DIY : Learn To Make Cupids Arrow Food Picks

Planning on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? Then you might need these absolutely admirable cupid arrow food picks. Dress up dessert or an entree with these simple to make themed food picks.

What you need

  1. Pink felt
  2. White feathers or boa
  3. Craft glue
  4. Tooth picks


Make these adorable Cupids Arrow food picks for a fun party or romantic dinner.

  1. Cut out triangle-shapes from red or pink felt/card.
  2. Stick them on the tip of a tooth pick.
  3. Use another tooth pick to make the arrow’s back (We have used boa’s small white feathers but you can use cardstock if you can’t find feathers).

That’s all!

It is very simple to make and very adorable.

You can try out, other designs too.

Beautiful Cupid’s Arrow Food Picks

We all live to savour tasty food. Food has the ability to make us feel happy and good. To eat all this good food a nice cutlery is required. Food picks are an important part of the one time use cutlery. All the snacks and small food stuffs are eaten with the food picks. They are so widely used, that you will find them in the kitchen, at the parties, in the restaurants, in short just everywhere. This got us thinking, why are they so bland and plain. All these food picks are made of wood and nothing else. Nobody ever thought of adding some crafts to these homely food picks. We have come up with interesting and beautiful food picks designs for you to take your food picks to another level. These food picks are surely insta worthy and will beautify your food beyond measure.

White tail Cupid’s Arrow Food Pick


These are some really cute white colored food picks tails. They look pretty and are really easy to make. First of all take a lot of food picks in white color. You will need some white paper. Cut the paper in a rectangular shape. Cut two same rectangle and stick the food pick inside the rectangular piece. Now shape the rectangular piece of sheet in a arrow tail. Make regular cuts in the arrow tail to give it a feather touch. This look pretty. Now when you use these food picks in the food, they look like arrows in the food. This makes for a great food pick craft for birthday parties, anniversaries, get togethers. They go well with bright and pastel colored food.

Beautiful Cupid’s Arrow Food design


These are some really pretty Cupid’s Arrow food pick crafts. You can combine these beautiful food picks with small sized red velvet cupcakes. This will make for a great cupcake design. Take some food picks. Now cut out small sized hearts and some large sized hearts for the food picks. Bake the red velvet cupcakes. Add the cream on top. Decorate the cupcakes with some sprinkles or fondant hearts. Pass the food picks through the cupcakes. Now add the larger heart on one side of the food pick and the smaller sized heart shape on the other side. Paste the hearts with tape. This  makes it look as if the Cupid arrow has passed through the cupcake.

Jelly and pretzel sticks Cupid’s Arrow Food design


Pretzels are a joy to eat. This combination of pretzel and red jellies. You can use flavoured oR plain pretzels for these cute Cupid arrow food picks. You get some heart shaped jelly from the market or make your own jelly. Now cut equal sized pretzel pieces. Lay the pretzel pieces straight on a plate. Now pass the pretzel ends through the heart shaped jelly pieces. This gives result to beautiful heart shaped Cupid arrow food picks. It truly looks perfect. These food picks are perfect for. A date night or even Valentine’s Day.

Heart filled Tiffin Preparation with Cupid’s Arrow food picks


You can even make a complete tiffing of heart shaped goodies. This beautiful tiffing box is filled with really sweet goodies made in heart shape. You can give your beloved this tiffin box filled with different heart shaped food stuffs. The cupcakes, strawberries, bread, sandwiches, candies, all are shaped like a heart. You can make a beautiful food pick passing through the heart shaped sandwich. You can add a Hot pink arrow at the Apex of the food pick and add a hollowed heart on the other side made of felt cloth. This looks pretty. You can surely try this tiffing DIY for your loved ones on Valentine’s day.

We hope you loved all these beautiful food pick designs. These designs are perfect for your loved ones. They will surely live these. You can also use these designs for parties. These food picks will add beauty to your parties. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback and opinion in the comments section given below. You can also check out other related articles on K4 Craft. We will soon come up with more such interesting Content for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Craft.

Nidhi Sharma: