DIY Tutorial : Homemade Bird Feeder form Plastic Bottle

Plastic is widely used material these days, also a concern for all of us because of lack of recycling. It is duty of all the craft artists to use old used plastic bottle to turn them into useful products like bird feeder. These kind items will serve dual purpose, on one hand we will reduce burden of waste plastic, on the other hand, we can save some lives of beautiful creatures like bird with our little efforts.

On occasions like Earth day, these bird feeders are great idea to make these days special and memorable. We collected some amazing video tutorials for you to try some amazing bird feeder at home.

How To Make A Bird Feeder | DIY Homemade Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

How To Make A Bird Feeder/ DIY Homemade Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

For all those who love these beautiful creations …..lets welcome them to your home by making this simple and cute bird feeder at home….by using waste plastic at home.

How To Make A Bird Water Feeder | DIY Homemade Plastic Bottle Bird Water Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder using Recycled Bottles – HGTV Handmade

How to make a Bird Feeder at home

For our little flying fellows, in summer when they are hungry and thirsty, these plastic bottles can be live savors. Bird feeders will also add to green factor of your home. Tell us what you think about this idea by dropping us a line below 🙂

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