20 Awesome Teachers’ Day Gift Ideas with Thank You Cards!

Teachers have the hardest job in the world…sometimes we have no idea how much time, love and preparation go into planning for our kids to have a good education!

It is rightly said that teachers play an important role in shaping one’s future. They lay the basic foundation of building moral and social values thus, helping in building a positive personality. As a child, after our parents, we spend most of our time with the teachers and they serve the role of caregivers at school.

Throughout our lives, we come across different types of teachers-some are strict, some are lenient, all of them have their different teaching styles and with some we share an extremely close bond. A bond that is not just restricted to professional boundaries and that makes us to share all our problems with our teachers.

One thing that’s common among the wide gamut of teacher’s is their love for us. No matter what they have always been there to guide us, support us, care for us and motivate us to leaps and bounds. During those tough times, when we are surrounded by the clouds of self-doubt, our teachers hold us exhibiting immense faith in us and keep us going. No matter how we treat them, they always wish for our good and pray for our well-being.

Ideally, we should treat them nicely the entire year, but at least one day in the entire year “5th of September” i.e celebrated as the Teacher’s Day, it is our duty to make our teachers feel special and loved and to thank them for all that they have done for us.

Teacher’s Day Gift Craft Ideas & Tutorials

Here are easy homemade Teacher Appreciation DIY cards and gift ideas. Give your teacher a personalized token of thanks by crafting your own, one-of-a-kind creation. Even the simplest gift is an A-plus way to show you care.

1. DIY Badge And Trophy

Gift your favorite teacher a beautiful badge and trophy saying “Best Teacher”.

For the badge, take 2 3 strips of red colored sheet and fold it inwards and outwards just like we do while making a paper fan and once done, paste all the strips together end-to-end making a circular base. Cut out two small circles from silver colored glitter sheet and paste them in the front and back of the red base, write ‘best teacher’ on a white colored circle and paste it over the silver circle. Cut out two strands from the red sheet and make a triangular incision at its ends, paste them beneath the red base and your badge is ready to be pinned.
For the trophy, Take a small globe and use a glue gun to outline the boundaries and fill them up with glue so as to add some texture. Let it dry and once done, paint the entire globe ith golden acrylic paint. Cover up a small box and write Best Teacher on its front side for making the base of your trophy. Stick the globe to the base and your trophy is all set to be gifted.

2. DIY Flower Cone

Why to waste your money on bouquets when you can make flower cones at home? This teacher’s day, gift your teacher a handmade flower cone.
Make a cone from a white sheet by cutting out a template and sticking all the ends.
For the flower, cut out a small circle from a ribbon, slightly burn the edge and twist it a little and then follow the easy steps shown in this tutorial.

3. DIY Colorful Vase

This is the perfect idea for those who wish to gift something useful to their teachers. All you need is a transparent glass, set of pencil colors, some wool and a black chit.
Use double tape to stick the pencil colors all around the bottom of the glass and cover the rest of the above part by wrapping it in bright colored wool. Stick the black chit on the bottom pencil base and write whatever message you wish to convey to your teacher and your versatile gift is ready. Your teacher can use it as vase, pen stand, glass etc. Watch this video for reference:

4. 6 Easy Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas.

For the ones who wish to do something creative and out of the box, without indulging in any typical crafts or drawing, we have these super easy yet attractive gift ideas that will surprise your teacher and will hardly require 5 to 10 minutes.

All you need is creative quotient and some readily available materials like highliters, pen-set, colored sheets and paint, stick-ons and a packet of blue lays or other eatables with blue packing. Sounds weird right? But yes, you can actually gift these things and that too in a way that your teacher will actually love your surprise. All that you have to do is add a personalised tect with each of these gifts, something like:

“you are the HI-LITE of my year” with the highliters.
A to-do list stating “change lives, make a difference and be a hero” with the pen-set
“Thankyou for STICKING with me and helping me learn” with the stick-ons.

5. Recycled Flower Pot

Take a plastic container and some wooden sticks and paint the former red and the latter black. Now take some colored sheets and cut out small flowers from them and cut out two big green leaves from a green sheet. You are ready with all the materials and you just need to arrange them.

Crush some newspaper and place it inside the container leaving one fourth of the space on the top. Take the leaves and wrap them on the rim of the container using a rope. Now fill in the space left with some garden soil so as to give your pot a real look, paste the flowers on the wooden sticks and insert the sticks in the soil thereby completing your flower pot.

6. DIY Teacher Survival Kit

If you wish to gift your teacher something unique, then this idea of a survival kit is the best option for you. It will help your teacher to keep going in his/her tough times. All you need are some easily available materials and again, a special reason for its existence in the kit.

  • Chewing Gum: to stick to it.
  • Push-pins: to pass through a tough day.
  • Lotion: to relax.
  • Hand-sanitizer: to keep germs away.

Watch this video to see the full idea:

7. DIY Teacher’s Day Card

Gifting a handmade card is the most basic way to tell your teacher that she is special and rather than buying an expensive card, watch this video to get an idea of making a simple, easy and beautiful card for your teacher:

8. DIY Last Minute Teacher’s Day Card Ideas

For the ones, who have a habit of doing everything at last minute and are not able to do anything good because of time constraints, we have an amazing last minute idea that you can use for making a card for your teacher. All you require is a yellow sheet, some straws, black and red paint and markers. Just cut the straws, three small and two big and make incisions at one end. Paint the small ones black and big ones red and paste it on the yellow sheet. Use marker to draw bees over the straws and write Happy Teachers Day on the top and you are done with it. Refer to this tutorial:

9. Teacher’s day ‘KING’ card

DIY tutorial is all about Teacher’s day card!! Super simple tutorial to try out this Teacher’s day and Surprise up your Guru’s 🙂

Perfect Teacher Gifts They Will Love. via my-list-of-lists

10. Lovely Card with beautiful quote

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. Teacher Gift Thank You Teachers Who Love by Ruby Canoe Design.

11. Recycled Flower Pot:

DIY tutorial is all about Teacher’s day Recycled Flower Pot making idea!! Super simple tutorial to try out this Teacher’s day and Surprise up your teacher 🙂

Simple and unique mini mint plant – Special git to teacher: You were mint to teach!

12. Thank you for Bee-ing a Great Teacher

If you too haven’t thought what your little ones will present to their teachers, this Teacher’s Day, we bring you some really easy and cool looking cards and gift ideas.

13. The 25 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers

Infographic serves as a heartfelt thank you to all of the teachers worldwide! via e-learning-info-graphics

14. Thank you DIY awesome bookmark idea

15. DIY: Easy “Accordion Fold” Thank you Card (Handmade Gift)

16. Thank you teacher apple shape paper card

via TeacherDayQuotes


For all of the wonderful things you do… Here’s a round of applause and a great BIG THANK YOU!!!

18. Amazing gift card holder

Amazon amazing gift card holder – The Early Bird Boutique. via etsy

19. A Teachers day Thank You Card

20. Apple shaped Teachers day Card for Preschool Students

Teacher card Apple shaped card by Kim. via the-cutting-cafe

Today, on Teachers’ Day, call them up. Wish them on Facebook. Or surprise them with a visit. Old students remembering them is what makes their job rewarding. And this, you owe them.

Hope you liked these Teacher’s day craft tutorials. This teacher’s day gift you teachers a smile and make them feel special and loved with these amazing and easy craft ideas. They do a lot for us, its our chance to thank them for all that they have done and express our gratitude.

Stay tuned to our website for some unique and easy special themed crafts ideas to suit your needs.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

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