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It’s sad to know that in a country like India, traditional festivities and art forms are losing their grandeur with each passing day. Be it traditional dance forms like Bihu of Assam, Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu or traditional festivals like Onam vastly celebrated in Kerala, the grand festivity of these art forms and occasions have transformed and been limited within the lonely cities. There was a time when these festivals were celebrated with sheer enthusiasm and children all over the country were taught about these traditional festivals, their significance and the cultural diversity of India but today their existence remains confined in the hearts of the local people of the city.

With the passing years, India is losing its cultural and traditional heritage and it is the high time that we take a step forward to promote these fading festivities and art forms.

Onam which was marked by the sadya, payasam, pookkalam or the pulikali dance form today strives to be even known as a traditional festival.  Though traditionally a festival of Malyalees, this Onam, tell your child and other relatives about this vibrant festival through these Onam special crafts:

1. DIY Silk Thread Ear Rings

Wearing beautiful silk sarees is a must in all the festivals of the South States and to match up the beauty of those intricately designed sarees, we have the perfect option of making a DIY Ear Ring from Silk Thread which will not only just match up with your saree but will also enhance its beauty.

Take a circular wooden base for your earring and carefully start wrapping the silk thread along it, with the help of a stick. When you are done wrapping half of the thread, insert the hook to construct the upper part of the earring and continue with the wrapping. Once done, glue the end of the thread tightly making sure that the wrapping doesn’t unfolds. Similarly, wrap another wooden base smaller to the first one with a different colored thread and paste it inside the first base. Use pearl and stone chains to decorate it and lastly, insert readymade stone earrings in the hook to complete your DIY earring. Watch this video tutorial for detailed steps:

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2. Onam Special Banana Flower Kolam (Rangoli)

Banana, the most famous fruit in south has multiple uses. Eaten raw as a fruit, used to make delicious banana chips, banana leaves are used as a serving plate, it serves different uses but very few of us know that even the flower of this fruit can be used for various purposes. Though hard to find in other states, if you get your hands on this big amazing flower, it can be used in different ways to create some amazing rangoli designs or as is said traditionally, for making some beautiful kolam designs for the occasion of Onam. All you have to do is segregate all the petals of this flower and be patient and careful while doing it as they are a lot in number. Keep peeling it off until you get to the very core naked bud of this flower and then arrange it in different patterns as shown in this video to get beautiful kolam designs:

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3. Easy Design Ideas For Making Onam Pookalam

Are you one of those who like rangoli imbued with a lot of colors and flowers? Then here we have the perfect tutorial for you depicting some amazing, beautiful and colorful pookalam (rangoli) designs, entirely made from flowers:

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4. Onam Special Wall Hanging

No matter whatever be the occasion, wall hangings are just the perfect DIY for all of them-easy to make, beautiful to watch. Watch this video for knowing some simple steps to make an Onam Specialized Wall Hanging:

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Simply take a printout of the image, cut it out and add a thick base of sheet or cardboard to it. Start coloring the image with bright acrylic or painting colors. Decorate all the borders with stones, dry glitter, beads and mirrors. Give a finishing touch with a marker and stick the cutout on another rectangular base. Add a ribbon hook to hang the wall hanging and adorn your wall.

5. Toran From Mango Leaves

The king of fruits Mango, can also prove to be a source for making beautiful Torans that can be hanged at the entrance of our doors or otherwise on walls. They are not only easy to make but also considered auspicious for great occasions and are said to bring good luck to the house by prohibiting any negative energy to enter. All you have to do is take some fresh mango leaves and fold their ends, folding the stick of the leaves inwards and tie it with a toothpick or a stick. Put a circular chandan teeka in the centre of all the leaves and a sindur teeka onto the chandan patch. Tie all the leaves using a rope and you are done.

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6. DIY Tiger Mask (Pulikali Mask)

Tiger is an important characteristic of Onam Festival and how can we think of reviving Onam Festival without talking about Tiger Crafts?

This Onam, surprise your child with this entertaining tiger mask made using a thermocol plate.

You will require two thermocol plates, orange sheets and some painting colors. Draw the structure of the tiger mask using the thermocol plates (as shown in the video), use orange paint to color it and orange sheet to give it a 3-D effect. Lastly, use white and black paint to give the finishing touch and let your child have fun with this awesome tiger mask.

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7. Making a simple Pookalam

Are you one of those for whom drawing is a tough job to do? You want to do something creative but don’t fit in the category of great painters? Then we have what might help you in the best way. Making a simple pookalam design isn’t tough job anymore and your familiarity with those geometrical shapes is finally going to help you.

Simple draw a circle, divide it into four equal halves making a plus sign, further divide it into eight parts making a cross sign onto the figure. Now, draw a rectangle inside the circle, with its edges touching the circle’s periphery and another rotated rectangle making a diamond shape onto the newly acquired figure and similar rotated rectangle inside the first one. Color all the shapes differently, following the video and your simple pookalam design is ready:

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8. Happy Onam Drawing For Kids

Drawing is not that difficult, all you need is a good imagination and a good hold over your pencil along with a good guidance and motivation. This Onam, motivate your child to let the artist inside him grow, to let him explore his drawing skills. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to make a beautiful Onam Drawing in an easy way and also portrays beautiful color combinations for the drawing. All you have to do is that make your child sit with a sheet, marker and colors, play this video and let him watch and follow the same steps until he finishes satisfactorily with the drawing.

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All of these were amazing, simple and easy Onam Special Crafts that you can undertake or adopt in order to celebrate Onam with much more zeal and energy and also to let everybody remind of this traditional festival and with it the fact that India is losing its Cultural and traditional heritage day by day and it is the high time that we break the shackles of our lethargy and laziness, get up to witness this majestic festival and be a part of this auspicious occasion in the most simple ways.

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