How to Draw a Pancake for Kids – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

What kid doesn’t love a stack of delicious and sweet pancakes? Well, guess what? That’s exactly what we’re gonna learn to draw today! Drawing is a great way to boost the imagination of young children. Drawing things that children see in their everyday life allows them to analyze things about them such as shape, size, texture. While we adults have become so used to this that we don’t even notice doing it anymore, the development of such visual and analytical skills is important in young children and the activity of drawing is a great way for them to learn just that.

How to Draw a Pancake

Things You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colour pencils/crayons

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Now, we’re gonna start by drawing an oval shape for our very first pancake in our stack of pancakes. Remember that we’re gonna make all the pancakes of the same size. So, adjust the size of your first pancake according to what you like.

2. Now, keep drawing more pancakes on that first one by drawing more oval shapes on top of it. Make sure that they’re more or less the same size.

3. Once you’re done drawing the pancakes, draw a small rectangle at the top of the stack, depicting a piece of butter. You can even draw syrup trickling down your stack of pancakes, as shown here. For the final touch, colour your drawing in.


There you have it! By following just a few simple steps, you too can draw a stack of pancakes. Children instinctively pick up pencils and crayons and begin drawing, but they’re not always happy with the drawing they end up with. By following a few simple and basic steps, any child, whether a beginner or not, can draw something and actually be proud of the results.

Download your own step-by-step instructions from K4 Craft and get started on your child’s learning journey today!

Soumyanetra Pal: