Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Tutorials

Father’s Day is coming!  So do something different this time, skip the store bought cards and same old gifts, and make something completely unique and from the heart. The men in our lives who have helped raise us and shape us into who we are today. Aren’t dads awesome?

So today I’ve rounded up some of the best DIY Father’s Day gifts that I’ve seen to get your wheels turning. Click on the link below image to take you to the full tutorial. Your dad is going to love it!

Here are 15 easy DIY Father’s Day gift ideas!

It’s a traditional way to show your love to Dad by making him a Father’s day card.

Father’s Day Candy Gram Poster plus lots of other cute gift ideas for Fathers Day. Get the tutorial here.

Father’s Day Book that will knock the socks off all the other gifts!! A beautifully designed and customized book, authored by you and your kids!

Make a keychain for Dad to take all the time. Ask your kids questions about Daddy and write down exactly what they say. This would make the Daddy laugh for years to come. Learn how to do here.

Make use of those random nuts and bolts that you have in your garage to create a brilliant gift for dad! Get the tutorial here.

Adorable Suit and Tie Pencil Cup Craft Father’s Day Gift Tutorial | Club Chica Circle

This card is easy to make by kids for Father’s day gift that would double as decor for Father’s Day. Get the tutorial here.

Make Innovative Father’s day Photo Frame, use pictures of Dads in each generation in a different frame for this ultimate family classic!

Popsicle Stick Sign: We all love lists, especially when it says nice things about us!! Get your school going kids to make this easy popsicle stick sign for Dad, listing out his various qualities.

This is a really sweet little craft that can be framed as a poster or turned into a card, not to mention a really innovative way of using hand and feet prints! With basic craft supplies, this ‘You are My Superhero‘ gift is a breeze to make!

Sometimes Dads get ties for Father’s day, Christmas, birthday etc. You may think not all Dads consider it a great gift. Especially a tie like one of these is too funny to wear. However, Keep in mind Dads love everything made by their children and a DIY tie is never out of time.

Custom photo keychain for Dad on this father’s day. Get a cute or funny pic of the whole family that’ll bring a smile every time he looks at it!

A iPhone holder is useful for your Daddy to free his hands and enjoy the time to watch a video. Learn how to do this simple but cute iPhone holder here.

DIY Knit a Beer Mug Hug Designed by Kirstie McLeod. Get the tutorial Tutorial

DIY Father’s Day Framed Baby Footprint Gift.

So you see, you don’t need elaborate or expensive gifts for Father’s Day to make the special Dad in your family feel special. Some basic craft supplies and a little time will go a long way in keeping Dad happy not just for this one day, but for the rest of the year. Keep creating with K4Craft!

Need even more ideas? Be sure to follow my Father’s Day Pinterest board!

So tell us, what are you doing for Father’s Day?