Amazing Paper Art – Clothes that do not wear!!

This tutorial grabbed my attention because of how they changed my perspective on paper. Many of us have some form of paper or another within hand’s reach most of the time, and yet we never think about the extraordinarily beautiful pieces of paper art that we could create with them if we ever took the time to try.

Especially also arise in my gallery. I do not know why exactly dress or unfulfilled dream from childhood … who knows? Firstly, I think about what model to give them. Character outline pattern, which by the way never exactly not hold. Maybe you’ll get a flash of inspiration and create a work of art!

Think about accessories, bracelet, necklace … whether I fit in there. And sets the most important part of my job, carving. I make it a graphic scalpel. The first thing I try to engrave large areas such as the arms in this case. In advance that we think that we will cut the bracelet, stainless ie one move. Even with such small pieces occasionally tackle.

Hands should be done, I shall pass to the hair, as to them can cut out the neck and shoulders. I came up with hair brushed up, so I try to depict him.

And passes to the dress itself. It is simple and effective.

Originally I wanted to still the middle of the florets to make some small dots or triangles, but this is how it seemed good. A photo of the finished work.

In this way the image looks before drawing white taped bottom same hole.

A picture in my gallery outfitted with a frame and with which he can buy for me.

I hope you like the picture that I was a little bit inspired, and I will be comforted if you try anyone.

Thanks for visiting our website. Keep creating with K4Craft!

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