DIY: Learn To Make Wrapped Crystal Bracelet

This is a simple project of fun to play with bold bright colours of mixing the textures with acrylic rhinestones in setting it in combined form. With crafty embroidered thread. Versatile blanck cuffs are easy to embellish in any way. Like this way it is done.

Tools and Materials Required

  • 24 inches of embroidery thread
  • Rhinestones in settings
  • Super glue
  • Brass cuff


  • Start gluing the rhinestones to the bracelet. Let the stones pressed firmly for 30 seconds into the bracelets.
  • Glue the stones onto the cuff for 20 min (For cool cuff stop after this step.)
  • Or, tie on a piece of embroidery thread…
  • With this wrapping around and between the rhinestones begin.
  • At last, as you’ve wrapped your desired amount, tie another knot, trim the ends, and glue both knots in place with a dab of glue.
  • Let the whole DRY and ENJOY with FUN.

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