Indoor and Outdoor Family Reunion Game Ideas For All Ages

While saying the word family, the first thing that comes to the mind is group of people living together as brothers and sisters with their mother and father. But in today’s new world, family means a lot more than this. A family can mean a lot more than this. A family of club members, a family of company employees, people working together have now started using this word for strengthening the bond. Especially the organizations which want to build a culture in their company.

Apart from this, even relatives come under family. So, what to do when these many people, the numbers vary a lot, are at the same place and at the same time for a get-together? Apart from the gossips, you can opt for many fun activities which can make the feelings more stronger and develop healthy relationships within the Family. Thus, for your ease, we have listed down a few indoor and outdoor family reunion game ideas which you can go for the next time your family has a chance to come under the same roof.

Family Reunion Game Ideas

Watermelon Eating

The watermelons are loved by the majority of the people during summers. Their juicy and mouth-watering looks are enough to make everyone jump in and grab them for a bite. You can use this as an advantage to Family Reunion Game Ideas and also have fun along with the food. This will teach the family the importance of sharing the food amongst themselves. Or you can go for a race and ask them to eat as much as they can with the help of their hands. As the inner fruit part is soft, this can be easily torn with bare hands. Obviously there will be a bit messy, but the fun is guaranteed.

Water Balloon Volleyball

The most famous Family Reunion Game Idea is playing volleyball with water balloons. To make it tougher, you can use oil on the balloons so that they become slippery and the difficulty to catch them increase. For the kids, you can provide them with towels so that they can catch them and the competition is at the same level. At the start, fill a good number of water balloons as, during the game, the players are gonna miss a lot of catches. Thus, avoiding the wait time while playing volleyball with water balloons.

DIY Giant Jenga

The Giant Jenga is one of the famous games and it requires thoughtfulness, accuracy, and steadiness. Thus, making it more difficult as compared to other games on the list. In the initial period of the game, it is quite easy but the difficulty increase as the game progresses. Apart from all this, Family Reunion Game Ideas can be useful to build the bonds in the same team and introduce competency and challenges for the opposite team. Thus, having a DIY Giant Jenga can be quite useful in such events of family reunions.

DIY Ker-Plunk Game

This is a very interesting game of balls. The set-up of the game is easy to make and the game is fun to play. Start with a wooden stool with no top on it. Paint the stool in a bright color. Now take a wire mesh and make a cylinder using the mesh on it. Make the mesh rest on the stool. Now intrude some wooden dowels at a certain level of the net cylinder. Once you have propped in, enough number of dowels, pour the plastic balls on the cylinder. Now when you pull out the dowels least number of balls must fall down. The one who gets the least fallen balls wins.

Family Reunion Game : Life Size Angry Birds

We all have played angry birds in our smartphones and tablets. Even the little ones know and love playing this game. But did you know you can create your own outdoor angry birds game? As shown in the image. you can set up the targets and ask the family members to hit them with the plastic balls so that the pigs fall down on the ground. You can do it turn by turn, and measure the winner by the number of balls used. Or you can ask them to go simultaneously and count how many pigs the individual teams hit the pigs. You can change the set up after each round trying to make it more difficult.

Hungry Human Hippos

This Family Reunion Game Ideas can be played in a pair of two members in each team. The goal is to collect the maximum number of balls under the bucket and keep it inside the bucket only. One member will lie down to collect the balls and the other member will hold the legs and make the first member move from one place to another, thus requiring coordination and understanding with managing a time limit of 1 minute.

Flamingo Ring Toss

This Family Reunion Game Ideas require flamingos as they have long necks and are beautiful too. You can use another similar animal, bird or object for the same. But try to keep it as close to a realistic target as possible. The objective is to toss as many rings into the flamingos’ neck as possible. The team with maximum rings at the end within a specified time limit wins.

DIY Guess Who Game

Guess who game can be useful if you want to make the family members know each other easily. Such as getting the in-laws of the bride and the groom interact more. Also, with the name and the relation of the member with the bride or groom, you can also ask them to tell one line which they think or feel about another member. You can print the photographs in passport size for generalizing all the images. You boards for this Family Reunion Game Ideas.

Lawn Twister

We all know about the color dance game we play indoors. But taking it outdoors will increase the fun and space also. Even if you fall, you won’t get hurt as it will be on the grass and not the floor in the halls. You should get the colors for this Family Reunion Game Ideas that don’t spoil the clothes. You can go for watercolors which will be removed with just a wash, or powder colors too. Avoid acrylic paint as they are not easy to wash and will damage the clothes.

Squirt Gun Painting

We all love to play with water and paints. You can make some beautiful marble paper using a squirt gun. Take some hard white sheets of paper. Now fill up your squirt gun with some paint. You can make different pigment filled guns for your cousins. Shoot the paper sheets with the squirt gun along with your siblings and cousins. Your squirts will create different patterns on the paper sheet. Let it dry. You can use these sheets to make colorful cards or decorate your home. You may also cover your notebooks with these colorful paper sheets.

Family Feud

This is a homely version of the television series ‘The Family Feud’. You can play this game at home with all your family members. You can start by making two teams out of the whole family. The games starts with one member of each team sitting across each other. The teacher reads out a question and the team member who buzzes the buzzer first gets a chance to answer or pass on the question to the opponent. If one of the team gets three strikes, the question moves to the other team. If they happen to answer correctly they get the points and if not, they get no points.

DIY Yard Yahtzee

This is a typical yard yahtzee just on a bigger scale and moved outside on the lawn. All you need is some regularly cut wooden blocks. Take a wood burner. Mark the points where the wood burner is to be used to make the dots of the dice using a cloth pin. Make the dices as per the requirement. Be careful while using the wood burner as they tend to get hot while working. The usual rules of yard yahtzee apply to it.

Flipper Fill Up Relay Game

This is a really fun game to be played with your siblings and cousins in summer. Get a trough of water and pour water in it. Put some sponge pieces in it. Use string and a wooden board to make a sling for the game. Now help your water dipped sponge to cover the farthest distance upon throwing from the base line. You can even make it a team event or a just for fun game. You and your siblings will surely have fun with this sponge slinging game.

Board Walk Relay Game

This is a fun game to play with your siblings and friends. All of the players need to be blindfolded in the game. Mark and area of the dimensions 4×4 ft. Now each team chooses a director and all the team members except the directpr tie a blindfold. Now the opposite team places some items in the play area and the two team mebers are tied with a nylon rope. The director directs them to the various objects and back to the 4×4 marked area where every object needs to be placed. The time for thw collection of each article is calculated and the fastes team is given the highest points for collection of each item.

Piñata T Shirt Game

This is a beautiful pinata T-shirt shirt. You can play fun games with it. Take an old shirt and stick on it different kinds of chocolate and candies. Now when you move around, all the family members can pluck out the candies they like or want to eat. This makes all the family gatherings great fun. You can use double tape or super glue to glue on the candies to the shirt.

We hope you loved all these exciting family reunion games. We look forward to hearing your experiences with the same. Put up your comments and feedback in the comments section below. Do check out other related articles at K4 Craft. We will soon come up with more such articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft!

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