Amazing Ways To Design Leather Art

Leather is a very unique form of art. It is very useful as well. But what we need to understand is that leather is a medium which we get from animals. So, we must not waste it. Use it for useful purposes but never try to harm the animals in lieu of the leather we need. We can even use materials other than leather to practice, so that we do not put much pressure on the nature. Animals are an important part of the ecological system we live in, and to survive we need the support of every member of the ecological system.

What Is Genuine Leather?

Let us start with some facts about leather. So we are going to compare genuine leather and actual good leather. We are taking a look inside a genuine leather belt. It is all whitish whitish and bluish on the inside when we cut it. This gives us a sign that the leather we are looking into is poorly tanned, that is cheaply tanned. So in this type of a belt the leather form the integral part of the belt, but the leather part is very less. It means that the genuine leather you bought is very less leather in reality. Now let us try seeing inside a grain leather belt. The grain leather belt is tough enough to not let the knife splice through. The genuine leather is cheap but lasts for very less time. For better understanding look up:

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Fast Leather Art Carving

Now let us make a small art work. Start by setting your image on the leather piece. Now using a slycer mark the outer frame of the object to be drawn. Now make the engraving finer using a better tool. The finer pressures give the art work its shades and fine lines. Thus this way the art work gets completed. For better understanding, watch this video.

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Leather Tooling Basics Tutorial For Beginners

Now we will work with a background tool, two bevellers, and Cs Osborne cutters to mark the lines. It is a good practice to bevel the single line borders. Use the tool with little taps from the mallet. The intensity of the tapping must increase as you reach the ends. It will help add some definition to it. Then you can bevel afterwards with the finer tool. Just go on bevelling with finer tools until you are happy with the final result. For better understanding you may watch this video.

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Leather Art: Leather Feather Craft

Now we shall realise an eagle feather. First of all mark and carve the outer sketch of the feather. Now after it has dried we shall paint the feather. We are going to use olive oil for the painting purpose. Using a small brush start with tiny and light strokes. The olive oil bleeds out giving the feather some feathery effect. Start the stroke from the mid rib of the feather moving outwards. Make the strokes at some distance. Shade a bit darker on the base side. Outline the outer edges of the feather. Keep an eye on the art work for the ehole day realising the details every time the paint dries. For better understanding of the technique look up:

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How To Make A Leather Feather Barrette

Now let us make a leather feather barrette. This can be a good gift for anyone around you with long hair. First of all trace your design. Then dampen your leather. Stick on the traced design on the leather piece. Etch the design on the leather piece with the help of an etcher (a slycer). Use a hair tool to create some realism in the art work. Cut the feather out with the help of a leather knife. Now start adding another dimension with the help of the bevel tool. Now paint or stain you art piece either with the help of oil or pigments. Start with a lighter colour and eventually use darker shades to create realism in the feather. Be careful while painting, as different shades give different results. Burnish the edges so that we can avoid sharp edges. Punch two holes on the mid rib. Now slice a straight stick through it. Your barrette is ready. For better understanding look up:

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Making a Leather Rose

Now let us make a leather rose. Take three 60 degree sections of different radii circle made from cardboard. Now mark these portions on the leather multiple times. Now cut these pieces out. Cut out three leather portions for each radii section with the help of leather cutting scissors. Take a wire and cut it to length required. Spread the glue on the backside of each petal. Then roll the petal on the wire. Then burn the ends of the leather to make it curl outwards. Then take up the second petal and repeat the process, decreasing the extent of curling with every petal. We decrease the curling so as to make the flower appear opening outwards. Use faux leaves to adorn the base of the rose flower. The green effect will provide a better effect. For better understanding look up:

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