How to make Easter Egg Shaped Card – Handmade Easter Greeting Card

Spring is here and Easter is approaching soon. If you love creating paper magical cards and other crafts to decorate your home in this beautiful Easter season, K4craft is are here to help you. Even if  you’re not very good at drawing or the result of your project does not work out, you need not to worry. Our video tutorial of a beautiful Easter Shaped Egg card will help you to make your Easter awesome! This craft work is fantastic every time you try and leaves room for creativity that inspires you during the season.

Easter symbolizes the renewal of life. We wish you and your family the renewal of life, love, and happiness.

This Easter Egg Shaped Card is the perfect card to give to friends or family on this Easter. Also, this card is very simple to create, so let’s start!

Video vs Photo Instructions

I think it’s way easier to learn how to make Easter Egg Shaped Card by watching videos than by looking at photos, so I’m going to start by showing you the videos.

But if you have a really slow internet connection, or you prefer photos to video, then you can skip down to the step by step photos instead.

This tutorial shows making Easter Egg Shaped Card.

Easter Egg Shaped Handmade Paper Card


  • Colorful Paper Sheets
  • Pencil
  • Scissor & Scale
  • Paper Punch
  • Glue


1.Fold a A4 paper sheet to divide it in two equal part and draw a egg shape using pencil

2.Cut along the egg shape using scissor

3.Fold the egg shapes to divide it in two half and cut along the fold.

4. Apply glue along the boundary of egg shaped paper on its curved surface.

5. Stick another egg shaped paper on it and press it along the boundary using fingers to make a hollow egg shaped paper design. Repeat the same exercise with another 2 egg shaped paper designs.

6. Take another A4 paper sheet and cut a rectangle of dimension 7X10 c.m.

7. Put this rectangle inside a hollow egg shaped and apply glue on it outer portion. Take the another egg shaped design to cover another half or rectangular sheet. Make it fix by applying glue in one egg shaped design.

8. Take some colorful paper sheet and cut strips of different colors.

9. Stick them on egg shaped paper one by one. Cut extra strips along the side.

10. Take paper punch to make flowers shapes from colorful papers.

11. Stick them one by one along the boundary of the card.

12. Now your card is ready to write beautiful message to make this Easter special.


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