Pumpkin Craft Ideas for Home Décor to Celebrate Halloween

Looking for fun and unique ways to embellish your pumpkins for fall? These creative Pumpkin Craft decorating ideas will offer you some serious inspo! So, get your glue gun ready and try these inspiring ideas!

Every year we have the pressure and urge to find new ideas to create a beautiful setting for a party. Now we have you covered for every occasion. Pumpkins are widely used on different occasions. They are used as decorations and props for Halloween. Pumpkins can also be used as showpieces. But for all these beautiful pumpkin craft ideas you will need to have lots of patience and the desire to beautify these so simple pumpkins. Slowly you will learn your favourite to make designs. Let us check out these pretty designs.

Pumpkin Craft Ideas for Home Décor

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1. Craft patterns on pumpkin

Image source / Tutorial: sunnysideupdesigns

Geometrical designs give rise to symmetry and beautiful aesthetics. These are some pretty Geometrical designs for you. You can design your pumpkins for this Halloween with some Geometrical patterns. They look pretty and add a different element to the decorations. You can use different shapes and designs. You can mix colors and also create a mosaic.

2. Halloween touch Pumpkin craft idea

Image source / Tutorial: saffronavenue

With Halloween round the corner, you can try some of these beautiful craft ideas. This beautiful pumpkin craft can be made with the help of beads and white paint. Form beautiful patterns on the pumpkin skin using the beads. These beautiful pumpkins act as ornaments inside the home. You can make these pumpkins in different sizes and designs. These pumpkins will also be a great option to add to the table on Halloween.

3. Patterned Pumpkin craft ideas

Image source / Tutorial: bhg

These are some really pretty patterned pumpkin crafts. These beautiful pumpkins have leaf patterns. One of the idea is to decorate the pumpkin with straight patterns along the depths of the pumpkin skin. You can even design some larger leaves on the pumpkin skin. This looks pretty. You can design pumpkin crafts in similar colored patterns and Create a cluster of them for better visual effects. These will look pretty set along with candles on a Halloween night.

4. Beautifully painted pumpkin craft ideas for you

Image source / Tutorial: confessionsofaplateaddict

Motifs are a design which are in our blood. We have been long trying out different block designs and prints. This craft idea just brings the same streak of creativity out of our system. The solid base color of the pumpkin has a different sheen to itself. Choose some easy designs for this pumpkin craft. Now you can choose the number of times you want to try and replicate these motifs. The size and number of motifs are inversely related to each other. These designs look pretty.

5. Perfect Pumpkin craft ideas for laying a table

Image source / Tutorial: midwestliving

Adding a single motif on a plain painted pumpkin looks pretty. This way all the attention is focused on the single motif on the pumpkin. The best combinations to try are contrasting colors. You can try out different designs and shapes. It will be better if you try some shapes and designs which are related to Halloween or Autumn season. This will add relevance to the pumpkin craft designs. This looks edgy and beautiful.

6. Beautifully patterned pumpkin craft idea

Image source / Tutorial: marthastewart

We all love 3D craft versions of crafts. This beautiful Autumn themes pumpkin craft comes with a beautiful combination of pastel pink base and 3D leaves stuck on the pumpkin skin. The 3D leaves are painted as the leaves have dried out. These leaves patterns look pretty and enticing. You can design and improvise these leaves as per your own choice. You can even add dried berries made of clay or plasticine. These 3D pumpkins will add beauty to the Halloween setting. You can also use it as a showpiece.

7. Beautiful white and gold patterned pumpkin craft idea

Image source / Tutorial: lovelyindeed

White and gold is always a stunner. This beautiful color combination never goes out of fashion. You can make these beautiful pumpkin designs either by using paint and brush or by using golden tape. You can also try out the opposite combination where the base is golden and white paint is used to make patterns. This looks pretty and can be used as a show piece at home. Your kids can also try a hand at this pretty craft. Paint the stalk of the pumpkin in golden color.

8. Beautiful thumb pin Crafts for pumpkin

Image source / Tutorial: countryliving

This is a really easy to make pumpkin Craft. You need to start with a matte finish paint. The thumb pins design can be decided by you. You can write something on the pumpkin with the help of thumb pins or draw something with the help of the thumb pins on this pumpkin Craft. It will act as a great show piece at home.

9. Fine Arts Pumpkin crafts

Image source / Tutorial: craftberrybush

If you have a steady and beautiful hand at painting, you can surely try this beautiful floral art pumpkin design. This pumpkin Craft will take time to get completed and will surely test your patience. The white base of the pumpkin adds more beauty to the bright blue designs painted on it. You can use these pretty pumpkins to decorate your home on various occasions. You can even draw patterns on the pumpkin which compliment the china china dishes at your home.

10. Foil patterned Pumpkin craft for you

Image source / Tutorial: womansday

This is a really pretty pumpkin painting DIY. The matte finish of the grey paint is phenomenal. The silver stickers pasted on top of the matte grey paint add to the beauty of this pumpkin Craft. You can use this beautiful pumpkin Craft idea for Halloween decoration ideas or even to add a zing to your interior décor. Your kids can even paint these pumpkins. You must always lay some newspaper to avoid the mess caused while painting. You can also try some pastel base colors.

11. Bright color drip Pumpkin crafts

Image source / Tutorial: dreamalittlebigger

You can include your kids in this Beautiful pumpkin craft. You will need white along with other colorful paints. Start by giving a base coat to the pumpkin. The color drip all around the pumpkin looks great. You can experiment with different mediums and colors. Your kids will love this pumpkin painting activity. You can even rotate the pumpkin along with dripping the wet paint.

12. Beautifully marbled pumpkins

Image source / Tutorial: aliceandlois

This is a beautiful marbling effect rendered on the pumpkin skin. The marbling effect can be given in different color combinations. Marbling can get messy at times so one must wear apron and gloves to avoid getting really dirty. You can always experiment by adding different dyes and glitter powder. This will ad different waves and curves to the marbled pumpkin surface. Such marbled effects are unexpected and look pretty.

13. Bold Quotes pumpkin crafts

Image source / Tutorial: studiodiy

These are some really strong and bold statement-making pumpkins. These pumpkins will stand out in your interior décor. The pastel shade base coat of the pumpkins provides a great standoff for the black and bold quotes on the fore. You can write different kinds of quotes on these pumpkins. The quotes can be event-specific or life mottos. You can choose different scripts to write quotes and gain attention. The only difficulty that might be faced in this craft is writing on the curved surface of the pumpkin. You can use stencils or paper sheets to make your work easier. You can make multiple pumpkin designs and stack them at your home. They will look good when kept together.

30 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Halloween

We hope you liked all these beautiful pumpkin craft ideas. They will surely add up to your interior decoration. You can check out other DIY projects that K4 Craft. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such useful content soon. Keep creating with K4 Craft!

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