Recycled Model of Burj-Al-Arab

“Recycled Model of Burj-Al-Arab”

Materials Used :- Ice-cream stick, X-Ray film, Bamboo Sticks, paper, cardboard, Threads, Fevicol, White Paint, sketch pens, Fresh Grass…

Steps involved in making Model :-

Step 1 :- form the base using ice-cream stick pasting them in decreasing order of hexagonal shape.

Step 2 :- Stick ice-cream sticks in triangular shapes keeping one on another upto a certain height. Then paste paper on front side of the model.

Step 3 :- Use bamboo stick to make the frame of the tower and bind it with threads.

Step 4 :- Use X-Ray films to make the windows.

Step 5 :- Cut the cardboard in round shape to make the Helipad, and stick the helipad with ice cream sticks further apart.

Step 6 :- Now paint the model with white paint. And colour the helipad using sketch pens.

Step 7 :- Put the model on hexagonal base, pasting it with fevicol. And decorate it with fresh grass.

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