7 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift Tutorials Everyone will Love

Christmas is the best time of the year. It comes around a time when it is freezing cold outside, the kids have their holidays at school and everyone else in the gamily in a festive mood. Everyone is happy during this period. New year is coming up. All of the euphoria is accompanied by lots of work and meets and greets with relatives and friends. We all get tired as well with all this huge amount of work. We almost sometimes forget or fall short of time when it comes to selecting or packing the gifts for Christmas. Like always we have you covered if you are short on time. We have come up with some really nice last minute giftimg options for Christmas. Let us check them out one by one.

1. DIY Cardboard Christmas Fireplace (Tutorial)

Fireplace is an important aspect aspect of Christmas. We have all grew up into an age where environment is degrading fast and we do not rely on logs of wood for the warmth in the cold months of winter anymore. But we always like to have a little fireplace at home at the time of Christmas. So this old boxes made fireplace is the perfect solution for all the woes. This craft is easy to make and it actually upscales the waste cardboard boxes, so it is good for the envoronment. The final DIY fireplace is lightweight and can be placed anywhere in house. You can easily adjust the height and width of the fireplace craft by deciding the number of boxes to be used. You can decorate the fireplace with mantel covers and hangings fit for the occasion. The DIY fireplace takes very less time to build.

2. DIY Creative Pasta Christmas Tree Tutorial

Christmas trees are a must on the occassion of Christmas. We all look forward to having a Christmas tree in the hall of the home. This is a nice and easy Christmas craft. It can be easily made with the supplies available at home. Kids can also easily make this beautiful Christmas tree DIY project. It will look great with all the decorations and fairy lights. Due to its small size it can aldo be put up in a small apartment. Even the high school students can make this Christmas tree and put it up in their dorm room.

3. DIY Cloth Christmas Poinsettia Tutorial

Working with cloth crafts this Chrostmas will be great fun. Ditching the paper crafts for a better tomorrow should be our motto. These poinsettas are bright and perfect for Christmas decor. These beautiful crafty projects use wires, cloth and ribbon. You must make sure that you bend the sharp metal wire edges so as to hurt none. The red and green combination of the petals and the leaves looks great and is in unison with the colors of Christmas. You can make several poinsettas and set them up like a bouquet in a vessel. You can keep the bouquet vase on the dining table.

4. DIY Colorful Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial

This is an easy and really pretty Chrostmas craft idea. This Christmas craft DIY project can be accomplished by kids as well. It is a perfect last minute craft for busy moms. The children will love to do the pasting work. You can get a customised punch from the market for cutting out the shapes for the Christmas tree. This beautiful paper craft Chrostmas tree will look nice with a well laid table, filled with sumptuous food. You can make different sized Christmas trees and add them to the dining table. Do not keep them alongside candles as they may catch fire. These Christmas trees do not take up much space, so you can make them for small and cramped up apartments too.

5. DIY Christmas Yarn Star Tutorial

This is a sweet Christmas decoration idea. Kids will love to make these stars. This woollen thread Christmas tree star looks cool. This craft is an amalgamation of thread art and fixtures. You must keep careful while working with nails or thumbpins. The woollen thread mist be dipped in glue and water mixture properly. You must always let it dry before you remove ut from the set stencil. Always keep some thread on the side to help in hanging the star. You can make these stars in different colors of wool. Hang them on the Christmas tree or on top of the fireplace, you can even hang some in a bunting.

6. DIY Socks Baby Christmas Shoes Tutorial

These are some really cute child booties. If you know some needle worl, this is the perfect last minite Christmas craft for you. You can make these boots using small pieces of cloth with some polyfill or foam sheet. Decorate the booties with lace or sequins to make them look pretty. Thes ebotties are really easy to make and perfect for Christmas vibes. You can make these boots in different colors and hang the pair of boots near the fireplace.

7. DIY Quilled Christmas Tree Card Internet Tutorial

This is a very beautiful pom pom pattern quilling design Christmas tree. It can be used on the covers of  Christmas cards or even for table layouts. These Christmas craft DIY projects are really easy to make. While cutting small strips on the sides of the quilling strip you must be careful not to cut the whole strip and make sure you make thin strips. Add golden balls and golden ribbon for better effects. You can also add white quilling strips to the bottom to add snow effect to the Christmas tree.

We hope you liked all these last minite Christmas craft ideas. We wish all our reader a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you have great festivities. You can check out related articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such interesting and useful content soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 craft!

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