10 Activites To Do at Human Rights Day For Kids

Human Rights Day!

10 December is special for all of us as it is the day, the United Nations adopted a universal set of human rights. We honour this milestone towards creating a more free and equal world. Here, we present you some craft ideas and activities to do for kids.

Easy to make Human Rights Activities for School Children

We all wish yo live in a World where no rights are violated by any means. We aspires for the society to understand the rights and duties of each and every citizen. Such arrangements are important for a society to strive. The Human Rights ensure that every human gets equal and justified Rights. This makes room for development of the mankind on the whole. Human Rights day is celebrated all across the World to make the people aware of their Rights and the right way to exercise the rights. The most important part of the society are the kids. So every school celebrated the Human Rights Day to teach the students about different Rights and initiating conversations around thr

Make a World Wishes Dove

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We all wish for a better tomorrow. What can be better than nothing down all our wishes and whims on a page and working hard to make them true. It is all our efforts which bring about change and help in bringing a better tomorrow to reality. You can give out these pigeon making craft activities to the students. Cut the pigeon shapes. Let the students paint or color the pigeons. Kids can write their wishes at the back of the pigeon art. This looks pretty. Add an eye to the pigeon head with the help of a black sharpie pen. This completes the pigeon craft.

Make a Human Rights Day card

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A card is the best way to show your gratitude and shower your live towards others. The students can also make a Human Rights Day Card. This card can be gifted to anyone. The kids can give these cards to their parents, friends, siblings, grandparents, relatives, etc. These Human Rights Day cards are really easy to make. Hand out half folded white sheets to the students. Ask the students to make some human elements and to write different messages to inculcate humanity in the students and the receiver of the card. This surely looks pretty. Such cards can be easily made by students. You can always add finishing touches to the child made cards.

Make some humans you like the most

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Humans are everywhere, but we all have our favourite set of humans. We have some humans whom we prefer more than the others Everytime. You can even hold an activity of making favourite humans at school on Human Rights Day. The students can try to make and cut out the colorful clothes, faces, limbs, hair, etc. For their favourite humans. This way you will get to know the motor skills of the kids. The scissors must be used in the supervision of an adult. Kids must be encouraged to come up with new ideas and share them with respect to crafts.

Pray for peace with your craft

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Wreaths are easy to make and look pretty. We most often make wreaths for festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Children’s Day, etc. Let us today make a wreath for Human Rights Day. This wreath is really easy to make. Kids will love to experiment with this new craft idea. Give out colored sheets to kids to make this beautiful wreath. Help them make a wide ring of paper. Trace the kid’s hand on paper and cut the traced hands out. This will be the filling in the wreath design. These hands represent the different humans we have all around us. Add a Peace note at the top of the wreath. This makes for a great craft idea. Kids can color the wreath as per their choice of color.

Learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human Rights Day is a very important day to be celebrated at schools. You can introduce an activity for the students which teaches the students all about the Human Rights. You can include poster making competitions, debates, speeches, etc. Also installing artworks and posters telling about Human Rights Day will help a lot in educating the students Human Rights. This knowledge is very important so that the students learn and understand the importance as well as learn not to misuse the Rights. The knowledge about the rights comes with the responsibility of Duties. The students must be taught to strike the perfect balance between the two.

Make toys and play games that children

Kids always live to make new things. We can bring the streak to form new things from old and used material. This way the students will not only learn about their Rights but also about their duties towards this society and the planet Earth. Reusing and recycling the old stuff is very important in today’s world. Along with recycling, the kids can make footballs and other kinds of toys for themselves. Making toys and games will make it more fun for the kids. Kids will surely live this Human Rights Day activity.

Watch some UNICEF Cartoons for Child’s Rights together

 Every child watches TV. Specifically they prefer to watch cartoons. Every child is interested in watching TV and cartoons. We can also arrange for cartoon viewing sessions on Human Rights Day. The Cartoons shown on these days must include human rights elements. These cartoons must be educational. The cartoon series shown must give out some social message to the students. The message must be suitable for the age of the kids. They must not be shown cartoons which are beyond their apprehension.

We hope you liked all these easy to make Human Rights Day activities for school children. Kids will surely love to do the see fun activities. You can make these activities more and more interesting by being creative. You can check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful content. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

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