Simple Diwali Card Making Ideas to Celebrate Diwali

K4 Craft brought to you Diwali card ideas to make this occasion full of memory. This festival is special for many reason. It is time, when we meet several people. We can make this meeting memorable with simple cards.

Diwali, which is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all over India, is one of the biggest festivals. On this prosperous day, people decorate their houses with lights and beautiful crafts. They make rangoli in their houses, exchange sweets, and gifts after the Laxmi Pooja. You can also craft simple Diwali Card ideas to give them to your relatives on this Diwali festival. Thus, we have compiled a list of beautiful Card ideas that you can make at home with easily available material. You can take the help of your kids in the same as they are easy to make.

Beautiful and Simple Diwali Card Ideas

Simple Diwali Card ideas

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If you wish to keep your gifting card simple and beautiful, you can refer to the above image and source. The Diya in the card can be made with the help of quilling strips and quilling pen. You can make the pattern on the left with doodling pens and use wooden alphabets for the words on the card. These are perfect to go along with sweets.

Beautiful Diwali Card Design

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With the help of crushed textured crepe paper, and glitter you can make the above card without any hassle. These will enhance the beauty of the festival as they match the auspicious occasion. You can use multiple layers for this Simple Diwali Card Idea. The material used is easily available. You can refer to the above image for the idea.

Happy Diwali Card Ideas

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If you are planning to gift a high number of cards, apart from crafting your own Simple Diwali Cards, you can also ask a card making shop to do that for you. Thus, your efforts will be saved, and you can get them at a cheap price if bought in bulk. You can refer to the above design and use it on this Diwali.

Diwali Card Design based on a Diya

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Diya is an important element of the Diwali Festival. Diya drawing represents simplicity and the light on this occasion. In most of the houses, people still prefer Diya over candles for Diwali. You can make a card of this important element of Diwali which can go along with your gifts and packages.

Beautiful Ganesh Ji Diwali Card idea

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The Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess Saraswati, and the lord Ganesha are worship during the Diwali Pooja. Lord Ganesha represents the new beginning and brings hope. You can make this design of simple Diwali Card ideas, that has the symbol of Lord Ganesha on the front as in the above image. With simple and easily available items, you can easily make this representation on a mustard-colored sheet folded in half. On the inside, you can quote Diwali wishes in beautiful calligraphy.

Diwali Pop-up Card Idea

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There are a lot of fans of these Pop-up cards. They show a lot of effort combined with the beauty of the cards. Your acquaintances will definitely love them. You can gift this Simple Diwali Card Idea by crafting it at home. It will not need any painting. Just some small diyas and the Happy Diwali cut from a white sheet. The pop-up design can be made with the help of scissors and scale.

Beautiful Diwali Card idea with Diyas

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Another Simple Diwali Card Idea with the pop-up design. This is made with the help of a white sheet and uses glitter for the Diyas. Also, the font of the calligraphy can be changed or you can even use your own quote. By keeping this card simple, it can give a positive impact along with your gifts.

Card Design Ideas for kids

Image Source: Tinker lab

Do you wanna involve your kids too in crafting these Simple Diwali Card Ideas? You can ask them to make a similar card as above. They can gift these to their friends and even exchanges with their brothers and sisters. So that they don’t feel left out in this card crafting activity.

Candle Design Card for Diwali

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We all know how important Diyas and candles are when it comes to the Diwali Festival. You can make this candle design on a card as in the above image with the help of ribbons. With a dark-colored card, you can use white color or whitener to writer Diwali wishes and draw candle flames.

Simple Diwali Card Ideas using Paper quilling

With the Art of quilling, you can make anything in the craft world. Such a thing is above Diwali Card. The quilling can be made to use firecrackers, Diyas, lights or anything else which resembles Diwali. You can even write with the help of quilling. Only, one must know the right art of doing so.

We hope you liked all these beautiful and easy to make Diwali cards. We hope they bring a smile to the faces of the people who receive these cards from you. May all our readers be blessed with a great year ahead. We wish you all a very happy Diwali. You can check out other such articles on K4 Craft. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful content for you soon and ponder on your feedback and come back improved for you. Keep creating great crafts.

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