Pop up Cards : Best Compilation For You

Cards are the best way to show your feelings and emotions. When we give somebody hand made cards that increases the grace and elegance of the card. It accentuates our feelings. We even enjoy and put in our love in making a card. Our efforts and creativity both are fused together and that moves the receiver’s heart. It can bring about great changes. It gives rise to positivity and love among the people. Cards can be occasion specific or feeling specific or we could be giving somebody a card just because we feel like giving one. Pop-up cards are filled with intricacies but are surely easy to make. The intricacies show that life is complicated as well. Pop-up cards have great effect on the receiver.

Diy Flower Pop up Card

Take a black or dark grey A4 sheet and fold it in half lengthwise. Cut a heart shape on this folded sheet. Be careful with the crease. Now take kite paper sheets, eight in number and align them on top of each other. Now fold the sheets in half and sew them at the rib. Take a round object and take a marking of it on these folded sheets. Now using a stencil make semi-circles at the edges of this circle. Cut at the outer markings. Take the circular portion and draw lines joining the mid rib with the ends of the mounds. Each fold shall have alternate lines. Take up a glue bottle and paste adjacent sheets on the alternate lines. Now once dried you get a beautiful design. Now paste this design on the grey heart shape. Your pop-up card is ready to cheer up the hearts of others. For better understanding look up:

DIY Flower Bouquet Pop up Card

Let us make a floral card. This can be used on congratulatory or grieving occasions as well. Take an A4 size dark grey bond paper sheet for the base. Mark a point at 8cm from the top and the at 19cm from the top, that is 11cm from the previous point. Mark a line of 6.5cm from the first point horizontally and a line of 2cm from the second mark. Now cut along the horizontal lines. Mark a point 3cm above the smaller line. Now fold the lines till the new point. Open the card and pop the triangles inside. Be careful with the edges of the folds. Take a beautiful sheet and cut the triangles of exact size to cover the folds. Now paste the card on a back sheet. Try opening and closing, and ensure ease in the process. Cut 10cm long thin green strips for the flower stalks in the bouquet. Now paste these thin strips on the inside of the bouquet. Ensure enough strips. Now take colourful paper to make flowers. Cut 3x3cm squares from the coloured sheets. Now fold the squares in half diagonally. Then again fold it in half, then once more. Now cut the end in a curve. When you open the folds you get a beautiful flower. Make many flowers of this kind. Once you have enough, start showing their presence in the bouquet. Paste the flowers on the green stems, in and around the bouquet. Make a red coloured bow and paste it in the gap between the bigger and smaller triangles. Your bouquet is ready to be gifted. For better understanding look up:

Handmade Birthday Card

Let us start with a cute birthday card. Take an A4 sized white drawing sheet. Now fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Taking a yellow sheet cut a few circles from it of the same size. Now make emojis out of these yellow circles. We are going to make the card fun, and what can be funnier than some laughable emojis. You may go on with using different coloured sheets and stickers, or draw with a marker. Now paste these emojis on a colourful thread. You can make a thread by rolling colourful threads or may buy one. Paste the threaded emojis on the card, secure the thread as if all the emojis are balloons and they stem from a common base. Make a strip out of black and white paper and stick it over the threads using double tape. Write “Happy Birthday” on the strip with a black marker and fine hand writing. Now use yellow quilling strip to line the edges of the front of the card. Cut balloons from different coloured sheets and thread them at the base. Once done paste the balloons side by side to each other. Tie the threads of the balloons together. Cut off excessive length of the thread. Now stick the ends of the balloon design to the card. Now we have a fun balloon popping card. Write fun captions or moments in the receiver’s life to mark the beautiful life. For better understanding look up:

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