

Very few us know that 4th of July is celebrated as the American Independence Day. So, this 4th of July, celebrate the American Independence Day with these amazing crafts:

1. Popsicle Stick Flag – American Independence Day Crafts

What better craft to celebrate Independence Day than learning to make a flag of the country?

For all the kids, learn to make the American Flag using popsicle sticks. Paint the popsicle stick, 6 each, in blue, red and white colors. Let them dry and glue the red and white sticks in an alternate pattern one after the other forming a broad rectangular base. Cut the blue sticks in half and paste them on the upper left corner of the base. Cut out some stars from white sheet of paper and paste them randomly over the blue area and your attractive flag is ready. Watch this video to see the simple steps:

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2. 4th of July Hat – American Independence Day Crafts

How about roaming around like a king with a majestic hat, telling the world that it’s 4th of July? Refer to this video for following the simple steps and easily making one such hat that too from readily available materials. Trace out a circle from a paper plate on a foam or thermocol and cut it out for making the base of the hat. Now, use a broad cylindrical tube and fix it in the middle of the base, giving it a look of a hat. Cover the entire tube with red sheet and the lower base of the tube with blue sheets. Cut out vertical strips and stars from white sheet. Put the strips vertically over the blue sheet, covering parts of red sheet and glue the stars randomly on the blue area. Cover the topmost open area of the tube with a thermocol base and enjoy the royal feels with your hunchy hat.

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3. Stars and stripes paper chain – American Independence Day Crafts

No celebration is complete without a little decoration and what better decor idea can we have than making a simple and easy stars and stripes paper chain? Decent, beautiful, easy to make and cost friendly! It just takes 10 minutes and some red, white, blue sheets along with pencils, cardboard, scissors and craft knife to make this DIY decor item. Just get a print out of the design template in your desirable size from and cut it out neatly. Now, 3-4 red sheets together with a tape and do the same thing with blue and white sheets. Use the cut out of the star and trace it on the bunch of white sheets and the stripes cut out on blue and red sheets. Cut out these traced red, white and blue sheets. To stick them all together and complete the chain, make small incisions the red and blue chains and fold one of the edges of the stars, insert it in the incision and unfold it so that it remains intact. Follow the same process with all the stars and alternate the red and blue strips and within five minutes, your chain will be ready!

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4. DIY clothes – American Independence Day Crafts

For all the fashion freaks out there, we have the perfect idea to make some amazing DIY clothes and celebrate American Independence Day. It’s time to redesign that denim three fourth shorts that you have hardly worn or make use of your other scrap clothings. Take the three-fourth denim and put a cardboard in between the leg space so that the paint doesn’t get imprinted on the other side. On the right side of the denim, Use red and white acrylic or fabric paint to color the denim and on the left side, use blue paint to make the base and white paint to draw stars. Your DIY denim with the look of an American flag will be all set to be worn. To know how to make a DIY vest, here is a mind-blowing video:

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5. Patriotic shooting stars – American Independence Day Crafts

Make an awesome DIY shooting star in five simple steps. Take five popsicle sticks and paint two of them blue and others red. Use white paint to make dots on the blue sticks and glue to make lines along the length of the red ones. Cover the glue lines with silver and red dry glitters and make similar glue dots on the blue sticks and cover them using blue glitter. Tap the sticks to remove excess glitter, let dry and finally arrange and glue the sticks together in a star shape.

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6. Ribbon Flag – American Independence Day Crafts

Use printed blue ribbon along with red and white ribbons to make a beautiful DIY ribbon flag in three simple steps: Measure the size of the ribbons according to the size shown in this video, arrange the ribbons according to the American flag pattern, and glue the ribbons on a stick to complete the flag.

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7. Patriotic wreath – American Independence Day Crafts

Cut out a circular boundary for the base and paint it red. Cut some straws (preferably blue, red and white colored) in half and glue them all over the circular base leaving a little space. Tie a red ribbon in that space left as to make a hook to hang the wreath. Now, make a paper mache star, paint it blue, let it dry and stick it in the middle of the wreath and your magnificent wreath is all ready to enhance the beauty of your celebration

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8. DIY T-shirts – American Independence Day Crafts

What would be better than celebrating the day with something that you can use whenever you wish to? Making some beautiful DIY t-shirts is the best idea to celebrate 4th of July in the most decent and useful manner. All you have to do is arrange a plain white T shirt of your size and place a cardboard between the two layers of the t-shirt. Spread some blue paint on your hand and trace down your hand on the upper left corner of the t-shirt. Now, using a pencil and a ruler, lightly draw seven lines around the handprint and use red paint and a brush to follow and trace these lines. Your DIY hand printed T-shirt is ready! Follow this video to see how beautiful the t-shirt will look:

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Stars and the colors blue, red and white hold the same emotions for an American that the Ashoka chakra and the colors saffron, white and green hold for us. So, this fourth of July, let us make use of these amazing videos and try to celebrate the American Independence Day, let us share each other’s festivals and celebrations and let us all be a part of each other’s happiness.

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